Fostex 5030
Fostex 5030

5030, Other Studio Effect from Fostex.

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moosers 05/02/2010

Fostex 5030 : moosers's user review


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The Fostex 5030 is a simple eight channel match box that converts impedance. It will convert unbalanced to balanced signals and vice versa. It is an analog piece of equipment that has eight XLR inputs and eight XLR outputs along with eight RCA inputs and eight RCA outputs. So while you can convert impedance with RCA and XLR connections, it isn't compatible with 1/4" connections. This all comes in a rack mountable piece of gear that will take up take spaces in a traditional casing.


Setting up and using the Fostex 5030 is as simple as making your connections. Nothing else needs to be done once you've plugged everything up, as it will pretty much do what it does on it's own. There isn't anything at all on the front panel of this, so it's not like you have parameters to manipulate. A manual surely isn't necessary with the 5030.


It's hard to tell the sound quality of something like this without shooting it out with something else, which I wasn't able to do, but from what I can tell on it's own, the Fostex 5030 does a fine job of converting impedance without adding any noise or anything like that. There isn't too much about the 5030 to know in terms of sound quality, as it does the job as advertised.


The Fostex 5030 isn't the type of outboard gear that needs too much of an explanation. It's something that you either need or you don't need. If you're converting eight channels of impedance using these types of connections, the 5030 will work for you, and if you don't need it, then you don't. I haven't seen any other eight channel impedance converters like this one to compare it to. I don't believe that finding one of these would be that easy since they're pretty rare, but those who need it will certainly seek it out. The Fostex 5030 gets the job done with reliability and is more than suitable for eight channel impedance conversion.