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moosers 03/08/2010

Universal Audio 175 B : moosers's user review


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The Universal Audio Limiting Amplifier 175 is a single channel of a high end limiter. It is an analog piece of gear and isn't a new product. I don't know the type of connections it has in the back, but it has 1/4" in the front for input and output. It is rack mountable and will take up two spaces.


The configuration of the Universal Audio Limiting Amplifier 175 makes it generally easy to use. Like many of the classic compressors and limiters made by Universal Audio, it has main parameters for input level and output level (gain make up). It is pretty much as simple of a limiter that you will see, so if you understand the basic concepts behind a limiter, this won't present a problem for you. I don't think a manual is necessary at all for the 175.


The Universal Audio Limiting Amplifier 175 is definitely in the same vein as most of the Universal Audio dynamic processors out there, as it sounds very smooth on just about anything that you use it on. I like it best on vocals, but it will certainly work well with a lot of different instruments and voices, depending of course on your taste. While there is a trade off between how much control you have and how easy it is to use, I will take the small amount of parameters with the 175, as you don't really need any more parameters with it.


The Universal Audio Limiting Amplifier 175 isn't the most common compressor or limiter out there made by Universal Audio, but it is a sleeper and in general a great sounding piece of gear. The price won't be cheap, as will be the case with any Universal Audio piece of gear, and this one is generally priced a bit higher since it isn't as easy to find. However, if you're looking at buying the 175 I assume that you understand all of this. The bottom line is that the 175 is a not notch piece of gear that is definitely worth the price if you can afford it.