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Other Studio Effects user reviews

  • dbx 140X

    dbx 140X - "Necessary to decode tapes dbx"


    This device is a reduction system 2-channel external breath half rack width rack using either a second unit or with a fastener. It uses the standard reduction breath dbx type II. This means that it is primarily intended for use with a cassette record…

  • Roberto Pistolesi ARIAB MKII

    Roberto Pistolesi ARIAB MKII - " for lovers of shadows"


    and analog audio UTILIZATION it is very simple, my seneyser receiver, input jack Ariab direct output in the output room echos Alesis (programmed TVET) output Alesis live vox amp. SOUND QUALITY great effects include the vintage sound of shad…

  • Publison FULL-MOST

    Publison FULL-MOST - " UNIQUE"


    Relief Enlarger: Harmonic enhancer, de-esser, modifier stereo space .... This is a superb analogue machine, metal rack, black, 19 "2 units, very, very good. The connectors are located on the rear panel, are very solid metal: - Twice in / ou…

  • Moog Music CP-251 Control Processor

    Moog Music CP-251 Control Processor - bipbipbip3's review


    CP 251 is divided into six windows 4 of the top used to filter, amplify or attenuate, mix the bottom left is a patch of four, the right to a source WHITE NOISE and TRIGGER 1, last two trigger if you hack no MIDI, no USB .... as JACK the rin…

  • Vestax VFX1

    Vestax VFX1 - " A is for mixed VFX1"


    Effects itch always the same Not very practical to use for my taste I for one pail this purchase Better to choose the 380 or 400 Vestax better yet ddjs1 Used or ddj sx a must UTILIZATION Ras SOUND QUALITY Just okay. What are the effects…

  • SPL De-Esser

    SPL De-Esser - " have nothing to do with the other"


    Esser is all. Rack is a esser does not work like other compression in fact it is a scan hf and he works out of phase suddenly no Seveux on the tongue or other artifacts ... UTILIZATION This is a childish device you balance a singer like spo…

  • Dynacord DRS 78

    Dynacord DRS 78 - " deserves to be known"


    3U, output in 1978 OR Echo Reverb switchable by a switch on the front panel or via footswitch 4 inputs (mono instrument panel, mono line, L / R stereo line); many outputs: mono mix facade mono mix line, L / R stereo mix line; but L / R stereo …

  • Vestax VFX1

    Vestax VFX1 - Dj Loudo's review


    A small box has very nice effects we find the classic flanger wah ... etc echo familiar with the ability to adjust the time. UTILIZATION Not need the manual c is childish, the pots are simple conprendre in 3 minutes we made the turn, and even i…

  • Behringer EX4000

    Behringer EX4000 - " Indispensable!"


    Noise Reduction: curiously, not very effective in reducing, but very effective to restore the profondeur.Muni an effective enhancer and exiter well: it can soften or restore fisheries in the mid / aigus.Doté system called Surround 3D sound is in theo…

  • Behringer Edison EX1

    Behringer Edison EX1 - " essential!"


    Phasemeter: control and phase control. Setting the width, depth, lower midrange filter, on / off and LED meter calibration phase in degrees. UTILIZATION Ultra-simple, little buttons. SOUND QUALITY The effect is very subtle, it's just an inves…