Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture
Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture

The Culture Vulture, Other Studio Effect from Thermionic Culture.

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boboson 07/22/2010

Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture : boboson's user review

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disto 2 channel rack tube.
For connectivity, input / output jacks with Entries DI ...


Simpler is not really possible a drive, a Bias, a volume of output per channel, then a switch to turn on the overdrive, a choice of distortion (like tube screamer, fuzz and distortion), the ride is a Bypasset played.
Not really need a manual, the best is still to open his big ears.
Then we must seek to find the sound, but it happens fast enough to find.


While the sound is that which is huge over there, you go from very subtle color to more than fuzz. It boggles the mind the tonal palette that can be scanned with this machine. For grats necessarily, keyboards, bass, voices, I would say the same batteries and a general mix. And then the DI inputs are downright good, does not engage in overdrive mode, with a Bias in the genus 2 and a drive too hard, we get a nearly transparent DI Finally, I should sire without distortion.


Well, OK, I'm in the euphoria of buying but I think its just my machine that I was looking for a while. Until then I used pedal GREAT (Xotic, Mojo, EBS ...) but now it has nothing to do already in terms of impedances is still more suited to the mix and then there bah the lamps that shits downright ...). What I like most is really the sound palette that it scans. For what I like least he'll have to wait a bit.