Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture
Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture

The Culture Vulture, Other Studio Effect from Thermionic Culture.

antaiss 11/08/2008

Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture : antaiss's user review


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Big fat distortion rack in the "very serious" box thermionic culture is more accurately a rack originally fate band analog simulation ... but with pletoire of various settings that grow are used well well well beyond.

It's all light, the beast is lightweight (I say 3 or 4 pounds max), roughly there's nothing in it:-)
All in all: two mono tracks linkables not provided chacunes 2 lamps. There is a diode lamp recovery in all, the small stock of EPROM and capacitors that go, a small fin passive cooling (which was not there on the old models, and it is not luxury because hard heater has it)
an output trasfo and ... that's it.

Jack connector with two asymmetrical by output levels: low and hight levels for lines.
between an instrument before by the way also for "DI"

non midifiable

I put 8 in the asymmetric, with symmetrical which is about in the master version with knobs crantsa an exorbitant price (marketing ???)


Very simple config a drive, a bias, a lamp choice (triode, pentode 1 and 2), overdrive, high cut filter (off, 9 kHz, 6 kHz) and output per channel, not to mention the primary bypass.

very simple config fortunately so because you have to fiddle with the beast out of succits effects, some randomized or even much basically all depends on the range of the sound spectrum sent in and the level of 'between ...

net short and precise manual, ie the bare minimum but all the way ... there is not much to learn in.


"Effects" diablements effective, there is no effect to prefer or else to hate, it's degrees and colors of different distortion.

it is rather big guy to be used in some cases, very simple in others.
rather we must resist the temptation to spend ALL of it.

I use it mainly warming of synths and batteries tracks (snare kick and even Charlets)

but again it takes time renounce the use of some very synthsdj provided better sound destruction in and others less well.
Same for the drum kits.
FFor subtle adjustments like "master" and "bus" to heat up just slightly is a bit harder to ontenir for the big nag effect.
In fact the machine is very sensitive and in some cases a millimeter more or less changes everything.

the sound palette is impressive and the vulture peculiarity is that it will not flatten the bass level as most of the distortions, it enhances all the same very very low harmonics. A bass sound in there is a regal example.

I add that the bypass route by excellent quality is essential, I always have my hands on it for softs effects it's great to do a before / after.

Small BMOL (9/10) for the overdrive that brings breath and slight buzz, but good is to do the shit disturber because no distortion overdrive mode is no breath or buzz.
However overdrive dsenclench is flat calm.


I've had a good week

I love his cot I can do everything better than everyone.

I have already tried a lot of other distos before notemment in pedals or plugs in.
In the pedals there is the big but with a cow's breath and buzz, and most of the time no finesse, and plug (antares tube, homicide, etc ...) ca ca bouffe the grave and drool. (The tube is not bad even in some cases)

price quality report both outrageous (1700euros) because there is nothing in it, and at the same time very good because nothing happens to him at the ankle.
Just the asymmetric cot which m'enerve a bit to the price because the symmetric version exists for the master with the knobs crantsa 2300 euros I think about. Knowing that as is the all-tube crants knobs are useless because it is not very accurate (+ So boring than anything else for settings purposes) and 500 or 600 euros plus a symmetric s' calls foutage of mouth!

I repeat that choice eyes closed and I think even if I was rich as I have taken the one rather than the master version because the asymmetry in the studio does not bring me any frying and in the present case I am rather happy not to have knobs crants.