Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture
Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture

The Culture Vulture, Other Studio Effect from Thermionic Culture.


Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture : Anonymous 's user review


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- Drive, distortion, harmonic enhancer.
- Pure analog
- Particularity: audio outputs to choose from: Normal or Hi, Hi personally is more violent


- Hyper easy to use: turn the knobs


- A must for electric guitars
- In overdrive, I have the impression that the sound on the lam but it's no big deal:
attention this Last remark is valid for the lines signals; for High Impedance signals (electric guitar), the overdrive is a rgal.


Used for two weeks, it is perfect for me because in general distortion manufacturers think only guitarists, forgetting others.
I put 9 for qualitprix because of the money, not the qualitbr /> Too bad there was not a small built-compressor