Behringer Edison EX1
Behringer Edison EX1
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Sebounet 01/07/2011

Behringer Edison EX1 : Sebounet's user review

«  Fun to use sparingly »

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Stereo Expander with phase-meter, adjusting depth of field, left-right placement ... I use the model made in Germany in 1993.


Simple, but be careful, use sparingly. The device must be used to discriminate certain sounds in a mix. Preferably short sounds or perceived, that we will "feel" to listen as "far away", while all other sounds are around us. The phase-meter is useful.


Excellent, adds some nice treble. The sound is set OK. Please note, if abused, you lose everything.

Should only be used to discriminate some sounds from all others in a complex mix. On sounds like sine or long, has no known effect. You expand a stereo, make it more profound or give the impression that some of your sounds come from "below". One has the impression that the scene you hear is deeper.

Unnecessary sounds with low, should rather serve some percussion, some reverbs ... I just use it on a cymbal EMU Procussions, filtered and sampled. Gives very good. They "see" further into the sound field


superb, but use sparingly. Do not mix everything in, use the Edison insert a pair of votes on your table, especially on percussive sounds or with very little bass, and you will understand what "depth of field" means.