Behringer Denoiser SNR2000
Behringer Denoiser SNR2000

Denoiser SNR2000, Other Studio Effect from Behringer in the Denoiser series.

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blackle 08/17/2010

Behringer Denoiser SNR2000 : blackle's user review


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Reduces noise with dynamic multi-band analog processing.


Very simple, but be careful not to push the settings too hard. It will quickly distort and we want to clean the source.


Unstoppable! Works with many sources of noise such as the old synthesizers, old tapes, etc. The quality of treatment is really convincing and very effective! The only small downside, the dynamic expander dynamic is lazy on complex transients, but good considering the price of the machine, it's not even worth the stress .. In summary, all good.


A formidable machine and efficient! To get better, you have to pay at least 10 to 15 times the price! One of the few successes of Behringer in pro-audio along with the XR 2000.