Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Anniversary Limited Edition MASTERING
Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Anniversary Limited Edition MASTERING

Culture Vulture Anniversary Limited Edition MASTERING, Other Studio Effect from Thermionic Culture.

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Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Anniversary Limited Edition MASTERING : Anonymous 's user review

«  Swiss Army knife of distal tube »

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2U, line input, DI output for the Hi or Low réamp, different config settings, and while the overdirve symmetric (for mastering this version) stereo.


The trick is that there is no adjustment "school" you have to experiment on the sound being sent. a setting for an instrument proved disastrous for another. otherwise it's easy .. Few buttons anyway: p

a peculiarity is that the buttons are arranged in mirror (the plugs too) so it takes a little practice to make adjustments without mixing in stereo ... edit uh in fact we made it not really: p


No doubt it sounds.
The most incredible thing for me is the batteries. the sound does not produce this "hiisssss" spewing I could hear distortion in other machines in a rack (iotine core .. and I know what) and it generates (if set) sth down in that is huge it looks like the drummer crushes the skin even harder: P

for guitars .. but then it sounds: O-no-e rm. SQ positions can do things I've ever heard. I always used the plugs on my guitars and I see the diff. when you attack the string sound is literally transformed is extremely dynamic. It makes me want to play with contrasts to use all the colors of the setting. I tried it on convolutions of baffles is happiness.


1 month of use and I find that even the price is right. when we think the price of a good amp head. there it is stereo ..
and it is a limited edition of 99 copies and there is no longer available so it's an investment:) have a studio offers me more money

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