Music And More WARP9

WARP9, Other Studio Effect from Music And More.

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ddn 10/02/2010

Music And More WARP9 : ddn's user review

«  Dirty mchant »

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cf. below is an analogue filter 1U trslger and very shallow, with great possibilities of modulation, MIDI controllable.


This is the first effect of this type that I try No one should read the manual :-) It's really not complicated but complex interface is a bit weird with the knobs that contrlent a modulation function DIFFERENT according o the menu you are (do not panic 3 DIFFERENT menus only)

Once the initial shock passes and read the little manual in English, well done without more, is all very easy mastery.

The modulation effects of the filter are very very tight: it can indicate for example a bassline that he wants to apply a score of three, with an envelope Dfine, and r ptition cycle of the filter you can choose the Self-Employed rest. What really gives rhythmic possibilities intressant.


The sound is for a one achte of analog IN GENERAL.

Mine blows like a beef insert effect, so that I can not use it for example to my guitar amp. I do not know if he did it to mine or a default if it is a default of the series, etc.. In any case the filter should work for a: bin not too bad.

In a loop send / return, a breath a little bit too, but has become used prs. And you realize one thing thunder, this filter has teeth. Or at least, be careful, he bites. Gently turning the volume pot resonance. Gently turning the volume pot from the cutoff. Gently rotating or rglant anything elsewhere. Watch out when you switch on the distortion. Otherwise, you get pter ears through headphones and / or do you blow your speakers so has PHILTRE.

Besides when you hear this filter we can understand why the WASP is a legendary synth despite his sensitive keyboard, manufacture and reliability approximate random image ...

In the console it agrmente its presence, there is a Nord Rack 2 and a Roland SH32. Compared to the North which I filter always the sonority he is fat and dirty, and we use the piece made in how the SH32 is a great synth if this was a quality filter ! For now I have disables the internal filter on all my HS patches bassline and I use the filter internal Behind send the pads to give them more depth thanks to modulations.


I've had a few days and I'll post an update in some time ...

This filter is extremely typ aggressive, biting, mchant, grotty, not nice, etc.. It has big teeth, it feels good not under the arm, he has small eyes and he takes sly basslines the wisest, the returns like socks and turns them into gremlins.

I understand why Music And More has gone bankrupt so fast: its products were really too analogue with too much grain and too difficult personality too tame and use. This filter is really fantastic illustration of a concept musical that does not work commercially ...

One last note: this machine was worth about 200 euros new, rated about 100 euros today ... But what will his ratings in 10 years?