Music And More WARP9

WARP9, Other Studio Effect from Music And More.

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olix 12/18/2006

Music And More WARP9 : olix's user review


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The Warp9 is 12 dB multimode filter (Lowpass, Bandpass, and Notch HighPass) vritablement analog (apparently it uses the circuit of the legendary EDP Wasp). It has a VCA and a distortion. It is noon and every knob (there are ten in number) can transmit and receive CC messages, so that you can really play it from a squenceur. It has a trigger between 32 and memory to protect his rglages (practical for those who do not have squenceur or those who do live).
This is a 1 U rack


The edition is quite easy as all functions are srigraphies on the front (in the manual provides some dcrypter before know by heart). Because some buttons have multiple functions.

The modulations are the highlight (besides the sound) of Warp9: 9 LFO is synchronized with forms donde lhorloge noon. The gnrateur envelope ADSR is a parameter of Delay over.


It sounds great and has its own personality. The shuffled rsonance / rgl much distortion adds a kind of crunch (do I dare compare it to Sherman?). I particulirement apprci of loops and guitars.
I think I can say quon quil nya nothing that can compete with the possibility of modulating the Warp9.


I did that for several weeks but the dj j'apprcie personality that gives the sound. The LFO and envelope can interact to modulate the incredible Manir cut off and / or rsonance CRER and modulations and rhythmic complexity. In addition, you can also send the audio from the trigger that opens up tremendous possibilities.
The IDE to use a filter so little known me flat lot!