Funklogic DD-301 Digilog Dynamicator
Funklogic DD-301 Digilog Dynamicator

DD-301 Digilog Dynamicator, Other Studio Effect from Funklogic.

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JeffTadashi 05/27/2012

Funklogic DD-301 Digilog Dynamicator : JeffTadashi's user review

« For a fake product, not very good »

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The Funklogic DD-301 Digilog Dynamicator is one of the most unusual music products ever conceived. It is a rack space filler that is supposed to look like a fancy rack processor. When I first ordered this product, I envisioned that it would be in the form of a standard rack-mounted metal box, and it would have a nice looking front, but there would be no plugs on the back, no electronics. I could then show it off to friends as a practical joke, or pretend to mess around with the knobs during recording sessions, and see if anyone says, "Yeah, it does sound better now with that Digilog Dynamicator on".

However, this product is simply a flat metal plate, with no metal box housing at all. There are three knobs: Comperator, Tuberator, and Vintagerator. The Comperator has a range of "Squishen" to "Biggen", the Tuberator has a range of "Frosty" to "Pop!", and the Vintagerator has a range of "Ugh" to "1001001". Definitely hilarious stuff! However, the knobs feel extremely cheap, and they don't even stop at the max and min values that I listed above: You can keep turning the knobs past max and below min.

There is also a fake UV meter in the middle, and it doesn't even have a needle: It's just a piece of paper with the meter printed on it, and if you really want, you can shine a light behind it to light it up. Again, I was under the partial impression that this product plugged into a wall, and that it would light up internally. That is not the case.


Even with all of these shortcomings, I still had a good amount of use and fun out of this product. At a distance, it definitely looks real, and I've certainly fooled a few of my friends into thinking it was a real product.


(There are no sound qualities to describe, this is simply a decorative plate)


Overall, this is an interesting joke product, and in the studio, it actually could be useful to fill up rack space, or prove to clients that they are just hearing things. At the price, I do with it felt more solid, and looked a bit more realistic. Pick this up if you can find it cheap online!