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  • Marshall Code 50

    Marshall Code 50 - "A great amp with a nice Marshall sound"


    - What musical styles do you use this amp for? Rock, punk, jazz-rock, reggae. - Given its weight and power, is this amp feasible for practicing, rehearsing with a band, and/or using live? Yes. It’s both light and powerful. Haven’t tried in for a…

  • Marshall Code 25

    Marshall Code 25 - "Many sounds in a small, lightweight box"


    The title sums up why I couldn’t resist this new Marshall… in a 25-watt version. First of all, it doesn’t take much space up – and when you add up several other pieces of gear space definitely IS a factor… Then, I won’t compare it with the original …

  • Marshall JMD501

    Marshall JMD501 - "marshall always rocks"


    The Marshal JMD 501 is a solid state guitar combo modeling amp. It has a 1/4 inch input and has a ton of parameters for effects and tone control of all types. It has a digital screen that you can save sounds in addition to the vast array of parameter…

  • Marshall JMD501

    Marshall JMD501 - "Decent tone"


    This is the 50 watt combo version of the 102 amp. You get the same great features and tone. However, the tone will be a bit more spongy due to the cut of half the wattage. You will get a bit less headroom in the overall tone. This amp is an intere…

  • Marshall JMD102

    Marshall JMD102 - "Suprisingly not too bad"


    I have heard two of my favorite guitar player play through this amp, Paul Gilbert and Doug Aldrich. I actually heard Doug from about 5 feet away at NAMM a couple years ago when this amp came out. Of course he can make just about anything sound decent…

Translated user reviews
  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - " Marshall sound in a nice combo"


    The 40 watts of EL34 are two really good presents, see bounds to play in an apartment! By repeating 'rock four out of ten it is present! So 12AX7 and EL34 Marshall combination always seems like a good recipe! UTILIZATION The buttons on top of the…

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - " Big surprise"


    Even notice ... UTILIZATION Yes. SOUNDS Style: BLUES - ROCK-VINTAGE ROCK. Strat Telecaster Les Paul Junior OVERALL OPINION For 1 year and a half I played with this amp. It is really great. Beautiful, vintage look. For those lo…

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - " A lamp to marshall all my gibson!"


    40W all-tube amp 2 channels several built-in effects: - Reverb, echo, vibe, chorus footswitch for: - Switch between two channels clean and lead - Activate the booster - Activate the reverb - Enable echo effects, vibe, chorus In repe…

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - " haze / sucks ..."


    40 watts tube ... I would say 10 watts and yet I'm nice! Indeed, there are effects, digital reverb that goes by the delay and against companies is average, it's the food. UTILIZATION you branches on a marshall, you know what to expect but frank…

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - " very good"


    40w tube amp - 2 channels. - 3-band EQ and presence control. - Button bright. - Reverb. - Section 3 digital effects (Delay / Echo, Vibe, Chorus) adjustable. - 2-way footswitch. - Buttons boost. - Line out to HP emulation. - Effects …