Roland Blues Cube BC-60

Roland Blues Cube BC-60

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Blues Cube BC-60, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Roland in the Blues Cube series.

3 user reviews

Roland Blues Cube BC-60 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Roland
  • Model:Blues Cube BC-60
  • Series:Blues Cube
  • Category:Modelling Combo Guitar Amps
  • Added in our database on: 11/09/2004

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Roland Blues Cube BC-60 user reviews

MGR/Waltzing Gorilla06/24/2002

MGR/Waltzing Gorilla's review"Roland BC-60 Blues Cube (1-12)"

Roland Blues Cube BC-60
$439 plus tax and shipping from Musician's Friend. I was looking for a responsive and flexible amp, big enough to do club dates but not so heavy as to throw my back out. I think I found it.

I think the Blues Cube is the best kept secret in guitar amps. Though this is solid state, it is easily as responsive as most tube units. Better than many. Dig in with your pick and it SPEAKS, back off and it croons. Two channels - each w/ 3 bands of EQ - global reverb and presence, effects loop and switchable rectifier sounds. Nice.

It's name says it, this is a BLUES amp. It'll clean up to do jazz and country. Crank the "lead" channel distortion and easily do classic shred rock. You want death metal distortion - buy a pedal. But Texas road house blues? Now we're talkin'.

I had to buy a Boss FS-5L foot pedal and cable seperately for hands free channel swtiching. Should be included. Also would like to have a cover at least available, if not included. Any serious roadworker is going to drop it in an Anvil or SKB case for travel but say you have a two week sit down gig - you're going to want to put a cover over it during the day.

Solid! No loose screws or nuts. No gaps in the joints or Tolex. Crank it up - no rattles. Roland has a great reputation for quality. This amp is true to that rep.

People rhapsodize about how great tube amps sound. Not always! I've either played, or had sidemen that played, Fenders (including Deluxe, Princeton, Twin, Bassman, Dual Showman, Concert Reverb) Ampeg (sweet), Sunn, Marshall, Supra and Vox (wretch!). Some sounded good, some sucked. Your sound is a combination of THE AMP, THE GUITAR AND THE PLAYER! An over-priced tube amp is no guarantee of great sound.

Tube amps require maintenance. Ever broken a tube on load-out and had to scramble for a 6L6GC in Moscow, Idaho on a Sunday morning? Or had your last 12AX7 crap out in mid set? Not fun.

The Blues Cube is a well built, practical, versatile amp for a working (or would-be working) picker. It excells in a variety of blues sounds but serves well in other styles. A good investment.

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iamqman's review"Cool amp for the time"

Roland Blues Cube BC-60
This amp I think was made during the mid to late 90's and has now been discontinued. I think Roland made them all the way up to just a few years ago. For the country or mild rock or pop guitar players this is decent amp for money. Roland makes some affordable amps in the solid state world that has a pretty decent tone.

The crunch channle has three modes that goes from a pretty clean to mild crunch to a higher gain crunch. Not a high gain amp since this is a blues amp, but higher gain in terms of the blues world.


Tube Logic technology for realistic vintage sound and unsurpassed reliability
60 watts RMS
Heavy-duty 12" speaker based on vintage "greenbacks"
Normal/Lead channels
Crunch and Boost switches for screaming high-gain tones
Three-band Tone control plus independent Presence control
Rectifex circuit emulates two different types of power amp rectifiers
U.S.-made Accutronics three-spring reverb
Built-in effects loop switchable between line/pedal levels
Designed and assembled in the U.S.A.

The BC-60 Blues Cube amplifier uses proprietary Tube Logic technology to give guitarists true vintage sound at an affordable price. This full-featured amplifier is the result of extensive analysis of vintage amp sounds from American tweeds to British stacks. The warm tones, powerful crunch and sweet sustains are perfect for everything from the blues and jazz to rock-n-roll and country.


Overall the tone of this amp is not really my cup of tea. It lack sin dynamics as all solid state amps do and it has a very mild tone that is not that appealing. I like the voicing of this amp for the cleans that it has, Roland has some of the best cleans in the world. Their JC-120 actually has the best cleans in the world.

The options to replicate the two different power sections is a ncie additoin to this amp. This give s you a lot more control over the EQ of the amp. You will better fit the guitar you play to the amp. Many time people struggle finding a good tone with each guitar that they own. Not ever guitar will sound good with this amp and others will sound better. However, this feature will enable the user to better fit the connection of the guitar to the amp.


You cannot find these new anywhere at this point. Like I said before I think Roland stopped selling them a few years ago. I have seen them on the used market in the classifieds for around $300. not that bad of a price for this amp. Although I think the new Cube amps are much better in features and in tone. This amp is not the same as the new Cube amps.

I would only recommend this to someone who knows the features and tone of this amp. You have to be looking forward to this amp and have a good idea of the tone. If you simply need a good solid state, try out the new Cube series amps from Roland.
Audiofanzine FR12/14/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Roland Blues Cube BC-60
(Originally written by SlapKid/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Big combo inspired by the Fender Vibroking: 3 x 10" speakers, reverb, serial-to-parallel adjustable FX loop, switchable Tube Logic circuitry (rectifier tube simulation).

Channel 1 has 3 modes: clean, Deluxe Reverb-like slight crunch and slightly overdriven.

Channel 2 with boost for an incredibly good distortion sound.

75-watt output power... The loudness is much higher than the rated value.

No noise, remote for channel selection and reverb.

And very nice looks... It's the best-looking combo!


Very easy to use: you only have to choose between clean and distortion or crunch and lead. The first channel provides a very fine and light crunch. The second channel is perfect for rock... ZZtop and the like.

The reverb is fixed on a side panel. It sounds beautiful and it's not too long (it's the only spring reverb I know that can be used in distortion mode).

The FX loop works perfectly. It allows you to feed another amp (but you are probably deaf if you need to do this) or to use the Roland as power amp + speaker, for example with a SansAmp. The icing on the cake is that the reverb, presence and Tube Logic sections are still available with this configuration.

I already said it: it's perfect.


This is only useful if the amp sounds good, of course. Don't worry...

I'm saying clear and loud: this amp is the best solid-state combo: incredible detail, brightness, definition and punch.

I'm not joking! Compared to it my Bassman 59 ltd. has no punch and no presence and never mind its ridiculous distortion sound.

Punch is what it's all about. I still can't believe that it only has 75 watts.

An amp with such dimensions is made for band rehearsals and live gigs. If you play alone the sound will be too loud and aggressive.

With a band you'll enjoy its sound precision and its presence without having to crank it.

One thing is for sure: it has no competitor on this regard.

I did a test disconnecting the internal speakers to feed an external speaker cabinet but the result was not so good. I also connected other amps to the Roland speakers and bingo: power, punch, presence in your face!

It's a very well designed and manufactured combo. And a label on the amp confirms it: everything is made in the USA except for the cabinet. Fender can't say the same about its expensive Mexican Princeton...


An absolutely fabulous combo!

If you have the opportunity to buy one don't hesitate it! (and it's not expensive)

Roland brought out a complete series: 30-watt 2x10", 60-watt 1x12" and 75-watt 3x10". I wouldn't buy the smaller ones because my experiments with other speakers and amps showed that the sound comes from the 3x10" speakers (16-Ohm Vintage 45).

From the dozen amps I own, including solid-state and tubes, this is the only one I will never sell. It's my precious!

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