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Eventide Octavers/Harmonizers/Whammies user reviews

  • Eventide PitchFactor

    Eventide PitchFactor - "Amazing"


    The Eventide Pitchfactor is a digital harmonizer, and also dabbles in delay, echo, chorus, flange and a bunch of other things including a synth and fuzz patch there are a bunch of hook ups including midi, usb and multiple in's and outs for wet dry se…

  • Eventide PitchFactor

    Eventide PitchFactor - nickname009's review


    This is one of eventide's digital stomp boxes packed with ten of their signature pitch shifting effects such as : Diatonic, Pitchflex, Quadravox, Octaver, HarModulator, Crystals, MicroPitch, HarPeggiator, H910/H949, and Synthonizer. It also has some …

  • Eventide PitchFactor

    Eventide PitchFactor - "Ridiculously good harmonizer"


    Eventide has decided to dabble into the stomp box market finally, and this is one of the four pedals they came out with. It contains all of their extremely famous pitch algorithms in here, contains delay, has a synthesizer. crystals, octaver, etc. …

Translated user reviews
  • Eventide PitchFactor

    Eventide PitchFactor - " Musicality ensured"


    See website builder. UTILIZATION English manual ... Editing sounds: Must know Eventide pedals. Management "Bank" not so obvious for my taste. SOUND QUALITY Terribly effective effects ... It's still for why we bought it, right? O…

  • Eventide PitchFactor

    Eventide PitchFactor - " saxophonist's best friend!"


    Many effects available, as explained below. These are mainly variations or mixture of delay and pitch shifter. We have included two Harmonizers 2 and 4 voices (with delay), a synthesizer, an octave, a pitch shifter, an arpeggiator, very particular ef…

  • Eventide PitchFactor

    Eventide PitchFactor - IDIOTSAINTCRAZY's review


    there are different effects through significant Diatonic PitchFlex Quadravox ™ ™ ™ Octaver HarModulator Crystals ™ ™ ™ MicroPitch HarPeggiator H910 / H949 Synthonizer ™ It would be really tedious to explain all: http://ftp.eventide.com/ljdl/www/Pit…