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Octavers/Harmonizers/Whammies user reviews

  • Boss OC-3 SUPER Octave

    Boss OC-3 SUPER Octave - "Excellent Octave Pedal for Bass Guitar"


    I am a bass player so I am only using this pedal with bass guitar. First I have to say it tracks really well. The octave sounds are very clean and it doesn't glitch as much as with other pedals. You can create a range of different sounds from clea…

  • IdiotBox Aquabox

    IdiotBox Aquabox - "Fat Distortion + 3 Octave Variations" has images


    SOUND: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGnPeHYlU1A&feature=youtu.be The Aquabox can sound heavy to downright massive, although it depends how far you want to push any of the octave controls and the Drive. The drive is very organic and raw soun…

  • TC Electronic Quintessence Harmonizer

    TC Electronic Quintessence Harmonizer - "Play Guitar Harmony Instantaneously" has images


    SOUND: Some pedals tend to get you more excited than others. The Quintessence Harmonizer is one of those pedals. Not only can it give your tone that added touch, thickness and dimension, as though playing with another guitarist, but TC Electronic …

  • DigiTech DHP 55

    DigiTech DHP 55 - "Great Harminizing proccesor!"


    Got this because Vai and Satriani used them for years! This is the first pitch shift (harminizer) I have ever had that sounded even close to a real guitar but I think the hi note needs played and the lower ones programmed into the harminizer to sound…

  • Electro-Harmonix POG2

    Electro-Harmonix POG2 - "Creative Sounds"


    The Electro Harmonix POG 2 is a Polyphonic Octave Generator, you can translate the word Polyphonic to "producing many sounds simultaneously" In the voice section the knobs are ,1. "dry output" to control the volume of the sounds 2. "-2 Octaves" 3. -…

  • DigiTech Whammy DT

    DigiTech Whammy DT - " Killing but the rules of art"


    Ok UTILIZATION Simple and practical. SOUND QUALITY Excellent. OVERALL OPINION Finally, an intelligent and unique multi-effects pedal. I didn't like older versions but this is not even comparable, it was a real surprise, a real clean whammy…

  • Behringer Ultra Shifter/Harmonist US600

    Behringer Ultra Shifter/Harmonist US600 - "good"


    na analog, not rackable. UTILIZATION sound editing messy,manual useless. SOUND QUALITY used for bass, use tremolo mode as a whammy,with bass distortion. OVERALL OPINION do not use any other modes besides tremolo, others not to effective on bass…

  • TC-Helicon Harmony-M

    TC-Helicon Harmony-M - "excellent"


    The M harmonizer pedal gives you great effects to use if you sing and/or play a MIDI keyboard. I love the effects that are on this pedal, and the effects are not even the main function of this pedal but to me the effects are why I am so happy that I…

  • Boss PS-6 Harmonist

    Boss PS-6 Harmonist - "Boss PS-6 Harmonist - Does its job"


    The Boss PS-6 can produce muti guitar sounds to emulate two or even three guitars playing at once. It has jacks for stereo use and even a jack to utilze an expression pedal with this unit. You can set your harmonies for major or minor keys and with…

  • TC-Helicon Harmony-M

    TC-Helicon Harmony-M - "For keyboardists who sing only"


    The TC Helicon Harmony-M is an interesting product if you happen to sing and play keyboards. It allows you to add vocal harmonies to your voice, depending on what chords you play with the keyboard, and what mode/preset you currently have selected. It…