Electro-Harmonix POG2

POG2, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from Electro-Harmonix in the POG series.

tom808 07/16/2014

Electro-Harmonix POG2 : tom808's user review

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The Electro Harmonix POG 2 is a Polyphonic Octave Generator, you can translate the word Polyphonic to "producing many sounds simultaneously" In the voice section the knobs are ,1. "dry output" to control the volume of the sounds 2. "-2 Octaves" 3. -1 Octaves 4. +1 Octave 5. +2 Octaves , so you have a lot of space to control with the octaves. In the Effects section you have 1."Attack" that can add swells, fade in speed of the Octaves. 2. "LP Filter" adds resonance to your sound. 3. "Detune" you can enhance your sound. In the middle theres two buttons called "Dry FX" and "Q" with LED lights over them, the "Dry FX" adjusts the effects on the right side you can also select to bypass the effects. The "Q" button effects the resonance of sound of the Low-pass filter knob. You also have the biggest knob on the pedal, all the way to there right is a Preset control knob, this was the reason I bough this pedal. It gives you 8 bank saves that you can adjust on the fly. Its a true bypass Digital pedal, the power is standard 9v.


The POG2 layout is very basic and easy to control and understand. The deeper you dig in the more you will find out. Basic hold down the preset button for quick bank saves. I think for the amount of sounds and knobs it has its a perfect size pedal for me to adjust on the fly and doesn't get in the way of all the other pedals around it. If theres any questions that i would have the manual explains it very detailed.


I like to use the Organ sounds + lower octaves sound with my clean sound on my Tele, its very smooth and fits many genres. I also love mixing in other sounds/pedals with it for example like delay or chorus sound also some distortion makes it sound very interesting, its all about experimenting and finding that unique sound that meets your needs. On live shows the pedal stands out a lot especially if I'm using stereo sound with my amps, it catches peoples attention right away. At my studio i like to use the core Shure 57 mic, it reproduces the sound that i hear nicely. I tend to use the Clean channel more on my amp to capture the organic sound of the pedal, but its always fun to mess with that and add little spice to it.


The thing i love the best about it is the programmable 8 preset memory, that made my life easier compare to the older version of POG, now all the cool sounds i create i can save and pull it up on the fly without me bending over and switching knobs around. I have nothing bad to say about the pedal it does what its supposed to do. I bought it used so for me the price was fair. The pedal is built like a tank and i haven't had any problems with it at all. I had the first POG which i sold later on since the POG 2 came out, and like i said the Presets memory was the thing i needed the most and got, if i lost the pedal I would buy a new one.