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DigiTech Whammy WH-1
DigiTech Whammy WH-1
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Michaze Michaze
Publié le 12/30/03 à 01:17
Whammy WH-4 is the rdition the original whammy with MIDI implmentation and preset "dive bomb" and more (-3 octaves down). Construction is concrete, finally, more precisely in tle of hotel ... No need to jump on both feet, arsistera global rotates with Johnny.

Three major possibilities of families on this pedal:
<ul> The effect whammy: the note is played Pitche up or down with the pdaleL'harmonizer: the grade doubles the third, the fourth, fifth ... depending on the preset .dropoff window On the Contrle with pdaleLa Detune function: DDouble jouelgrement note for a chorus effect more or less marked depending on the position of the pedal. </ul>

Connectivity issue is simple: from scratch, from a MIDI sound output "dry" sound output "wets" and a power supply outlet. It is red Ferrari (a tape ...) and 12V adapter is included.


Easy setup: I preset my selects via the large rotary knob good, I mess with clicks the button and shoo ...

When I Reue, the stroke of the pedal was to the exponential type (little change in the beginning of the race and drastic change in limit switch). But, with a little manipulation of behind the fagots (see doc in English, one in franais as false), it recalibrates the beautiful and the race becomes very linear and progressive.

In short, it's easy. In simplicity is the "whawha + 1" ... We just regret not being able to change the preset foot.


GNRs sounds are either aggressive or singing, depending on the initial attack. In fact, unlike what one might think, even if the whammy is wad of electronics is very alive.

Presets "whammy" are those that are used 98%, the other will utiliss prcis in some cases.

We'll quickly play Rage riffs, we dmystifie a little game Morello is a real pleasure.

For cons, the mastery of the beast excluded beginners: it must be comfortable on a solo and whawha which to draw something musical. The intRet is that we are surprised to very carefully the melody to score prcises notes, this is a very good exercise.


In conclusion, this is not an essential effect (except for absolute and exclusive fans of Tom Morello, including myself) but it "will seek happiness with Whammy" when one has some level. It opens a whole section of possibilities to explore.

There are several multi-effect "making whammy." Forget them all ... I have ever tried but shabby: a ringing bote tuna with an abominable latency.

One last thing. The whammy is used sparingly (it is the biggest difficulty actually) under penalty of prosecution with the drummer, bassist and singer ... (Oh heavy with his whammy ...)

Digitech Whammy WH-4, 310 Euros at Total-Music
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