Boss HR-2 Harmonist
Boss HR-2 Harmonist

HR-2 Harmonist, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from Boss.

Pepitow 05/26/2014

Boss HR-2 Harmonist : Pepitow's user review

«  Purchase by mistake but great! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
This is simply a harmonizer!

Volume knob 2 rings combining volume guiatre signal and voice volume, voices are adjustable via two knobs assigned and 1 knob-end choice. 2 jack inputs (input and detect in that I do not use) and 2 outputs (mono or stereo).


Config a bit complicated at the beginning when you know anything especially without manual (purchase of Cygnus) but with Youtube tutorials and "feeler" you get there, editing is easy once you freelance stuff! Range is selected (when you know ... not too too my case) on which to play that harmony takes place, not easy when you have no knowledge of music theory! After the rest is pretty simple (balance of volumes and choice of voice tones).


So personally, I Gourre in buying. I wanted a Boss PS-6 to 5 with guitar solos in his p

By linking the ads I misread, and two pedals are the same color and in the same category ... dumpling! So at first very disappointed, I fall more on a knob ranges that I do not understand ... in short, disillusionment and desire to suicide when I realize that this is a HR-2 ...

I thought resell afterwards (because I do not have the utility of a harmonizer, especially since I barely still get good sounds out of this pedal supposed to not knowing my lines).
And finally I care for, locating the voice at noon, and leaving on a trivial range, we get a sound that I really appreciate in CLEAN and simple micro / split: chorus slightly, slightly delay, phaser and all slightly a little glitz, a little kind of clean sound of hard / glam / heavy 80's (the cleans that can get us in some Van Halen songs like Poundcake). So a mistake, but that allowed me to get the sound I was looking for clean for so many years!


I use it for several months, this is my first harmonizer, but ultimately I do not use it for its primary function, more for its sound with the voices at noon clean. THE clean sound I was looking for, it is only why I care.

Logically good value for money after it's a little expensive for the use I have but good, the sound is there! Experience with this choice I would if I needed a harmonizer or if I wanted to find that particular sound in clean, a happy mistake!