Boss HR-2 Harmonist
Boss HR-2 Harmonist

HR-2 Harmonist, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from Boss.

Brikabrok 06/11/2013

Boss HR-2 Harmonist : Brikabrok's user review

«  Small very nice effect »

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Value For Money : Excellent
This small effect is a Boss harmonizer, ie it will detect the note between, and superimpose a second, a third view which can adjust the shift in tone and volume for each voice added.
The voices are adjustable knobs assigned. Two jack inputs (a classic entrance and detect in, never used for me) and two outputs (mono or stereo).
Like many pedals, it is powered by 9V DC center negative power supply standard and standard format boss so it fits great in a pedalboard even more time passes, I have a preference for input and output jacks on the above effect. Mine is a pink label.


The operation is relatively simple but requires essential to know its range, under penalty of being extremely disappointed. Getting started is easy, but they put a lot of time to find his own sound since the great possibilities of combination of voices. An edition of its fairly easy but requires that one is interested enough ready anyway.
Having bought the pedal used, I have no manual, just the box, but if its range is known, we can get by without worries.


The effect is very effective, it perfectly clear hears voices, care must be taken to only play one note at a time and make sure it is on the range, otherwise the effect a bit and slips " seeks "and it makes a sound quite unpleasant, so no agreement, and bends quite limited, which for me is her biggest downside.
I use a Gibson LP to inflate for solos, or light to give body to the game by simulating a second guitar. I do not like two voices, one more than enough.
Most of this effect when used with a fuzz or distortion, for my part I used my Pharaoh Fuzz and it's a great sound solo after with distortion is great too. One can easily find sounds the Queen or Ratatat.


I've had only a few months but it is very good indeed for me, but not an essential one that can give a very nice touch to his pedalboard. I confess to not having tried other harmonizers, just Octavers, but I am very pleased with this one for the use I have a PS6 propose me more features than I need. The holy grail would PitchFactor Eventide, but not in my budget.
This pedal fits great in my pedalboard and it's always a pleasure to use with my fuzz, it's a good value for money, and it's solid, though I'm not a fan of Boss , we must admit that on that side, nothing to say, it is built to last. This is an effect that i should still be used sparingly, otherwise it can become quite painful and tiring to listen to, but occasionally, it had its effect (pun muddy, sorry).
If I had the choice again I would definitely do it again, I am very satisfied.