Fulltone PlimSoul
Fulltone PlimSoul

PlimSoul, Overdrive pedal from Fulltone.

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All user reviews for the Fulltone PlimSoul

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 6 reviews )
 2 reviews33 %
 2 reviews33 %
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Qill's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fulltone PlimSoul
Pedal Drive / Disto by Fulltone
1 level
1 tone
1 cut
1 Stage 2 (Disto mode)
1 swich on / off
9v power supply
True Bypass


65 Deluxe, Les Paul Tradition, American Strat Tele


You can go to the TS9 Rat, as saying that the pedal not offer a lot of option except that it is impossible to move from one mode to the other without changing the settings so it is used as a Drive or otherwise in Disto, which makes a two pedal only after the question: Is this the two options are? For my part I would say I have an original TS9 (Benrod Classic Screamer) so ... I prefer my Benrod more velvety and smooth, while with Plimsoul this is more granular result after one likes or not like this is a matter of taste is like red ... anyway it's still melodic but not as amazing boobs Pamela Anderson (when it was still standing) pushing a little one arrives to the big drive, it's stupid but I did not catch him ... I do not find no charm there is nothing transcendent it may be too fuzzy to see dirty sauce rangemaster or Tonebender and I the impression that it sounds boxy after we can find the charm ... but as I have a Tonebender the choice is quickly made after the distortion mode, there is good to see the Rat Dist + makeup, same price RAT is more responsive and more in reserve distortion ... we remain hungry, I find that overall there is a trend in the vintage sounds but there is still a downside it lacks definition of generosity roundness ... there is but not as the girl who said yes the first night and that turns out to be a guy ... after there are several options that open ...


It's a bit of a catch pedal while after when we have the classics like a Tonebender, Fuzz Dallas Rangemaster, Rat, Fulldrive 2 pedal ... this is all useless more ... when you start or after you not too tune OK, there are significant opportunities without much spit in the soup ... mold ... but I remain puzzled, this is not a total success for me as the Fulldrive 2 or the GT 500 so we will say it is not too expensive ... and even that is debatable ... For my part I have not kept and no regrets

ricoute's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Ok but not exceptional attention to associations!"

Fulltone PlimSoul
button to equalize volume levels and sustain which is a sort of gain and tone tone cut reversed

not editable no memory 3 buttons + one turns a tiny button fun with her little loupiote course depending on the level

Esthéitque model very nice old school

I guess analog

not quick in and out of it all


yes, the volume serves to balance the effect without Inrush

sustain the coeus the boost fi nally nd ugain

The tone cut, useful to be between 3/4 and not hyper background

& The tiny workshop with no gradation button and indicator clipping / saturation

the manual says 3 standard config

THE tilt the lid back friendly


say that button placement mini 3/4 not much happening, pushing the sustain you arrive without a problem to have his 70's with a grain a little hard rock without the gain still

With the guitar only

least the internship positions with less than half / 3/4
lack of personality when everything is not the bottom, where we begin to perceive beyond personality

most: a good oldies its quan everything thoroughly, with some shine, falls again if the tone cut, much more!


for over a month, if she seduced me, I find that it is not universal and it sis

THE definition of sound is not great, sf if we put in 18v more headroom in clean, but you lose all the side a bit surly and brilliant are the same qualities of this pedal

So mi figue mi reason, not bad but not trancendant model, such as models mos fet gt 500 red and blue, not bad but not very defined models and lacking character and musicality enough, you're not excited and a little still frustrated

R / P / Q / quite expensive for such a simple pedal

0 urgently review the buttons internship a bigger hair and make it a graduation is not luxury or a switch to activate it.

So no nereferait not what I want, and am a little surprised very glowing review, it seems that it is more suitable for systems not too clear as Marshall Fenderiens.

props's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fulltone PlimSoul
Analog Overdrive 2 floors (hard + soft clipping) in a beautiful box brawny. A Level, a gain, hi-cut and knob (why so small?) Which allows determine the degree of saturation hard clip. An entrance, exit, a battery compartment accessible without screwdriver, socket power supply 9 / 18V. I use 12V which adds a bit of potato.


Very simple configuration. The setting ranges for each control are moooooonstrueuses! Reserve volume is consistent, attention to differences between the modes bypass and engaged. Home, the maximum Level is at 10am.


It is simply enormous, going from a nice overdrive to a torrent of saturation! The sound is very lively, very dynamic reacts to touch and guitar volume. And even mode all right, it's beautiful and defined, is achieved without problem the boundaries of heavy metal.


J'adooooore! This is exactly what I needed, a warm overdrive, versatile, that can go very high and the small lights to shame, but who controls himself perfectly with the game and the guitar volume.
nikkko 308/30/2012

nikkko 3's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" EXCELLENT"

Fulltone PlimSoul
Boutique style pedal fulltone brand that needs no introduction. As soon as you take it in hand, it exudes quality: solid casing, knobs robust and well rigid aesthetic quality, In short it inspires confidence direct.

It is 100% analog and achieves sounds ranging from overdrive to distortion with the help of a small button called "stage". A green light indicates that you are in overdrive, and indicator lights red when you are in distortion.

Supply 9V to 18V, some say that his ideal is obtained by supplying 12V, I have not experienced enough to issue an opinion one about this but it's worth trying.


Use could not be simpler, in addition to the small button called "stage" you will find the classic three settings: Level, Tone (called High cut) and the gain level.

From there, the manual who cares we understand immediately how it works, we can not get any easier for "plug and play".


As soon as we switched, we immediately understand that the price has not been for nothing: the sound is beautiful, natural and well defined.

Shades that can be obtained are almost endless knobs are very sensitive to variations obtained. You can use the sound from clean, crunch or from saturated channel of your amp (preferably tube, and be careful not to push the gain ds this case).

2 designs to enlighten you:

- Used as a TS 9 with the button placement into overdrive and gain situated at noon on a clean sound that made you slightly cruncher, the plimsoul takes you already soundscapes to fall. It outclasses the unquestionably sounding TS9 next draft, we obtain a natural sound very realistic beauty. It may be cruel, but TS is 9 "toy" in comparison. If you keep all the settings and can not play with the button placement, we obtain a sound palette of overdrive distortion with the always sublime rendering (in rhythm as lead).

- Used in the saturated channel amp (Egnater Tweaker for me), with a gain setting around a level 0 and at noon, I also greatly appreciated the report obtained. It retains the original grain of the amp but better: the less rough and more defined, sublime!


I bought it in December 2011, I do not regret a single moment.
The price is fully justified (when I see the price of a "vulgar" ibanez TS9 to next ...) and you should not hesitate a moment, the strength of the construction PERMER me to say that kind of pedal lifetime warranty, then about € 200 for a lifetime is even ridiculous!

It is simple since I have I can not do without.

ramspi's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fulltone PlimSoul
effect of overdrive and distortion analog


simple two-stage overdrive, distortion stage 2 hard clip, easy to adjust


very good sound overdrive, creamy, way clapton cream period.
stage 2 of ca sec breath away and you have to avoid lowering the tone of shrill treble.
Start of Super.
it is a pedal with the right settings that can reproduce the sounds of Larry calrton, Lee Ritenour, etc. ... At the same time it gives you a marshall plexi's second to none.
The best of Fulltone.


2 months, a little expensive but it is concrete and hand made. Exceptional components.
Manu C11/23/2011

Manu C's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" An overdrive distortion and high quality!"

Fulltone PlimSoul
Pedal overdrive and distortion.
Battery or mains via adapter.

1 volume knob (Level).
A gain knob (Sustain).
One button high frequency EQ (Hi-Cut).
A mini-button to switch from overdrive (Stage 1) to the distortion (Stage 2).


The configuration could not be simpler.
The manual is almost useless.


The quality of this pedal Fulltone is exceptional.
The definition is breathtaking.
I use it plugged into the clean channel of my head Rectoverb 50, for an alternative to the distortion channel Sat natural saturation of the head.
The guitars are used with a Peavey EVH Wolfgang and a Jackson Soloist SL 1.

The two sounds (OVD and distortion) are as good and interesting one than the other.


I use this pedal for 2 months.
Before her, I used a Tube Screamer which was perfect for me to use a crunchy sound or very occasionally to boost the signal to my Sat Recto (I use is indeed a very moderate gain setting). But I really was looking for a sound alternative to the compressed sound of my Boogie. A typed his Marshall. I tried several models until my dealer offered me to try the Plimsouls.

The result exceeded my expectations.
I play (with this stuff) in a group of heavy-rock and for some compositions, the sound is perfect Boogie for others too compressed, too runny, too big ... too Boogie-what:)
And there, with the unit, I have a more rock'n'roll with a defintion to die for, and where I really feel like two different saturations if they would swear that I ' uses two different amps. In short its a Marshall and a Boogie ... its the same amp head!

I have at last two distinct saturations. And as I use mostly Stage 2 of the pedal (pity we can not access the Stage 1 to Stage 2 via a footswitch, the only downside of this pedal), I just drop the volume of the guitar to have a crunchy sound.

In conclusion, I emphasize the high quality of this pedal.
You'd swear a natural amp distortion and it's not modeling! (But the fact of the plug into a tube amp head helps a lot. I do not guarantee in effect a result as conclusive on a transistor amp).

An excellent choice for 200 EUR (fair price I think given the quality) I do not regret, nor the guys in my group who are all crazy-:)

Last things this pedal can naturally mix well out live (I play in a band with 2 guitars) and finally, careful not to abuse the Hi-Cut knob or tinnitus-beware ..:)