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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 14 reviews )
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Editorial review
  • 02/23/10Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Review

    Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Review - Guitar Rig 4 Bends Over Backwards 4 U

    Native Instruments' virtual guitar and bass amp comes back for the fourth time with more amp simulations and effects than ever before and a very promising control room section... New functions in an overview.

Users reviews

julian_r7's review"A must-have"

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro
I first approached Guitar Rig when I was taking my first steps in mixing and mastering, and even then it was quite easy for me to load the plugin and get it to work on Nuendo or as a Standalone. I've tried it in a good number of PCs with no compatibility issues. The only problem that may arise, as with every software of the kind, is compatibility issues between your sound card, and the ASIO drivers.

The graphic nature of Guitar Rig makes the manual almost useless, in my opinion. The fact that the pedals and boxes are stacked as in a visible traditional guitar rack helps to easily put order to long chains of effects. As for the software itself if doesn't have much options or menus to deal with, so you'll find yourself mastering Guitar Rig in a short time without ever resorting to the manual.

You can work with presets or build a whole set of FX from scratch. Most of the times, for practicing, quick demo recordings, etc, the presets will be more than enough (there are a good deal and they are quite the first thing you get access to).


Performance is amazing. I've only found issues with Guitar Rig when I've really overloaded my computer. That being said, it puts a strain on any DAW to run more than a couple of GR instances, or running instances with tons of effects. I've been using Guitar Rig since GR3, and the quality of the software improved dramatically with the fourth version, as did the sound and the available effects.

I've never gotten the Rig Control (the pedal that was made particularly for this piece of software) but I understand you can replace it with any MIDI pedal. In any case, the Rig Control was especially designed for this, so it should work best.


The sound is nice and some of the presets are really well crafted. The ironic titles give away the kind of sound that they should recreate, and I was surprised to see how many actually nailed it. I think that Guitar Rig is an amazing tool because of its simplicity. I've tried other guitar software before, but I've only stuck with GR and Amplitube.

I actually work with a combination of Guitar Rig and Amplitube: after the initial surprise at the sheer amount of effect GR offers wears down, you'll find that some of them sound a kind of plastic. It is essential to be willing to tweak the knobs a little bit if you are willing to get something near to a professional sound. It is also essential to understand that, while GR may excel when it comes to quick recordings and such, you will need to use it in combination with other software in order to get a high standard sound.

Dargor's review"Definitly, a MUST HAVE for every guitarist!"

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro
So far as I tried it, there were no compatibility issues at all. The tricky part comes from the configuration setup. You'll have to play with the Audio and MIDI setup options in order to have it working properly, so my advise it'll be to check to several tutorials while you first use it, since the ASIO drivers could be a real pain in the neck, depending on the computer that you're using.
As regards the manual, if you're a guitarist used to just "plug and play", then you'll not understand a bit from it. If you have real technical knowledge, it's really helpful and very simple to read. Every single detail from the program is there.
Besides all that, the interface it's very user-friendly and very intuitive as well.


Once it's properly setup, it's AMAZING. It may have some latency due to the ASIO software drivers, but this can be solved by acquiring an external audio card. Works like a charm with my Lexicon Alpha.
Stability problems? Not at all. No freezes, no crashes, no nothing! It's just like it's previous version, but with a few more options.
Performance it's outstanding. You can select from the several presets from the program and even create your own ones. Several amps, delays, reverbs, filters to choose from! From a Bon Scott AC/DC sound to the Richard Z. Kruspe Rammstein's sound (which is included as the Rammfire preset and it's great for metal playing).
I've been using it for a few years now and it became a vital part of my guitar compositions.


Sound quality? EXCELLENT. I used to have the GR3 and I find this one better in every single aspect. At first it may sound a little bit synthetized, but with a few adjustments works great. The more you use it, the more you learn from it, and the more you love it. It's a great product, and although it can be used as a stand-alone software, it's also recommended to get the Rig Kontrol foot pedal to get the best of it. Yes, it can be used with another MIDI foot pedal, but the Rig Kontrol was made for this program and viceversa, so that says it all.

As a Native Instruments user, I couldn't expect less from them. Great sound quality, everything adjustable and customizable to the user's needs and preferrences, very intuitive user interface and outstanding performance.
Worths every single cent and more, not to mention the free presets that can be downloaded straight from the Native Instrumens website.
Excellent option for both studio recording and live performance.

As a final thought, if you have the chance to get this software, don't hesitate. You won't regret it!

Wedges2's review"Great Addition to the Studio"

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro
As with all Native Instruments' products the package includes a clear manual and instructions on installation. The set up is easy, and once you actually open up the program you'll find that its easy to navigate and use. The software is really intuitive as well. The components are broken down into categories so you can find them quickly and add them to your preset. If you are just looking to use the factory presets Guitar Rig 4 has a great browser which allows you to find what your looking for based on criteria like "style", "effect", and type of guitar.


I've been using Guitar Rig 4 for about a year now, and I've had a great experience. It is not too CPU intensive, so having multiple instances running at the same time is no problem. I use it with FL Studio 10 on six core, 6GB RAM CPU running Windows 7.


I was a little skeptical about getting Guitar Rig 4 because I was using IK Multimedia's Amplitube Fender, which I was enjoying a lot. When I got it though, it was great. Not only was I getting great results routing Music Lab's Real LPC through it I was only sing it on every other instrument. Piano's and strings sounded awesome with the creative presets that come with Guitar Rig 4. I was able to create totally new sounds which really added to my beats. I've tired making my own presets but I love the factory ones so much I just use those. There are plenty of them, and they range from weird psychedelic effects to normal guitar amps. Now that I've tried IK Multimedia's Amplitube Fender as well as Guitar Rig 4 I would definitely make the decision to buy Guitar Rig 4. It's a great software guitar amp as well as program capable of turning traditional sounds into fun creative ones.

synfactory's review"Good FX routing, average Amp Sims"

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro
Guitar and Bass Amp and FX Simulator, Mac and Pc Compatible.

15 Different Amps for Guitar and Bass that include emulation based on Mesa Dual Rectifier, Bogner Uberschall, Orange, Ampeg, Marshall JCM 800, Vox AC30, Roland Jazz Chorus, Fender Bassman, Fender Twin, Modded Marshall 800, Marshall Plexi.

11 Distortions, 10 Time Based FX, 11 Modulation FX, 10 Filter FX (wah wah included), 6 Volume FX, Crossover and Split Modules.

5 Modifiers including a Step Sequencer and an LFO with five waveforms.

Control room, an unique IR based multi miced cabinet emulator.

Master FX, tuner and preset manager.


I’ve used this in Logic Pro 8 and 9 without a problem.

I have a Mac Pro 2.66 Quad Core with 8 GB of ram and a White Macbook with Intel Core 2 Duo Cpu with 4 GB of Ram.
The installation is really easy and the the manual is clear and precise.


Back in the day, Guitar Rig was the first Amp simulator that I’ve tried. Since its first release, the guys at Native Instruments worked really hard in these years to implement features and improve the sound quality. I’ve used it in different genres, recorded a few demos with and it was a good software (even on other sources like drums and voice to create some cool effects).
The best thing about the program is that you can use it as a sound design tool, with complex fx chains.

The sounds are average, you have to use some external plugins to spice things up and resolve some fizzy problems.

My overall opinion is that for most of the time the simulations will sound weak and thin, there are other guitar and bass sims out there, even for free like the ones from LePou, that are esponentially better than this. Hope they will improve things in the future because Native Instruments is a great company.

Anonymous 's review"Probably the most fun you've had in a while"

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro
I have Guitar Rig 4 as part of Komplete, so the setup was incredibly easy, although it may have taken a bit longer than I'd like. But I'm just complaining, because what's an hour of installation when what you get gives you far, far, far more in return?

I don't know why people who don't know what they're doing end up buying all of these bundles without messing around with whatever is available to them beforehand. I shouldn't have to mention this, but if you cannot figure out that Guitar Rig is an effect, an insert, then you don't really have any business owning Guitar Rig. With that out of the way...


When Guitar Rig 4 first opened up, I immediately felt at home. Everything was laid out in front of me in the simplest of ways, and I had to play around with presets for hours on end before I even got to tweaking myself! I immediately noticed the wonderful quality of effects for guitars, but what was far more striking was the inclusion of presets for things like voice. Despite the knowledge that you could technically add any effect to anything, I still was blown away by how feasible it actually became with Guitar Rig.

On top of that, the plugin isn't that heavy on my system, and it's nothing special (Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM).


Guitar Rig 4 is probably the most comprehensive plugin in terms of consolidating plugins and effects. I find that the sonic possibilities are rather endless with Guitar Rig 4 and the advertised purpose, guitars, isn't skimped upon at all.

To be perfectly honest, I do prefer IK Multimedia's Amplitube over Guitar Rig for when it comes down to guitars, but then only slightly, and Amplitube is rather limited, good, but limited, in its scope. Guitar Rig 4 is a bit of a do all and then some.

So grab Guitar Rig and start playing!

MGR/mtebaldi's review"Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4"

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro
Native Instruments' Guitar Rig is just an incredible product. On its fourth version, things couldn’t be different. I was introduced to Guitar Rig 3 a couple years ago and I was blown away by its super quality of legendary guitar amps and effects simulation. The beauty of this product really is found on how good and professional any guitar you plug in will sound.

I’ve been quite lucky lately and I got a free copy of Guitar Rig 4 from Native Instruments. The full version retails for $225 but I would strongly recommend to purchase Komplete 7 which not only includes Guitar Rig 4 as also a series of really awesome virtual instruments.

<a href=""></a>

A few of the new features in Guitar Rig 4 make it an even better product. The Control Room feature lets you quickly mix your guitar signal through an array of different positioned mics on your chosen amp, giving you the power to craft an original guitar sound even before adding any effects to it. Guitar Rig 4 comes now with a Limit button that guarantees your signal will not peak. Very useful if you love to keep adding more and more to the chain. Besides featuring 3 new built-in amps, my favorite one is Rammfire, which is sold separately, but it is included on Komplete 7. It’s a really awesome amp for modern and heavy guitar sounds. If you are a Richard Z. Kruspe fan you will enjoy it even more. The gigantic list of effects found on Guitar Rig 4 will cover all your guitar needs and even more. Exclusive components found under Modifiers, Sound FX and Tools, will let you craft sounds never before imagined.

It’s hard to find a flaw on this amazing product.

Made by Native Instruments, Guitar Rig 4 has a clean and easy to use interface that comes with great features. Also it won’t consume much of your RAM.

Guitar Rig 4 is a powerful tool for music production. The results you can get with it are astonishing. It is definitely a worthy investment for your studio and computer.

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songboy's review

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro
I have had no compatibility issues running this plugin on my Macbook. I have not needed the manual for this plugin as it is very simple to use. The interface is very easy to navigate and all the effects are categorized well so its easy to find exactly what you need. Using the effects is also easy because they are all setup like rack gear which I have been use to using for years. Everything is right in front of you and setup to be tweaked very well.


I run this in Ableton 8 mainly and it works like a gem all the time. It has never crashed on me and all of the virtual rigs are stored and recalled without any problems. I give this a 10 out of 10 for performance. I was honestly astounded about how good this plugins sounds. I have A/B checked this plugin against my actual analog effect pedals and the sound quality is very very close. I don't really use the amp simulation as I own a Fender Twin and don't really see the need to simulate an amp when I own a gem like that. I could see if I didn't want to drag the twin to a show and was just running the guitar through the PA, but I haven't done that yet. I have been using this for about a month now.


What I like most about this unit is the limitless amount of effects you can put on you guitar. I love to put three delay racks on there set up for different times and sometimes different outputs to create some crazy "wall of sound" style effects. Also, the distortions are quite nice as well as in general, most of the effects kick butt and are very realistic sounding. There is nothing I do not like about this plugin. I upgraded from Guitar Rig 3 for around $100. I haven't really noticed many differences overall but I still love the plugin just the same. I give it a 10 out of 10 for precision and quality of sound as it is as good as it gets when playing your guitar through a computer. I use the pedal board feature in Logic 9 a lot and they are pretty similar, except pedal board was free with logic 9 which was really sweet. I definitely would buy this again.

guigue106's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Never without my RIG *** ***"

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro
Installation: ben installed as any soft n ....
configuration: must observe and understand .....
incompatibility? not even in 64bits ca rolls attention the buffer size in stand alone (just the 512 mouline must constantly think about the return to 256 that is'm top!)
Manual? : Trash


config gamer RAS


Here's the good heart of the matter.

- I have four rigs since March
- I tried ReValver mk3 I loved the 5150's that drove me crazy ^ ^ but not work in host j riffwork therefore have beneficial (and for another reason: Always let the presets and reload ca m ' swelled and finally blows hard ca :/)

- The most:
For my part I use it with a Zoom 8080 for net-edged sounds typical of the 90 as I like and it works super hard (to play the progressive).

j alternates with a boss MT2 for saturations and extreme "BURNING" a bit like dream theater (the last solo album james labri). I used more than 4 rig as a wardrobe rack multi effect was indeed the "twin delay" and "psycho delay" to set mms close together it gives very strong feelings, we almost take for Himself petrucci :).

The chorus and reverb are very good for the clean channel, tried to aggregate.

sheling eq (hole in middle) with the custom eq, nan really as long as you have chosen the control room in 4 * 12 british warm, or matched the box 2 * 12 is enough to explode gratify a plaster wall ^ ^ with a 2 mt in input of the soundcard!!

simulation and multi hand side effect is frankly what this crammed rather than Racké (without making a pun) miles and cents.

- The least:
the distortion sounds are pourrave and a plastic block, that is seriously abused, YJN am saying the distortion of the petrucci solo Glasgow kiss my butt wai, the distortion is too c ca not at all a far cry from a triaxxis has € 2,000, ca we could have guessed.

ultimately, to get maximum benefit, so your back or your disto Mfx work and take the time to tinker, to seek, build, test, and refine its settings (for my prt I spend 2 to 3 hours for me its ONE) c is long but I am still filled with the result thanks to this superb soft very well designed in this context.

buttons has turned c is very painful when you want a precise value (420 ms dly, this is a great capacity to remain calm) mk3 simply input the value to have it, too bad ....

9 for these damn buttons * and * biiiip that stand alone "stuck" on a buffer 512 (rhaaaaa)

notice to the fans .....

jofal62's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" indispensable!"

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro
trouble-free installation, stand alone, with a link to behringer guitar.
IT CAN BE USED very easy, well-made presets, presets other easily found on the net.


WINDOWS XP SP3 - 8 year old bike and the software works perfectly, I have two pregnant BEHRINGER MS16, I have no problem. I have sometimes some bugs on some presets.


PEAVEY ReValver I tried, I did not like at all, and Amplitube idem, I prefer 100 times guitar rig, I love the loop station, the capture with backstracks, reducing the tempo , effects, amps, everything is perfect.

Rillecy94's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Pro
Hassle free installation, general config not complicated, if you read the manual it is pretty clear on that.


My pc is not a powerhouse: intel dualcore 2.4 GHz, 4 GB of ram, 2008 with a Line 6 UX1 audio interface and it turns nickel, no problems, no crashes, bugs or latency (if installed at the ASIO driver of course!).


For months I use it and I'm in love! Of course it has its faults, but all software, amp simulators and effects have! I tested the Overloud TH-1 and 2 and I much prefer the guitar 4 pro rig. Ditto for The Amplitube! I find distos huge reverbs, delays and other nickel. I record with no problem and I admit that made me like it. Live on the other hand is more complicated. It should return the computer and pedal, but frankly it's not rocket science. I have trouble understanding why Cerain opinions are so severe compared to that commodity prices are for, is among the best in its class. After if you want to sound as pro ultra buy a closet racks and amps at 2000 euros each!