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  • Tips on How to Efficiently Use Pro Tools

    Tips on How to Efficiently Use Pro Tools - Power Tips for the Pro Tools Novice — Part 2


    In part 1 of this article, we looked at preference settings and key commands. Here in part 2, the focus will be on the Smart Tool, some important timeline options, and how to create customized session templates.

  • Power Tips for the Pro Tools Novice – Part 1

    Power Tips for the Pro Tools Novice – Part 1 - Learn How to Produce Music Faster and More Efficiently with Pro Tools


    Avid Pro Tools features industry standard audio recording, editing, and mixing, along with a reasonably well-featured MIDI section. But with an application this powerful, getting up to speed can take time. In this two-part story, we'll present a selection of tips and tricks to help you work more quickly and efficiently in Pro Tools.

  • Zoom H6 Review

    Zoom H6 Review - Six Inputs of Separation


    The H4n isn't the crown jewel of the Zoom recorder range anymore! The H6, with more inputs and interchangeable mics, has arrived to take its place.

  • Zoom H2n Mini-Review

    Zoom H2n Mini-Review - Mid/Side Story


    The replacement for the good old Zoom H2! With the H2n, Zoom aims to offer a major upgrade of the most famous pocket recorder.

  • iPhone/iPod Touch Sequencers Report

    iPhone/iPod Touch Sequencers Report - My iPhone is a Sequencer


    In addition to recording music with your iPhone, you can also edit and produce your music with the little magic machine. A DAW in your pocket!

  • Zoom R16 Review

    Zoom R16 Review - Zoom R16: All-Rounder


    DAW systems are good but you don't always have a computer by when you feel the rush to record music. Mini studios were created for that purpose: they are practical solutions but not very comprehensive nor ergonomic. That's why Zoom launched the R16, an hybrid tool you can use as digital audio interface, controller and standalone mini studio. Let's…

  • Line 6's Backtrack+Mic: The Test

    Line 6's Backtrack+Mic: The Test - Backtrack To Inspiration


    Unfortunately, we often realize too late that we should have recorded what we just played. How many times have you wished that you could go back in time and hit the record button right before inspiration hit you? Line6 has come up with something along these lines with its portable recorder, the Backtrack, a small device that lets you save a take a…

  • Olympus LS-10: The Test

    Olympus LS-10: The Test - Olympic Champion


    When Olympus, famous for their clout in the photography world, takes on the audio market, we get the LS-10, a portable digital recorder determined to stake its claim in new territory ...

  • The Zoom H2 Test

    The Zoom H2 Test - Zoom H2


    Out of all the digital recorders that have come out recently, the Zoom H2 is definitely one of the best sellers at the moment. It’s sold at a very affordable price (around 199 euros), but does the Zoom H2 live up to all of our modern day expectations?