The T.bone MB78 Beta
The T.bone MB78 Beta

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 8 reviews )
 4 reviews50 %
 2 reviews25 %
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Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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Steve swain11/03/2017

Steve swain's review"Exellent Microphone !!"

The T.bone MB78 Beta
The reviews caught my eye for this Mic,,
The price is EXELLENT,,I can only vouch for this in a studio enviroment,, IT PERFORMS,,
The studio must have virtually ZERO reflections but is great for voiveover work and interviews in the studio enviroment,,It benefits from a foam windshield,,
Cant rate it highly enough for the price !!.

belbeze's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone MB78 Beta
Condenser microphone .... Warning it is sensitive to the moisture something ... keep warm before connecting!


It is a micro chip .. The sound is excellent, the ratio Q / P unbelievable .... Much better than a beta 58 ... He has a problem it actually hangs very quickly to feedback. There is a solution! In fact the microphone hanging over the back, it is practically unusable on stage because of that. It takes as much sound from the rear than the front. It's a microphone in 8 ... The solution is to open the mic and put a thick one on rear part of the capsule around the support thereof. On its rear is strongly attnu while keeping enough air so the sound is not before impact (beta 57 are like that). It's really a standard micro grain dtail dynamics, high output level and so on. I put 10 because he did it to my knowledge there is no competitor!

vinz440's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone MB78 Beta
Micro (scene) static pr song.


Ca ft 3 days I have the ... well tested and I have in my studio. I work normally with sm58beta (+ Senheiser of 835.845) and good ... c true that the sound is lighter that a sm58 beta. The sound emerging from a MB78 is much more faithful to my voice as an sm58, sm58beta, E835 and E845 ... but ... ca're using nothing at all even if the microphone is sensitive to suuuuuper feedback. (I work with a mackie onyx1640 Monitor HK Audio and fast ... never had a problem ... you say normal because the frequencies of enormously sm58 food ... what gives it its "boxy" (as in a box )). I must say that I were pleasantly surprised that a microphone 50 euro is "better" than the sm58beta ... So after the problem of feedback ... j have begun in some high frequencies cut through my mackie Feedback to remove (which works quite well) ... but ... Irony ... found a new boxy sound of 58 sm ...
I am based on all the reviews on this site MB78 ... is frankly ... I do not understand ... c true that the sound is much better than the beta 58 sm ... but ... if you play in a band with a drummer ... lol ... do not take this microphone ...

For a more acoustic group perfect c ... c but otherwise the money down. Ft or he like me ... connect a feedback destroyer above ... but ... if you have not n ... rather invest in the Sennheiser E865 (220 euro) or the Shure Beta 87 (330 euro)

PS: I do not compare to the beta MB78 87 st because we not compare them ... c easy to say that a prneds MB78 does not feedback on a scene ... but every place is different ... Take the test ... looking for the error with a shure beta 87 ... So put the studio, outdoor ... tt what you want ... put the gains so strong that you have Feedback ... replace the beta87 by MB78 ... No not you come to 60% of the
So ... my mind is clear ... cool but useless micro pr me (though my studio is large enough (28 M2) with basstraps, curtains, foam etc ....

on the other hand .. If you need simple desktop for backing vocals ... the MB85 (sm copy of the 58) are nickel ... honestly .. no feedback ... Same as the sm58 ... and it costs only 50 euro (with one foot, clips, cable xlr 6m and a suitcase) ... has frankly advise ...
à Chaud09/01/2007

à Chaud's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone MB78 Beta
Just a notice to complment prcedents.

I confirm trs good sound quality of the T-Bone MB78 Beta by my prdcesseurs INDICATED.

However, I must report its lightweight default: it is sensitive to handling noise.

The singer who is holding absolutely must avoid moving it too much or rub it in his fingers because the noises are easy to hear.

Pull on the cable jerks like some singers have a bad habit produces little noise of explosion.


This micro likes to remain quietly on his foot without being gambling. Ideal for a singer guitarist.

phenix!'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone MB78 Beta
Micro scne static (and possibly studio)
Power fantme 9 52 volts.
Super cardioid
Bandwidth: 50Hz 16kHz (but on the diagram the curve seems s'tendre 20Khz frequency drives)
80Hz low cut switch, rduction 12dB per octave, rather effective.

EDIT June 1: An effect of greater proximity and a Shure Beta87 rude, but nanmoins trsgrable playing with the distance from the micro.Cet effect is even less when that typ 'with a dynamic micro Manir gnrale.


I ordered at the same time as the beta 85 of the same brand curiosities never been static micro scne.
Well I was 49 euros for enjoyable surprise! I want to believe it n not happen at his home Shure MODEL (more expensive), but with this micro vritablement I found a grain, a heat prsence, an r serve and gain momentum! I've never had a micro-type ... just dynamic.
What is a static ... inconvnients the benefits without it - say a great sensitivity (and ca repisse not more than my SM58 yet!) For maximum dynamic range (the microphone singing scne which has the largest reserve of gain that I tried.
Forcment without transcending my littralement BETA 85 (but a little more even when my SM58), the 78 gives me vritablement BETA another sound and color original, while a carefully compltant Park microphones priori suit me really well as a singer, for the same models and scne studio waiting for something better. So versatile enough.

EDIT 24/11: I Live test condition yesterday in a bar-concert (with the small stuff: table and sound LEM + Line 6's sound card which I use as pramp ') and its quality were then vritablement rvles! His reserve of gain, dynamics (the voice starts easily forward), its depth, heat, and this soup just! The BETA78 really showcased the singer's voice unadorned, a v ritable feeling scne studio!
As for the problem of feedback evokes in the forum, meaning j'me currently not concern. I have had no problems despite 3 returns a small scne with an acoustic correct but not optimistic either.
With singer comparlors we balance this with a micro MB85BETA of the same brand and a "real" SM58 (hollow, dull, not sharp, comprim.Nous tions unanimous! Outperformed the static while the dynamic point of view.
In short, for me and my singer is a vritable plbiscite! I therefore maintain my note!
Dsormais, I do not recommend it more ... At this price LJE think it would be a shame to spend more than cot if, like me, you use that dynamiques.ACHETEZ LE! In waiting to pay you a static Neumann.Un scne is really something else, believe me!

Edit 11/02/07: I had the opportunity this week to work in a large room (with table Midas Legend 3000, full of racks, and good returns ...) that put us available for the song , BETA58 of a Beta87, 2 akg 535eb SM58 and I have not even released their housse.J 'I had ramen and more Beta78 to compare the beginners ...
to beginners, as I quickly replaced by one of BETA58 T Bone (I do not compare the incomparable)
Compared to "real" Beta87 (C cardioid, hyper cardioid diffrent of A), it is warmer, a little less aggressive in the treble, with a proximity effect much less pronounced.
In short, the original is better but I expected ... and at the same time, not that much, the technicians of the room they even surprised taient rendering.
Nanmoins, T Bone enjoyable surprised me on several points:
Premire, it does not pop much more than the Shure ... the Difference is subtle, less in Live to listen almost imperceptible.
Deuximement the rjection to Feedback, better than the Beta87, even through a good volume, while remaining reasonable (as with the Shure) one of the singers / guitarists in his back while lamp had a Marshall amp with 4x12-inch HP Right. his cot the AKG 535EB, static cardioid (which I eventually used for percussion) is much less sensitive
Finally, during the show, T Bone was not the cot Czech Shure, it sounded really, really behaves like a static, and in this he is dmarque dynamic microphones.

So if you have not at least put in a 150/200 euros mic like this, the T bone is the best compromise it for me.
Personally, I think my next purchase of a micro scne be static, or a Shure Neumann KMS105 Beta87A (when I have sub-sub), in the meantime, the Beta 78 will rev fine.

June 1st EDIT: Here are some excerpts is hard (I do it again the better) with the T bone raliss Beta78, and other microphones such as Shure Beta87A, or Dynamic: Shure SM58, T Beta85 bone among other things, the link is on this thread:

Sebliloo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone MB78 Beta
Micro vocal immitation barely cover the shure beta 87, a small capsule feeding between 9 and 48v.


Well I buy from thotho cables, I say go, I try this award can always use a ...
As planned, medium finish, a strong proximity effect and off-axis rponse any rotten ...
Except of course ... is done as often in this brand, Submitted trs trs sounds clear enough ar.
A Reserved singers (her) that do not move too much but for the budget is a good investment!
I'll test it on a hi-hat and I complterais my opinion.

riton_lafouine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone MB78 Beta
Condenser microphone specially for singing ... but surely other possible applications ...

not a dynamic as stipulated in the classification of AF


I put him just nine to give him 10 for it a copy, I bought this microphone saying "it's a joke, a toy," but I have not seen a kopek, I started telling me anyway nothing ventured nothing, and many compartment an SM 58 (I do not know the original 87) is quite impressive ... Many more Gain, Q / P unbeatable, good bass, I was even impressed, I did not test on a good Systm (hack system pending the Repair Tool Agues engines), I still have my voice on m'appercevoir it works pretty good. I t find a SM 58 and bah! it is well below (bo OK it's not a static) ... just one thing, aesthetically they could avoid printing the minimum and maximum voltage of operation of the phantom power supply throughout the body is ugly ... The low cut is effective too ... Briefly, for the price, go for it, I tried on Monday in a reversal of RPET michael franks (or I Gallery mediums)

Yorrwell's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone MB78 Beta
Electret microphone, phantom power supply required
Ideal for vocals, acoustic guitar and Company


Well T bone that splits a copy aditional plutt successful, but as nm ^ m below
of the original "beta 87" by shure
but for the guy mowing the fact!