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  • Waves EMI TG12345

    Waves EMI TG12345 - "A comprehensive -yet complex- virtual channel strip"


    Pro Tools 12.5 / MacBook Pro 2015 This channel strip has to be one of the most beautiful plugins Waves ever released! :8O: No, you’ll never insist enough on how important it is to work with beautiful plugs (I mean audio plugs, of course), if on…

  • Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack

    Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack - "Efficient and cheap, an instant favorite"


    My configuration : 3rd gen iCore 5 laptop with 12GB RAM + UR 242. Used to mix my first EP – along with other plugs, of course. Very stable, but it takes long to start. Not CPU-hungry, which is great. It’s very easy to use, provided you know wha…

  • Waves Butch Vig Vocals

    Waves Butch Vig Vocals - "Experimental Jet Set, Garbage and 3 stars."


    Pro Tools 12.5 / MacBook Pro 2015 Fashion of the time is what it is, and one can think what one wants of it (always start with a deepest thought...) In Waves’ Signature plugin series (Chris Lord-Age, Eddie Kramer, Jack Joseph Puig...), here com…

  • Acustica Audio Lime

    Acustica Audio Lime - "Great-sounding -- but a real CPU hog"


    Tried it on a Mac PRO 12 Cores w/ 64GB RAM - OS Sierra - Logic Pro 10.3 This plugin is quite easy to use, like a console channel. The GUI is realistic and inspiring. The sound perfectly and impressively reproduces the typical Neve sound in its…

  • Eventide Ultra-Channel

    Eventide Ultra-Channel - "A Nice, Flexible Channel Strip"


    Installation of UltraChannel is straight-forward, however, you will need to have an iLok account and install their License Manager software to register your copy. It’s not the most intuitive process but once you’ve got it registered, you’re ready t…

  • Waves SSL E-Channel

    Waves SSL E-Channel - "The Go-to channel strip"


    Waves makes easy to use plug-ins. They are easy to install - you just download them off their website. They are easy to authorize - you can use any USB stick as a dongle, or use their software application to authorize if your computer connects to t…

  • Waves CLA Bass

    Waves CLA Bass - "Simple Modern Rock Bass Sound"


    The Waves CLA Bass plug-in is an effects processor to be used inside a DAW. It can be downloaded and installed directly from the Waves website. Authorization is completed with any USB stick as a dongle, or with the Waves authorization software appli…

  • Waves CLA Guitars

    Waves CLA Guitars - "Rock 'n Roll Guitar Processing"


    The CLA Guitars plug-in is designed to process recorded guitar tracks inside a DAW. Waves installation is simple. Once you get the program up and running, it is simple to figure out the controls of the software. The basic processing functions are…

  • Waves CLA Drums

    Waves CLA Drums - "Over the top drums!"


    The CLA Drums plug-in is designed to process recorded individual drum tracks inside a DAW. Waves installation is pretty easy. Once you get the program up and running, there isn't much of a learning curve to get it working. The basic processing…

  • Universal Audio Neve 88RS Plug-In

    Universal Audio Neve 88RS Plug-In - "Sonic Goodness!"


    Perfection is what you get from Universal Audio, in the implementation as well as in the sound. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE See above. OVERALL OPINION In 2001, Neve launched the 88 Series: A new, large-format analog console that represented the best …