Metric Halo CHANNEL STRIP complete
Metric Halo CHANNEL STRIP complete

CHANNEL STRIP complete, Software channel strip from Metric Halo.

songboy 12/06/2011

Metric Halo CHANNEL STRIP complete : songboy's user review

« Great sound, not so good interface »

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I run this in Logic 9 on a MacPro using a RME Fireface 800. So far it has never caused any hiccups in the system. It has been completely stable and not lost any presets. The manual has some good info about the nature of the plugin and how to use it. For the most part though, I skipped through it as I have had experience with these effects. It essentially is a single plugin for Gate/expander, Compression, and EQ. The setup is simple, no different than any other plugin, just instantiate on an audio track or buss and you are good to go. The interface however is a little dated looking to me. Everything is so compacted and somewhat hard to read I find myself squinting at the screen often.


As said before, this plugin is solid. No issues so far. For sound quality I give it a 10 out of 10. It does a good job performing what it is supposed to do (comp, eq, etc....) and in comparison to other plugins I use (lots of Waves plugins mainly) I notice it sounds a little different. I don't think it's any better than the Waves I use but it is different. Sometimes it seems warmer, and other times it seems to tighten up drums a little easier than other plugins. I have been using this plugin on and off for about 3 months.


What I like about this plugin is its overall sound quality and the fact that it sounds different to me than the usual plugins I use. What I don't like is the darn late 80's looking interface. It needs a refresh in my opinion. Or at the least, the ability to increase the size of the plugin. That would make it a lot easier to use. This almost $200. I would say it is worth every penny but I find myself using other plugins a lot because other ones are easier to see and therefore use. I have used many different plugins to do these same tasks. I would say in terms of sound quality, this is way up there. Honestly, I would probably have not bought this plugin if I knew how much I was going to end up disliking the interface.