Waves SSL 4000 Collection
Waves SSL 4000 Collection

SSL 4000 Collection, Software channel strip from Waves in the SSL series.

mswing 04/16/2006

Waves SSL 4000 Collection : mswing's user review


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Install iLok!!

ss ca be no

PC g of care to install but not on mac, I was not able to install it on my poor PC

3 plugs


Not greedy, but good with my G5 2.5 + 4 GB of RAM .... I vote not sure what happened to me pe!

c if the wave ... c stable!


2 Months
beautiful interface
Very intuitive
The CHANNEL: Precis we do everything the ear, no curves, c but not so bad, we really feel like using an analogue channel strip (I will not say I've never a SSL between u hands)
For my part, the eq is Precise, low enough but not very close round, the game Gate + Comp is a treat, according to one side, the eq can trigger the comp and turn it into esser,
The sound is very dynamic, we manage to carve even if several switches are not regalge c ca is top!! So many good setting kon do not know lekel choose c rare with a plug,
ca does not cut very finely the frequency ... as a console! on drums, awesome c, g not managed to get the same with my UAD plug

comp the bus is on acoustic pianos or other on the bus but I like recess DSUs also

The I eq seres a little less color but the treatment is more radical than the channel

all c plugs is very very good quality they are going well with the vintage just uad

I am very happy