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SSL Duende user reviews

  • SSL Duende

    SSL Duende - moosers's review


    The SSL Duende is a DSP board based set of plug-ins that are modeled after some of the analog SSL consoles. This version contains both a channel strip that has compression, a gate, EQs, and filters while the other plug-in is a compressor. The machine…

  • SSL Duende PCIe

    SSL Duende PCIe - " THE VERY GOOD SSL"


    equalization for beauty UTILIZATION yes very stable no particular problems GETTING STARTED no problems except this story dongle ssl or account must be created but apart from that everything goes very well with the installation, so there is a …

  • SSL Duende Native Studio Pack

    SSL Duende Native Studio Pack - " Fantastic - Woaw!"


    The installation is done it without problems? I install the app natively Duende (free on site) and not the module Java on Firefox license application was not done. But once communication with Java installed Solid State Logic could be done without p…

  • SSL Duende Plugin Drumstrip

    SSL Duende Plugin Drumstrip - " Redoutable"


    The installation of plugins and drivers for hardware Duende is not simple, but by following the instructions on the site avoids failures. Normally, with the arrival of plugins Native Duende ", the installation should be simplified greatly. SUITABI…

  • SSL Duende Mini

    SSL Duende Mini - " no better or TC"


    1. FEATURES I wanted to test the plugs other than the channel strip or the compressor, I use it with Nuendo Snow Leopard (Mac Pro Nehalem) + + uad 2 quad PowerCore 6000 UTILIZATION 2. USE as of today everything is up to date mac osx! GET…

  • SSL Duende Mini

    SSL Duende Mini - " YES!"


    BI PPC/2G G4 1.25 RAM / FW MAUDIO 410/MINDPRINT TRIO / LOGIC SSL Duende UTILIZATION must optimize Logic (and other widgets turn spotlight) to adapt a version OS PPC (see SSL site) L! installation and optimization of the DAW is painful but it's …

  • SSL Duende PCIe

    SSL Duende PCIe - babaorum's review


    be able to plug-ins pro quality without drawing power processor. used on all types of instruments on a PC DAW. mixing and premastering. config: 6GB RAM Asus P6T Core i7 920. Radeon 4870 graphics card, sound cards Sonic Core Luna Pulsar II + II. …

  • SSL Duende PCIe

    SSL Duende PCIe - Run_djp_Run's review


    What technical specifications motivated your choice? The quality plug-ins, so given that the Waves are pretty CHRE, I took the Duende PCIe, and of course the choice of PCIe DSP resources. What is your config? Mac Pro dual core 2.66GHz 8 GB RAM…

  • SSL Duende Mini

    SSL Duende Mini - chougue2's review


    I turn on imac 24 ". Intel dual core 2 2.4 Ghz ... in Software Logic Studio (Logic Pro 8, MLainstage, etc ...) In sound card, a motu ultralite mk3, and pramps lamps. UTILIZATION It took me days the software version 3. The VERSION 3 Recource now…

  • SSL Duende Mini

    SSL Duende Mini - loupgarou2a's review


    The possibility of having an SSL console on my Mac lower price, the DSP processor that relieves my computer. I use it in my home studio "amliorquot;. Imac 20 "2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo and 3 GB RAM OS Leopard Mainly with Cubase 5, a MOTU 828 MkII,…