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Yvo2000 03/13/2009

SSL Duende : Yvo2000's user review


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I t attracted by the reputable brand and the TRS has enjoyed a good press this product in the United States via the Internet. I was looking for a map of external treatment can relieve the CPU on my MacBook Pro and bring a more rel in relation to its plug-ins from Logic Pro.

Only EQ, Compressor, Gate, and no reverb and other effects but many dj.


The facility is comfortable, but the recording phase is of the same obscure. It's simple, registration must be provided to the n that is not complete SERIES placed on the hardware part of the machine. Missing the last three digits XXX-nots. I galr to find in the literature o they were nowhere and I finally found by accident by trying all possible 000 999. (C'tait something like 032). It occupies an entire section of their internet forum is saying! The price of the product, I find that it is a disgrace. So bad note for me on that. But aside from this, no problem or trouble report.

The manuals and tutorials available online are complete and trs same real value pdagogique.

In terms of inconsistency, for the FW version of the map, note that you need a possder portFirewire indpendant that MUST NOT BE SHARED with FW sound card or your sound will crack and at times disparatre . So it is ncessaire possder of two FW ports indpendants, or else use a sound card USB.2. We must know and the public does prcise course not!


Aside from the problem of his who will be invited if you share your FW port with a sound card as I prcis above, the drivers are stable, updated.

I use it with Logic Pro on my MacBookPro and uen old version of Cubase on my PC. In both cases, the Duende works well with some other plants of time. But not more than any other plug-in or audio projects gnrale.

Mixing, no perceptible latency. For the record, I even try it.

In its Duende Classic, 32 plug-ins I / stereo 16 used at the same time. If the FW port is not shared with a hard drive or sound card, all plug-ins are REALLY effective. In case of I RPET but we know it!, Crack big projects from all sides and Figure 8 or more than ten plugs can then be utiliss.


I use it for a year.

The PLUS + + + + + +

- The big plus is fortunately the audio quality SSL and surgical prcise for EQ and gates, but transparent carrment standard compressors (I possde plug-in additional X-Comp) . Stark contrast in terms of quality with the EQ in Logic Pro yet plutt good dj. I'm not on this point. At compressors, compltera your palette perfectly if you possdez dj several plug-in compressor "vintage". Here, it is not in the formulation such lamps in 1176, Fairchild or LA-2A, but in the Solid State Logic pure and simple, that is transparent, but completely effective. Subtly shuffled a formulation "vintage", your SSL compressors (Especially the X-Comp) will help you in all your projects. Bus compressor demand a real finger in rglages. But with a little exprience will quickly become indispensable on all your trips bus acts as the glue to the mix. The SSL Bus compressor gets at least my preferences on other software compressors bus I could essay including the excellent Sony Oxford SERIES (TC Powercore).

- Have a mixer 32 tracks that really sounds SSL SSL for less than 1000 Euros, even though it's still useful!

The LESS --- ---

- Just scroll card that offers products that SSL few.

- When even expensive! Including additional plug-ins option.

- History of the FW port sharing (see above) that closes a lot of possibilities (I bought a sound card USB.2 to mix with my SSL. For the record (SSL inactive) and mastering (few tracks) on the other hand, I use a FW card)

- Plug-ins are supplied without any presets. You possdez so no starting point that you support If you are not an express its ingnieur. The contribution of either the large size would have a more non mtier ngligeable.

- For a gnration (I am) by DJ / producer qualiseurs habitus to "visual", know that the strip does not possde Schematic layout of your qualisation and as the lack of included presets, it will require much better use of your ears. Some may laugh, but at first I really was missing.

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir [/ b]

I possde also a TC Electronic PowerCore plug-in without additional. Complmentaire useful. But if SSL can do little as it does so much better all the same. It's simple, my SSL is the pice of my matress and DAW is in the heart of all my projects, while I use my Powercore for things SPECIFICATIONS.

How do you report qualitprix?
On this point, I would say that the map FW Duende SSL is the professional quality for a price consquent.

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

I have no regrets, but I look forward to the arrival of the card UAD-2 Solo / Laptop ExpressCard format for my laptop. It is important to ask what we are looking for before buying a Duende. If your exact screw is a transparent sound and completely effective then yes, if it's more of flexibility more effects and a more vintage, so I ogle plutt from Universal Audio. The rest of IDAL possder both. In my case, at least this is what is budgeted for ending for all.

So in his résumé 10/10 for SSL, but 7 / 10 points for the other deficits. I put 8.5.