SSL Duende PCIe
SSL Duende PCIe

Duende PCIe, DSP Board from SSL in the Duende series.

Run_djp_Run 11/09/2009

SSL Duende PCIe : Run_djp_Run's user review


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What technical specifications motivated your choice?
The quality plug-ins, so given that the Waves are pretty CHRE, I took the Duende PCIe, and of course the choice of PCIe DSP resources.

What is your config?
Mac Pro dual core 2.66GHz 8 GB RAM + + Snow Leopard hard drive 10000trs for MacOSX and MOTU 24io on LOGIC PRO 9.3 It mixes ALL, the wafer and the trs trs trs comp are musical, a sound on ALL ALL ALL, never vulgar, trs prcis. There is a small diffrence with the waves, but that's normal because they n'mulent not the same thing!


The drivers are stable?
The original Driver had a latency version2 HUGE, but version 3 argl the problem!!

What software do you use most often?
Bah all, the Bus Compressor is enormous, put on a master, you will understand!! it sticks a mix, I also love a battery notement the snare, it has a pump incredible when asked. The wafer is also standard, everything is good, nothing to get rid of it peutaller in all directions, to comp to eq filter etc etc ...

Are they often put day?
Yes I think.

What you get lag?
I do not mean to mix, and I do not hear it in gear, except for percussion instruments (drums / percussions, slap ...)


Installation is no problem it?

Gnrale configuration is easy?
Super simple !!!!!

Have you experienced any incompatibility?
No No

The manual is clear and sufficient?
What is it??


How long have you use it?
A week, but I used the waves in the "current speed" of quality that are scabies!! I do not feel the diffrence! apart from the fact allger the resources of my mac ;-)

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
Sound sound sound!! I'm still looking at least, the musicality of plugins, a ring of hell

How do you report qualitprix?

Exprience with, you will do again this choice?
Eyes closed, I intend to upgrade to 128 channels and I catch the Comp X, and DrumStrip!!