SSL Duende PCIe
SSL Duende PCIe

Duende PCIe, DSP Board from SSL in the Duende series.

babaorum 10/09/2010

SSL Duende PCIe : babaorum's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
be able to plug-ins pro quality without drawing power processor.

used on all types of instruments on a PC DAW.

mixing and premastering.
config: 6GB RAM Asus P6T Core i7 920. Radeon 4870 graphics card, sound cards Sonic Core Luna Pulsar II + II. 1.3 TB HDD (3 discs). Cubase 5.5.1 stable drivers


no worries.

whatever the nb of tracks I was not bothered with the default 32 slots of the card but I still have not used 32 in a song. Otherwise in cubase I get to read about thirty tracks without pb.

Drivers monitored and updated (latest version 3.5.2 just released with the key to install on Windows 7 64-bit versions and possible VST3 plug-ins).

6ms not flinch at that nickel is I think I can go below if I have not too many tracks in my arrangement.


Installation nickel.


1 month and a half.

compared with native plug-ins freeware there is no photo, is the day and night. Plug-ins Sonic Core are very good too (also in DSP so) and there is no disappointment over the quality is tip top.

The bus comp is super effective without damaging the sound (while other plugs can give a particular sound compression [which can be interesting], but here you can push the level and it is transparent! Huge)
The channel is really bluffing you feel really driving a Rolls audio, the EQ is precise / surgical, you can sculpt the sound, the comp and gate / expander are great.

Impressive value for money, I do it again this choice with your eyes closed. Only drawback, the apprehension of plugs is not obvious at first because not very visually (especially the EQ) but once your ears have understood the settings, you can not use the EQ or cubase freeware junk ...

I can not imagine the quality of X-EQ X-Comp and I intend to acquire as extending to 128 slots. on the other hand I hope that SSL will make a gesture in order to acquire the native version of plugs for the owners of the duende to enjoy the best of both worlds and not be limited only by our imagination in the mix! Top quality