SSL Duende Mini
SSL Duende Mini

Duende Mini, DSP Board from SSL in the Duende series.

kazamanu 04/21/2008

SSL Duende Mini : kazamanu's user review


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32-channel SSL EQ DYN + + The famous master bus compressor used to the greatest hits of rock history!
Real tool for mixing.
Runs flawless on MacPro 2.66 Quad, 5 GB of Ram. Not only solicits the processor.
My SSL in my backpack!


Plug year PLAY! It works!


SSL is real! The only problem is with ProTools LE that does not automatically compensate for latency! What all the other soft for a long time. I open a plug 32 tracks per track, 32 plug! No worries about LOGIC PRO


Two weeks!
sound exactly faithful to the version of the analog channel
the visual
a special mention for the optional plugin drumstrip brings an incredible punch.
Of course I would do this choice why not switch to channel 64?
I tried UAD (GND complementary color and grain, but give less accurate and efficient DSP) and TC PowerCore (blah). This one is a real working tool worthy of SSL but accessible to small grants.
Still I had more than my money's worth.