SSL Duende Mini
SSL Duende Mini

Duende Mini, DSP Board from SSL in the Duende series.

fabrice.fargues 03/12/2009

SSL Duende Mini : fabrice.fargues's user review


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DSP firewire

I use it on my PowerMac 2 * 2GHz, with 8 gigabytes of RAM

Mac OS X 10.4.11, mainly on Cubase 4


No installation problem on mac at least, we follow the procedure btement, restart it by using security ....


No problem of stability for my part, but we must remember that I only use software purchased, put rgulirement days ....
One thing to know is that it is advisable to export in real time because, as I also use a TC PowerCore home is the most rapid export mix. ...
I do not use that mix, and when mastrisation ....


If c'tait again, I will choose the MODEL suprieur as 32 strips instead of 16 and above, the bus compressor, monster of efficiency that comes with, then that it comes complte version of course, but with a life of 10 am ... But the era, I had no budget ... Nanmoins, in terms of more in terms of quality brings to the mix is ​​noooorme!! Finally, a legalization fine, musical, warm ... I love the fact that the level of the GUI, there did not display the curve, turn buttons, holding the ear, without any priori, one rapprend sound .. . In short it's magic! I found myself remix of old projects, to learn the matriser bte and your exact is much better, mix, mastering and especially ... For small budget, go for the mini, you can always updater on the site SSL ... You should know that the Mini is a hardware point of view exactly the same as his great ERRF (4 DSP), but a restriction limiting the computer only 2 utiliss ... Malin ... APRS, only the box that changes .... and supply plug-ins, a plug over the large ... The plugs are not donns, but the SSL, and the price or they sell their consoles, after all, knowing that it is very affordable in a console C200 (SERIES numrique home SSL), you have exactly the same DSP, but the number of 16, I think, and that the algos are exactly the same treatment .... To consume without modration .....