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Truetone V1 user reviews

  • Truetone Route 66 American Overdrive

    Truetone Route 66 American Overdrive - "Classic TubeScreamer style overdrive with sensible modifications. "


    Visual Sound's Route 66 American Overdrive is a modern interpretation of the classic Ibanez TubeScreamer design with the added dual-functionality of a stomp compressor. It is entirely powered by a single 9V input and features True Bypass switching. I…

  • Truetone H2O V1

    Truetone H2O V1 - "unique sound"


    This is an interesting take on delay pedals. It basically is a digital delay. There is a single input and output, which are both 1/4" instrument inputs. This pedal is not capable of being edited with a Computer. There are also no MIDI capabilities an…

  • Truetone H2O V1

    Truetone H2O V1 - "Nice combo effects"


    Visual Sound make some great effects pedals for the gigging and recording musicians. This is a cool little pedal if you need two effects combine into one small little unit. Basically this is a chorus pedal along with the delayed tpedal in one. You ha…

  • Truetone H2O V1

    Truetone H2O V1 - "Nice Tones on Both Sides, but with a Boost."


    The Visual Sound H2O V1 is a “home plate” shaped chorus and echo pedal. The pedal has a solid metal housing and two sturdy switches. One switch is to engage the chorus and one to engage the echo. They can be used separately or pressed together. T…

  • Truetone H2O V1

    Truetone H2O V1 - "Amazing Chorus/Echo"


    This is a great pedal. It contains an echo and a chorus effect. Each effect has it's on footswitch so you can turn on one of them or both of them. It also has a switch on the Echo side to switch between long and short delay trails. It has three kno…

  • Truetone H2O V1

    Truetone H2O V1 - "Solid Chorus"


    The V1 H2O is a fairly simple and very manageable chorus and delay. The chorus is analog and the delay is an analog voiced digital effect. It has mono in and stereo outs and a 9VDC adapter. Very heavy duty pedal, feels like it could withstand a hurri…

  • Truetone H2O V1

    Truetone H2O V1 - moosers's review


    Visual Sound's H20 is a chorus and echo pedal that I have used with electric guitar. While I believe it is designed for use with the electric guitar, like all pedals it can be used with other electric instruments if you so choose. However, since my…

  • Truetone Route 66 American Overdrive

    Truetone Route 66 American Overdrive - moosers's review


    The Visual Sound Route 66 American Overdrive is a pedal designed for electric guitar but can be used with any electronic instrument.  The pedal has standard 1/4 inch connections and requires a nine volt power supply.   The pedal isn't rack mountable …

  • Truetone Jekyll & Hyde JH1

    Truetone Jekyll & Hyde JH1 - moosers's review


    The Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde JH1 is a dual channel overdrive and distortion pedal. It has two channels that have separate controls, that makes for the ability to have two different distortion settings that you can switch back and forth from with a …

  • Truetone Jekyll & Hyde JH2

    Truetone Jekyll & Hyde JH2 - "Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde"


    I bought the unit via the Internet from Humbucker Music for $116. I did my research and that was the best price anywhere! What I like about the unit, as you can imagine, is the sound. I was specifically looking for a tailored overdrive sound and the…