Truetone Jekyll & Hyde JH1
Truetone Jekyll & Hyde JH1

Jekyll & Hyde JH1, Other guitar saturation effect from Truetone in the V1 series.

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MGR/Randy 12/29/2002

Truetone Jekyll & Hyde JH1 : MGR/Randy's user review

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Purchased new at Gand music for $129.
I was looking for a overdrive/distortion pedal that would not color my tone too much. After reading several reviews I found this to be what I was looking for. So I called Visual Sound with a couple of questions and the owner Bob Weil answered the phone. He answered all my questions and then refered me to the local dealer. There I compared the pedal to a couple of other pedals including the Visual Sound Route 66 overdrive. Another very nice pedal that is a tubescreamer and a compressor/sustainer combo. None could beat the versitility of this pedal.

The tonal variations of this unit are indescribable. It has two foot switches one for the Jekyll which sounds like a tube screamer (SRV) it has the same chip as the TS-808 nice clean distortion/overdrive. The other switch controls the Hyde side and this has a more modern distortion sound that will vary from mid 80's to today's scooped mid's.
With both switches engaged it is super overdrive yet does not get muddy. Just a bit noisy, but you are cranking!

I have yet to get a bad sound out of it.

Heavy steel chassis. Feels well built.

I am very pleased with this pedal. I feel that if you are in the market for a overdrive pedal that can turn a single channel tube amp into a 3 channel this is for you. It also has a huge range of quality sounds. Excellent value because it is really two pedals in one!

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