Marshall TSL602
Marshall TSL602

TSL602, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM2000 TSL series.

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All user reviews for the Marshall TSL602

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 9 reviews )
 4 reviews44 %
 2 reviews22 %
 1 user review11 %
 1 user review11 %
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racerevlon's review"My first-ever Marshall dissapointment."

Marshall TSL602
The Marshall TSL602 is a 60-watt 2 x 12 Guitar Amplifier with three channels, one clean and two overdrive. The amplifier is powered by two EL34 power valves and driven by four ECC83 preamp valves. The speakers on-board are two specially-designed "Wolverine" speakers made and voiced specially for this combo by Celestion. The clean channel has a dedicated EQ and the Overdrive channels share an EQ. All of the standard Marshall appointments are on-board: Effects loop with mix control, Deep Switch and Tone Shift, and an emulated line out.


I purchased this amp the same week I purchased my DSL401 1x12 combo so I had a great basis for comparison. The TSL602 is a 2x12 combo with 4 ECC83 preamp valves and 2 EL34 power valves. The speakers are custom "Wolverine" speakers that to my ears needed to be replaced due to overall flat tone. I tried replacing the preamp valves with both Ruby Select tubes and Mullard reissues. Nothing helped the tone of this amp. Even using a 4 x 12 extension cab with 2 x Vintage 30 and 2 x GT12-75 drivers the tone just didn't stand up. Plugging the DSL401 into the same cab yielded brilliant, complex, sweet overdrive... classic Marshall. Even on its own the DSL401 tone destroyed the TSL60.


I play most of my standard Dimarzio-equipped Neal Moser guitars, Ibanez, and Gibson guitars such as Les Pauls and SGs. The TSL seemed a little unstable compared to the DSL. The footswitch was jittery and due to the tone of the speakers I couldn't tell if they were blown or just sounded poorly. I wouldn't gig this amp at all.

I don't know if it was the difference between the power valves (4 x EL84 vs. 2 x EL34) or the speaker complement, or just that this is a poorly-designed amp, but I just couldn't get a useable tone out of it. The other thing that I found audacious is that the DSL is represented as a 2-channel amp (Clean and Overdrive) with a second, boosted overdrive that is a simple +20db boost on the OD1 channel. The TSL is represented as a three-channel amp. I don't really see where calling the +20db boost a third channel magically transforms it, even if you add an independent gain or reverb control. Everything about this amp was just flat, even with pedals, external EQ, etc. I eventually sold this amp and kept the DSL401 which still produces brilliant tones to this day.


I think for the price of the TSL line anyone would be better served spending the money on a DSL and enjoying better sonic quality. Unless something miraculous happens I'll never own another Marshall TSL amp.

fredlagratte's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good amp!"

Marshall TSL602
as said by other users: 60W lamps full, 3-channel settings "vintage" or "modern" ... well, pretty versatile
DEFAULT: 36 kg for a single handle .... attention to lumbago!


As with any amp, 3-band EQ with ... only downside regarding the Crunch channel and lead using the same settings


its clear frankly good for a Marshall Crunch in the pure state of mind AC / DC Lead a bit messy when the gain exceeds 5
Amp goes everywhere but not typical metal (blues and rock at will!)


I use it for 5 years and have had no problems with amp .... very interesting and delivers well but do not hesitate to raise the master volume beyond 7 to react well
I recommend it to those who love the Marshall sound!

BluesBiker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL602
60-watt All Tube (4 and 2 12AX7 Svetlana EL 34)
1 output for external speaker, line out with an HP emulation, a parallel loop, a footswitch jack
3 channel clear, OD1, OD2 with EQ, gain, volume, volume and reverb loop separated.
Shift 1 switch (hollow mediums), a Deep switch (boosts bass).
BIAS ADJUSTMENT ACCESSIBLE panel arrière.Il Just remove the small rectangular plastic cover, connect a multimeter to terminals 1 and 2 and turn Knob located near (80mV recommended)
Footswitch for 3 channels, reverb and loop.
For me, nothing is missing.
The build quality is very bonne.L the rear of the amplifier is particularly well protégé.Pas any extraneous vibration, even at very high volume.


The EQ is quite effective. (No sound happens if the knobs are at zero).
In addition, the Shift and Deep switches can switch between a vintage sound to a modern sound.
It has access to a range of sounds fairly complete, depending on the guitar and the selected setting.
Marshall always typed anyway.
Minimalist manual.


With good lights (he deserves it!), Well settled, is the surprise:
The clean sound is very successful, according to flapping smooth adjustments and the guitar.
This is not the sound Fender but anything goes, from the casserole dirty funky blues.
With the saturation found the Marshall sound.
the OD1 is perfect for rhythm and riffs to the TDCA.
the OD2 product saturations very melodious and powerful, without going through metal.
Contrary to an opinion read below, the loop works perfectly, and allows easy assay mixture with its dry and its effect.
In addition the amplifier supports very well the distortion pedals.
Completed a 2X12 cabinet with Celestion V30 in, that is happiness.


Soon 8 years and reweighed scene without the slightest glitch.
Purists, addicts "It was better before" and still probably miss the good old (excellent) JCM 800 ..
Still, the guitar "all terrain", his love of Marshall, will easily find their happiness with this combo reliable, well built, well equipped, versatile, powerful but not too much, and what one says is well within the spirit and sound of the brand.

Incidentally take a look at:
It is in English but you learn lots of things and the notes speak for themselves ..
See also the review on his little brother TSL601 on this site. (I do not see why it would sound less well than 2X12 1X12!)
Finally, the notice of a pro (Judge Fredd):

Vrody's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL602
Amp 60 Watts lamps
3 channels: clean, crunch, lead.
Effect loop control by pdalier (CONTRL switch in and out through the rear of the amp), same for reverb (not CONTRL).
XLR line out, external speaker output for supplmentaire switch with 8 and 16 ohm.
Pdalier switch 5 provided: three switch for channels 3 + 1 + 1 loop reverb effect.


I use this amp with an Epiphone LP type upgrade with acute Gibson micro base (forget the REFERENCE) and Di Marzio Air Norton in serious (microphone that sounds a little dated but the death of this scratch!).
Recently, I also use a PRS SE Custom and I must say it sounds a HELL of this amp, so that it became my main scratch now.
Ngatif point: I use a multi purpose and can not control the channels in the patch because pedalier connecting the unit with a multi-pin plug. I had a JCM 900 100 watt front and c'tait gnial for this tip: intgrable channel amp in the patch! (Sold because the lack of tunes era: I have not! Regrets LORD, sniff!) If you have a solution, I am!!


I play mostly rock and pop rock again in a group of friends and nickel rpond marshall my needs: the sound is the power too. Fit almost any sound if only one tape rglages good. Advice, and Master donf you rgler APRS channel volumes as needed and even pte serious drummer rclame a trve. Its clear for a nickel Marshall (brand I know well), even a US Telecaster sound tests over death. Crunch, great for good rock and roll gig. Lead, fucking it hard that the good! metalheads will find that the lack of precision but I love me, hahahahaha.
In short, THE TOTAL SON MARSHALL in this combo!


As you can see, I like the Marshall's and frankly the fact that even if I put a BMOL on the use of channel / multi-effects (see use). Important: The Bias must be well-rgl (see the notice in a clear trs post of this forum, but am not a specialist in running bcp better !!!). The amp you need for a good rock sound, clear, saturated donf and crunch! Good for metalheads, but may do better to buy a Mesa Boogie (which kills the sound but too expensive) or something like that (not likely to be of ...)
Go Kenavo good wind and the lil guy!

Vintruder's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL602
View previous opinions Amp .. very comprehensive and well built.


Use very intuitive and simple ..
The equalization is effective in the Marshall style, and the shift and deep switches can dig the sound to a more modern register.
 Thoughtful and solid footswitch.


I play in a group of Funky Blues. So I need funky clean sounds, blues sound, a nice overdrive, and a good big <a rel="nofollow" href="/guitar-distortion-overdrive-fuzz/tc-electronic/Vintage-Distortion/?utm_source=audiofanzine&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=netting&utm_content=product&utm_term=Vintage+Distortion" target="_blank">vintage distortion</a>.
And this amp does all that well. Generally speaking one must push it to make it sound well ; this is true for the&nbsp; EQ where the mediums are very important in the texture and body of sound, and true also for the presence and volume. (At least 6 in my opinion).
This amp never sounds as well as when one really pushes it, playing outdoor not mic'd for example. High volume is necessary to make the Celestion Volverine sound at their best because of their <a rel="nofollow" href="/dimarzio/high-power/?utm_source=audiofanzine&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=netting&utm_content=product&utm_term=High+Power" target="_blank">high power</a> handling.
Useful changes: To have a great sound at a lower volume I changed one HP by a V30 (more roundness, warmth and treble) and I set up a <a rel="nofollow" href="/other-accessory-for-musical-instrument/v-h-m/KT-50-kit/?utm_source=audiofanzine&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=netting&utm_content=product&utm_term=vhm+kt50+kit" target="_blank">VHM KT50 kit</a> that puts the power to 20W Class A using two EL 84 on special bases.
Advantage: the grain is really great (between Marshall and Vox) and can cranck the master just enough to make it sing without demolishing one's ears. Sooooo great !
FOR INFO: EH 12AX7 in V1, V2 JJ Tesla, TungSol in V3, V4 EH.


6 years without any glitch.
I love its versatility and durability.
I liked least the fact that we should really push to make it sound, but with the kit VHM and V30 is set.
It's not a JTM45 or a plexi59 or a JCM800, but well settled and with correct tubes, we can get very close to those sounds, whith a reserve of additional gain.
It's a real Marshall, as we like.
SMALL MUG SHOT: In general I do not understand people who give their opinion on the gear tried to hurry through a reseller, or worse, on the gear loaned repeated that we do not know the status lights, autres.Sur between this type of amp is obviously crucial, and that changes everything.

zeDreamer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL602
Lamps with 60W amp 2hp 12 "
it weighs a dead donkey! 30kg, but at least he not tremble when you walk up the sound.
A single entry (I do not mind I have never used the low entry of other amps ...)
spring reverb
3 channels, clear, crunch and lead (EQ + reverb crunch and lead joint)
Direct output with amp simulation, useful for recording.
an effects loop.
2 adjustable output for HP 8 or 16ohm. Ie we can add a 2 * 12 cab or replace it with a 4 * 12
as said before bias adjustment easy = saving maintenance!
3 reverb footswitch channel + + fx

9 because of the wrists to the side would have been fine given the weight.


Setup could not be more simple.

its clear
bass, mid, treble.
gain in volume and still get a little crunch to high volume
crunch and lead:
medium bass treble in common. Everyone has a gain and volume for the preamp
a shift button that gives a more dry and heavier.

For the three channels, a button that digs deep mediums.

I put 8 on the Equalization crunch and lead joint.


I play it with a Gibson Flying V Ibanez RG prestige or a microphone with super distortion and I must say it sounds fabulous.
great for blues, clean sound is warm, round and soft. Marshall grain is there.
I am using virtually no crunch, I use the lead channel with a slight saturation, resulting in a crunch with a gain a little tighter and has better sustain. Saturation lacks some precision when the rises above 5 / 6.
To get the sound I want, I use a small pedal magic, the boss sd1 (super overdrive), in addition to the marshall distortion (gain between 2 and 4), I get an excellent saturation and sustain further improved .
With that, I am a heavy metal that I was looking (for comparison, close to Zakk Wylde in ozzy)
Plus we play hard we take over his foot, and remember that it's Marshall, use the mediums to get Marshall sound.
This amp is really great, but if you do go your way nu metal.


it'll be a year that I really love the grain and inimitable comes out! Whether in light or in full, that's exactly what I was looking for in an amp, a nice clean sound and heavy and hard to grip.
Before buying it I tried other amps like mesa boogie lamp, fender, vox, peavey, all I preferred the tsl602 because it was more versatile than the bottom, I think it's marshall sound I was looking for. This now I have!
I think eventually I would offer him a small 2 * 12 (which will be 4 * 12) or directly in a 4 * 12 Celestion V30 and an analog delay.
A very good choice, I would not have done if I had listened to all those who spit on other than the marshall JCM800 2203 (not hard guys) and if I had not tried any kind of amp! I would do the same choice again.

Vadorr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL602
Bon ben the amp is a 60W lamp. 2 412ax7 El svetlana 34

Connectivity is simple: entrance, a loop, a studio output, a footswitch and vala.


This is an amp ... Taking its brands and we play.


The clean is a marvel. One of the best cleans I've heard Marshall. I bought the machine for that, I'm not disappointed. The crunch is very hot, and the distortion channel has a function to dig the bass sound for less vintage.

this amp is good everywhere. I do not understand the note of the views posted before me.


Yes, the amp is a bit expensive new. But it is a 2 * 12 Celestion wolferine!

The problem is that it is difficult to have in OCCAZ as new.

degrace's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL602
Amp lamps: 4 ECC83 / 2 svetlana el 34 (lamps in the rock)
60 w, more than enough for RPTES.
Studio xlr output, which lacks a bit of momentum. Otherwise, between loop.
The rglages take some time be made. But when you get there it works.
Footswitchable spring reverb.

I put a note in the penalty loop, carrment ineffective.


The manual is sufficient, the config is done with the usual.


My opinion on the tsl 602. is only my opinion.


- It is heavy.
- I find the crunch channel too "clumsy". But everyone does not share this view. Some even find that it is his strong point.
- The channel will not lead to the extreme saturations. But the amp is it has done?
- Sound, trs high power with finesse loses. But no need to put it back, everyone is deaf before.


- Clean the trs is good, provided you know the grate. Too serious a part in balls. I use my microphone in my SG acute example.
- The lead is perfect for heavy metal's Fawn 80 or more by using the digging the mdiums. (See my sample above, even without a boost pedals)
, The amplifier saturates low volume with no problem.
- Unlike what everyone says, I never had a problem with the amp. No overheating, no grsillement NOTHING.


We must find opportunities. Store is too expensive. Dealers, thieves. In addition to the amp is quite difficult to obtain because of the problem still online.

baptiste38's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL602
.60 Watt all-tube amp
2 hp 12 '.
s channels.
A clear
A lead.


Setup is simple, we get a sound easy, well I do not know!


Ah chapter the most important!
I use it in the studio for rehearsals in recent months. Indeed it is the studio that provided the amps.
so I'll say it a try.
I possess a home a jcm 900 dual reverb head (100w).
nothing to see! The TSL 602 is not completely sucks fishing in the lead anything we completely lost the big sound! plain gonna rest of marshall ca ...
I advise against it because it's not the marshall, I do not know what it is!
go your way. you fold the Combo jcm 900 and maybe 800 ...


Too bad I feel like the jcm 2000 series has lost its heat and had the series lead before ...