Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo
Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo

F30 1x12 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Mesa Boogie in the F series.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 14 reviews )
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 3 reviews21 %
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iamqman's review"Awesome amp!!!"

Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo
The Mesa boogie F 30 amplifier combo is a great little three channel amp that can get some stunning clean sounds all the way up to some brutal dual rectifier tones. It has a chimy bell like clean tone that is just exquisite to listen to. Then you can take it up to a medium classic rock type again sound and then punch it up for some dual rectifiers thick saturated tones. Mesa boogie build some of the very best amplifiers in the business in this amplifier at the price in the convenience of this little combo is one of the best ones that they've ever done. It's a simple design and a simple little combo amp I can get you some great results.


F-30 Amplifier

Handbuilt in the USA

30 Watts of Patented Dyna-Wat™t Power / 2xEL84, 4x12AX7

Fixed Bias for Consistent, Maintenance Free Performance

2 Fully Independent Channels, 3 Footswitchable Sounds (Channel 1, 2 & 2 w/Contour)

Independent Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Reverb & Master Controls per Channel

Pull Bright (Channel 1) Contour Switch (Channel 2)

Long Tank Spring Reverb

Parallel FX Loop w/Mix Control

Record / Headphone Output

Silent Record Mute Switch

3 Button Footswitch (Channel 1/2, Reverb & Contour)

Slip Cover


I absolutely love the tone of Mesa boogie amplifiers. They have such a great warmth and thickness with chewy gain sounds as well as brilliant clean tones that just makes playing a lot more fun. I never been really a fan of vintage 30 speakers but only in a Mesa boogie content. I don't really get the results I'm looking for with the circuitry o anything else. The voicing of these Mesa boogie amplifiers with the 30s just worked perfectly for me.

This amplifier very easy amplifier to control it doesn't have a whole lot of tricks and different switches and knobs but just has a basic game, treble, midrange, bass, reverb, and then your master volume controls. You have many little switch to engage the contour and switch the channels and you have the same at EQ settings and control knobs for each channel. The separate clean channel so that you can have a perfectly aligned clean tone with a perfectly aligned gain channel.


These amps are not made anymore. See you how to find them in the use section or the classifieds. I'm not sure exactly how hard they are fine but if you can find one for a decent price and I highly recommend picking it up. This is a great little combo amplifier for someone needing a good little practice amp at home in the office or the bedroom.

oxas16's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" EXTRAORDINARY"

Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo
everything has been said about the characteristics.

power mixer tape furious. 30 watts = 50 watts boogie in many other brands ...


settings are ultra simple equalizer set to 2 / 3 hours and go
is not very easy to customize what you play and used the stove
equalizer is great
over two channels with FULL (all independent reverb +) it makes life easier
the manual is not necessary at all.
sound at low volume is very satisfactory apart / maison.même distortion completely useable !!!!!
or Sublime, but it is repeated or in concert !!!!!!!
it has never tried it can not even imagine.
Once you leave all your pedals with you and you have SOUND ..... the one you thought reserved for pros.
plain or saturated.


I do rock, rhythm and blues and qquefois variety.

of crystalline fat but with a custom sound and different from all that can be heard with other amps.

you can have it all.
the crunch, I use channel 2 without contour, gain and master almost 0 to + possible.mais mics of guitars are an essential component of the crunch ....

I am not a good guitarist, but this amp gives great sound.

I have one and an old Epiphone Sheraton srtat Mexico, but with guitars top it must be wonderful ....


I have for nearly three years. I had several tube amps, the two latter being a peavey classic 30 and a Fender Hot Rod. nice amps but so below ...

I love his prodigious, the small footprint, the relatively correct, the quality of manufacture.
I like less (but ignores) the presentation very simple.

Price, € 1600 is very expensive. I bought it secondhand € 850.

objectively, considering the quality, it's worth € 1650. otherwise mesa boogie no longer exist

oxas16's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" EXTRAORDINARY"

Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo
everything has been said about the characteristics.

power taped a furious drummer. 30 watts = 50 watts boogie many other brands ...


the settings are ultra simple: EQ set to 2/3 hours and go
very little is easily customized according to what we play and stove used
the EQ is great
COMPLETE with two more channels (+ any independent reverb) that simplifies life
the manual is not necessary at all.
the sound at low volume is very satisfactory apart / maison.même distortion totally usable !!!!!
but where is Sublime, it is repeated or concert !!!!!!!
one has ever tried, it can not even imagine.
Once you leave all your pedals at you and you SOUND ..... the one you thought reserved for pros.
plain or saturated.


I do rock, blues and rythm'n qquefois variety.

crystalline foie but with a personalized and different sound all that can be heard with other amps.

everything can avoir.pour the crunch, I use channel 2 gain almost 0 and the master + possible.
the microphones of the guitars are an essential component ....

I'm a good guitarist, but this amp gives his extraord

I have only Epiphone sheraton and an old srtat mexico, but with guitars top it must be amazing ....


I possess for almost 3 years. I had several tube amps, the last two being a Peavey Classic 30 and a Fender Hot Rod. nice amp but so below ...

I love the amazing sound, small footprint, the relatively correct weight, quality workmanship.
I do not like (but ignores) the very sober presentation.

Price, € 1,600 is very expensive. I bought it secondhand from € 850.

Objectively, given the quality, worth its € 1,650. mesa boogie otherwise would not exist

keuch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo
Everything is already said ...


The config is childish, whatever the setting, the sound is excellent ... but it is true that one little access to sounds very different so to find all the possibilities of the beast, good luck!
The manual gives some basic example quite useful.


I play different style and it goes very well in many areas.
I begin with the only drawback for me is that there is no crunch, or at least not worthy of the name crunch ...

The clean sounds can be slamming funky singles, round and fat, it's really depending on the settings and the guitar pickups! For crystalline arpeggios, that's fine too ...

The distortion is very very very very good!! we forget the good crunch, is dead! but for all that is rock to metal, it goes, even if just for a little metal is big on ...

I play a musicman Petrucci, so there are sounds of Dream Theater, but it's not limiting at all, we can explore all styles in this configuration.

THE BIG OVER THIS AMP: this is one of the only tube amp that sounds great at low volumes. It loses momentum but the sound is excellent even at the apartment!

Coupled with an overdrive pedal, you're ready for all styles, with slightly crunchy blues!

One last point, I really like reverb, although I know many find it anywhere, for me it is great, staying quiet.


I've had a few months.
I played on Line 6, Marshall JTM30, Hughes and Kettner Tube 20 ... I tried many amps and I really enjoyed it.
Comparison between the F30 5:25 ET:

5:25 outweighs the sounds blues / crunch
The F30 takes precedence over large disto ...
Otherwise the sounds are very close and the passage 5Watt one does not really matter in terms of use at low volume as the F30 sounds good at low volumes, and anyway, 5 watts at mesa c ' is already very strong!

It is not too heavy, not fragile, sounds good at all volumes, pierce into the mix and a sound that is noticed, never too aggressive or too light ... amp ideal if you want to get into the big gear, rack, cabinet etc. ... but I continued to dream of a big fat sound correct, it is well below in large disto !!!!!

sym73's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo
Amp lamps: 2 EL84, 4 12AX7 and a Celestion Vintage 30 hp for a power of 30 watts.
Between an instrument, an effects loop with level and SETTING THE DI output for recording or the sound without a microphone.
The rglages are simple and complete:
Clean channel: gain, treble, mid, bass, reverb, volume, brilliance switch on the gain very practical in funk.
Channel saturla same thing without the switch gloss but with a more exaggerated contour the sound (no boost).


The config of the amp could not be easier in less than two minutes we found the sound is impressive and apprciable trs.
The manual is in English but it is mostly useless for a few who really knows.


Yes it is done all my music styles: jazz jazz-fusion funk blues-fusion.
I play it with a fender stratocaster american deluxe hss lsr (two single sc Bill Lawrence and a double) and I must say that I have my guitar Discoveries! It did not sound like a first!
The sounds are a hot dynamic trs IMMEDIATE rgal in blues and funk, jazz sound is a little harder to find than a f50 that has more bass but that is far below me for all the vintage sounds (not hot enough).
The sound is saturated idalie for fusion with an DEFINITIONS notes outstanding (we understand what is played by the guitarist, for those like distos grain without the husk which incomprensible).
I love all the sounds but to say something, I have a penchant for funk and blues sounds, blues and fusion jazz!!
modif: no crunch sounds on this amp! o I passed the note on October 1 ptit7!


I use it for two weeks and I regret not having tried more tt, cel lives would have to play all the time with his death without compress grain without personality!
What I like about this amp is in this brief description:
very practical format easy to transport
Sounds good in two minutes and rglages j'exagre!
standard projection (why bored with 50W or more, they did not fawn all this grain (EL84))
Trs versatility of jazz, blues and rock support.
I tried a VOX AC30, a mesa f50 (excellent but more rock), the marshall tsl dsl (horrible), fender twin amp, deluxe reverb (cold), cyber twin (inrglable) and other .. .
The ratio quality price is justified as we see the shit that sell the same price or slightly cheaper.
I raferai hsitation the same choices.
Small change APRS one year of use:

It is indeed impossible to find a crunch on this amp and it goes from clean to saturated grain emissions in a trs dixime potart tower.

Trs damage so that level, I am looking for a solution to this problem (change lamps see the same hp) ... follow

charleshecart's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo
Thirty watt lamps. Hard to believe it is so "little" ...


Clarity is the appointment. We would like a translation of the manual in French, but ...


This wonder MRIT out its reputable. I do not share the view of some people who think the f 30 is "cold". Indeed, it is important to remember that it is equipped with a function "contour" that can make the sound warmer, more cutting edge. In addition, the gain of each channel between Confre allows the sound more or less heat. I wonder what we call "grain mesa". If anyone could rescue me to understand ... What we can say is that we must be rigorous in his game
The power is in the appointment. It may be noted that the f 30 is easier to grate clear that saturated. On this latter channel, in fact, the volume reached a magnitude faster dmoniaque trs. For those dj alls Maiden Bercy see for example, play half the power is worth thirty meters to be placed in the axis scne pregnant .
The distortion is not difficult to cover many styles and this amp is not intended as blues, far from it.
Nevertheless, and even a volume that can stay friends with her neighbors, bte makes a sound of any remarkable quality. In the past I possd amps lamps as "marshall" or "laney" whose sounds seem dsormais approximate. Power up from the f 30 is a caractrise precision and cleanliness that fully justify its price. But we must find the right rglage. And here's another quality of this amp: the legalization of pots vritablement have a role to play.
Friends guitarists, if you like vottre six strings, offer a 30 f.


DEFINITIONS In, everything is great in this amp, even the price quality ratio. Remember that it is an investment and its value on the market opportunity is plutt flattering.
Another advantage: it is lightweight for a mesa.

clintwestwood's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo
Cf opinion prcdants


The configuration is childish. No frills, we can find a good sound, and the pots are not for the decor, do not hsiter spend time to find the sound that suits you. The manual is in French and is very well done. There are some proposals to help rglages become familiar with the amp and the more you how to change self-same lamps.


I find this amp versatile trs. In fact I would say that is really the "continuation" of your guitar, and sharpen his personality. Please note I am not saying that the amp is compltement neutral grain has a particular trs. But playing mainly metal metallica deftones from making a small detour by rage against the machine, I will not hide my surprise when I hear that it is mainly intended to blues rock ... it's simple the distortion is simply halucinante ... as long as one has to go with the guitar. I use most often with an esp eclipse 2 with two emg 81 and I often have to calm down the beast if I do not want Master of Puppets or killing in the name sound like the death. Sr good if you try to make the metal with a telecaster, will not be such a ....
To tell you before that I had a mesa amp randall 30 watt transistor wmx ian scott, randall mark for being a "metallic" and well I assure you that the randall sounds like a clock radio a cot.
Small flat for sounds very modern fawn deftones, but do not forget that all good neo metal guitarist does not go out without her squadron of effects pedals.

PS: the sound is great too clearly worthy of a fender amp


I use it for a few weeks but fawn intensive. I like the sound of this amp and it gives EHJV palm mute. on the other hand I deplore the fact that 30 watts is powerful. I am fortunate not to have neighbors at the moment, but this amp is equivalent a declaration of war if you live in an apartment. At home I do not grow more than 20% of the risk of going deaf ... and yet j had the habit of pushing my randall and my Vox Valvetronix 30 watt bottom. So here you your prvenus. I bought a head shot (thunderbolt), I have not tried other amps before bcp, some vox and a marshall any lamps that were ple figure ct .
Question ratio quality price, trs price should not close our eyes, what the price would be able to read dvd and it keeps the beers cool ... but it's good bcp not more expensive than any other amp lamps.

vivamuseuh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo
So tt lamp 4 amp preamp. and 2 HP Power 30watts a celestion vintage 30
can be added two other cabinet and well c ca! D 2 footswitch canau


So frankly a kid of 5 years to make this amp Tone THERE is simple to find the sound, c is the advantage of this two channel amplifier clean and sat '


Frankly we can jou of tt with this amp rock, alternative metal death ect ect ... He did not limit me to play on TV and wow!
the clean is of a clarity to rival the spring water .... (No comment) only small BMOL c is that it did not crunch mm in forcing the gain of the clean it does not crunch of a hair.
and sat '... I believe that the sat c 'm one who is falling in love with this amp a vr c & I slaughter the words permit me to define that, the sat' of a stack marshall or mesa mm
more with the contour mode digging mediums, ca breath


I've had the three days I tried several other j marshall tsl 401 amp fender hot rod and j in the process and c the only "small" combo that seduced me in tt case for me (which is good for you is not the not necessarily for the others) only thing that did a lot think ... the price is the price of putin casi a stack (yes, but a huge stack c)
but hey after a week of reflection of the testing other ss amp succ j ai prefried SAVE longer for the power purchased and I thought I remake this choice ESIT ss

jeandomat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo
Thirty watt all-tube, high quality HP celestion


The f 30 is a victim of its quality. Indeed, it fulfills its function without "betraying" the sound of the guitar. In this way, if one is not a good game, it is difficult to get good sound. I think those who find this gem is "cold" are simply scratch that the recount, and prfrent amps that do the job instead. Case got ...


No need to blame him he is not for any style. It's plutt ct one who holds the six strings need to see.
All shades go with the f 30, which makes the game a little more difficult matriser, but oh how much more beautiful than its competitors.
Choose an f 30, it is not easy but choose to engage in the path of the gear that will lead o you will be able to go.


Can be a reproach to f 30: in distortion, it sounds fast trs trs fort.

collado's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie F30 1x12 Combo
2 channel tube amp (clean / dist, dist boost)
30 watt (very powerful)
all connections must be
looks very solid!


Branch is very easy playing.
we chose the three sounds of the pedal 1Since
the pedals in the loop and c zou party


Clean: superb! Precise and full
1 dist: rock blues super
dist2: the big punchy rock
He responded very well to distortion pedals
n'yparait it more versatile.


Great amp!! Quality pro
will try it because it disconnects!