Peavey ValveKing Royal 8
Peavey ValveKing Royal 8

ValveKing Royal 8, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the ValveKing series.

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chromaticism's review"Tiny All-Tube Amp, Huge Sound"

Peavey ValveKing Royal 8
In today's world where space is considered a luxury, small guitar amplifiers are a godsend. It's not really surprising then that low-wattage tube amplifiers have become the trendy item for people who have crafted home studios for personal and professional use. One of these small, budget-friendly tube amps is the Peavey Valve King Royal 8.

As the name suggests, the Peavey Valve King Royal 8 is a 5-watt all-tube (or all-valve) amp with a single 8-inch speaker. It is a class-A amp with a very straightforward design, having a single 12AX7 tube for the preamp section and one EL84 tube for the power section. Looking at the front panel demonstrates its simplicity with its two inputs, an on/off toggle switch, a headphone jack, and three chicken-head knobs for control over gain, tone, and master volume. It's pretty obvious that this amp doesn't have all sorts of "bells" and "whistles" like a three-band EQ and effects that you would find in other amps of the same size.


The Peavey Valve King Royal 8's sound is simply that what you would expect from a tube amp: a nice, warm tone every electric guitar player would appreciate. With the right settings on one's own guitar plus the tone knob at 12 o'clock, the gain somewhere at around level 3 or 4 (this is not exact as there are no numbers around the periphery of the knobs), and the volume around 12 o'clock, we can get a pretty decent clean tone for a tube amp. Cranking up the gain to full provides a nice crunchy preamp distortion. Given the size of the amp, tone shaping possibilities, and a limited volume output, the Peavey Valve King Royal 8 is very useful in recording. For recording, one is required to use at least a single microphone because of the lack of a direct output jack, encouraging users to treat the amp more like an acoustic instrument during recording rather than just simple sound reinforcement.

The manual include is rather simple and easy to read. The matter of fact is that the Peavey Valve King Royal 8 could be used straight out of the box without the need to go through the manual. You can just plug it in to a power source, plug your guitar into one of its inputs, turn it on, fiddle with the knobs a little bit, and just start playing. A user can easily get a good sound from it on its own. For an amp its size, it is surprisingly loud and could even hold up on its own against a drummer without mic'ing it up. However, the amp cannot be overdriven to extreme levels (i.e. distorted sounds for metal) with its set of controls, and so getting it to sound really heavy for hard rock or metal requires the use of pedals.


I use most of my electric guitars on the Peavey Valve King Royal 8. Since I usually play jazz with it, I like tweaking it to get a clean yet warm sound. Occasionally, I would just set the gain knob to full for preamp distortion and control the amount of distortion by just lowering or cranking up the volume knob on my guitar. It is surprisingly responsive to volume control found on most guitars, and so it is relatively easy to get some classic sounding tones. In my experience, I get great sounding tones out of it with passive humbuckers like a Gibson PAF. To get heavier distorted sounds, I would use effects pedals with it.


The greatest thing about the Peavey Valve King Royal 8 is its simplicity. It's the kind of guitar amp that you just hook up and play right away. It's very easy to get great tones out of it because there's not a lot of things to adjust other than master volume, gain, and a single EQ knob. For a tube amp of its quality, I can say that it's money well spent. It's an all-tube amp you can get at a budget price. Compared to other amps of similar design, it has more control options than the Laney Cub 8 and the Epiphone Valve Jr. (three knobs for the Valve King Royal 8 against two for the Laney Cub 8 and one for the Epiphone Valve Jr.). I do think, however, that it would have been better if it was a two-channel amp (clean and overdrive) like a Blackstar HT-1. Had Peavey decided that it should have separate clean and overdrive channels plus footswitch control, it would have been the perfect studio and practice amp. Overall, I do think that the Peavey Valve King Royal 8 is an excellent all-tube amp that would meet the needs of most guitar players for studio and practice applications.

- All-tube amp at a budget price point
- Simple controls
- Great volume output considering its size.
- Versatile sound

- Single channel only (no separate clean and overdrive channels)

bensouss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" As manure lies a Rose ... but we must first remove the manure!"

Peavey ValveKing Royal 8
Tube Amp Class A 5 Watt 2 entries with an attenuated (like Fender) and a headphone output.
A gain and a master tone.


Config super simple.
For good sound that's another story.
I do not have a manual, but my youngest daughter who is only 2 years already realized that this was not a toaster or a helicopter. So if you really need a manual, I would recommend you personally to one of my psychologist friend, you will spend an IQ test with undisguised pleasure.


So for her it is simple this amp is when it leaves the store itself sucks. And I weigh but words. I've heard shit but at this point the engineers at Peavey had to do an internal competition to see who would be able to make its most dégelasse with the lamp.
Basically two sounds are used, ie using attenuated and using the input to the minimum gain. soon as one climbs it starts gerbouiller gently across the corners.
The idea of ​​a tone was good but here is the acute one goes it is loud and unpleasant.
The other option is to go into a normal entry and up the gain to max and then a saturated sound that could pass for a real lamp but worse, it happens when I finally even if you want to play first Clash or the Ramones, or energy seems more important than the shade.
Between the two is just crappy, and it is impossible to find a decent bluesy sound or a nice crunch.
Then one day I was bored I played Professor Frankenstein and started to remove the lamp cover by telling me that there was probably something to do.
So I start putting lamps that I had side and after a few tries more or less good I found the cocktail of death that kills.
I put a miniwatt EL 84 from behind the fagots (Dario), and especially I replaced the 12AX7 with a 12AU7 miniwatt home Dario also ...
And then a miracle Cinderella cast his rags and put on her prom dress. In fact this amp is simply not (what they say in PV for much gain. Was obtained in all the nuances of this game possible and everything is exploitable. It is true that a little less than volume, but hey it's not become a Walkman so far, but what a sound!
Moreover have it accepts pedals much better and with a good overdrive and it's downright divine, but with a good metal distortion (for fans), you get to take off squarely wallpaper the living room. Ditto for the Phaser or Chorus Type modulations.
So I would say that after the note pattern goes from very poor to excellent.


In summary if you want shit do not hesitate to buy it and leave the state. If you want to hand an amp that sounds vintage but usable at home without the constabulary comes to take a drink with you after 5 minutes debrouyez to find good replacement lamps, but especially the 12AX7 that goes this amp as a dress of Kate Moss on Schwartseneger.

It is possible that as we said a few others before me change the HP significantly improves the note too, but good change of a lamp is so simple that I see no reason to interfere.

alainkarasek's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super choice for 5W lamps"

Peavey ValveKing Royal 8
5 watt tube amp with gain controls and volume, so the output level is adjustable which convenient apartment.
Use single ultra gain + volume + tone.
2 inputs with different sensitivities (but balanced if they are connected simultaneously.
1 headphone handy when needed.
No HP bafle taken to an outside (but it is easily corrected).


Simple configuration, amber and unnecessary manual, very good clear sound with HP 8 inches though. Its possible crunch but poop with Original HP.


I bought this combo for its lamps, its musicality, its ease of use and I have not been disappointed.
I play at home only with Stratocasters, clear sound and overdrive.
Blues, blues, rock and blues too.

There are a few months, I modified by removing the original HP 8 inches.
I cut the combo 2 and kept the upper part that I converted into amp head, and made a separate bafle in which I installed a Celestion 12 inch HP, and then there is the amazing metamorphosis.
All dressed in white leatherette, the HP is hidden behind a fabric foot black and white cocq. What class!


I was tempted by a Blues Junior or Excelsior, but they are more expensive for a very similar result.
Ideally I would have liked a more reverb and a bit more saturation, but with pedals, you get what you want easily and simply.
The initial investment was low, easy modification, pleasant and inexpensive, the result worth.
PS: if you are tempted by the adventure, contact me and I'll explain.

XaoG's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing Royal 8
Class A tube amp
5W power


Easy to use good clear sound


I changed the HP for a Jensen 8 "Ceramic 25W C8R vintage.
For 35 € is what to do: the amp sounds now.
With a BB preamp is a well full-bluesy sustain.


It is handy for use in small and lightweight Repeat if you change the HP

benhetfield's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good amp to start lamp"

Peavey ValveKing Royal 8
Everything has been said (:
You just have to keep in mind that this is "a" 5w, but light, it sounds almost like a 50W transistor in terms of print sound power.

A headphone jack: super useful bug that plays in an apartment and is sometimes roommate! You can enjoy without disturbing!

I put 8 because I would have liked a saturated channel, but hey at this price it's true that it's hard to have it all.

Another note, a speaker output would have been nice. I for one do not need it so I would be neutral to that.


Configuration ultra-simple: three knobs volume / tone / gain.
If one can doubt the actual usefulness of the gain knob (which only saturate so frankly disgusting sound), the volume and tone are effective (thankfully!).
Manuel: I do not have, having commanded occas', but hey I think it is frankly useless.

Getting a good sound is done fairly quickly, mostly with the tone, for the past 12 hours, the gain is saturated (but so disgusting, again).
Note, however: my guitar is fitted with Gibson 496R and 500T, which have a high output level, it is likely to play. On simple micro brings little gain to be more choice?

The headphone jack is of real use, we like to have an amp in this price range lamp. Coupled with a good headphone (for me a Sennheiser HD650), is pure happiness ... In clean only! For in disto is the effect "honeycomb" ... Again at this price, it is not expected to have a headphone simulated.

10/10 because it is difficult to make simpler and more efficient in terms of use.


I play whatever is in the range of rock and metal chouillas, and we must say that this amp plays great role in the first style city.

Base, with the original HP, the sound is already good enough. Sounds cleans are full of harmonics, it sounds of thunder.
However, coupled with an overdrive (Boss DS-1 or Marshall Guv'nor Plus for me), the amp gives its limitations when using high levels of distortion. Perhaps the fault of the size of the HP 8-inch? Otherwise, in a crunch or distortion not too far, it goes nickel.
In all cases it is clear, it is not an amp built for metal. However, for small distos and sounds clear, it is due.

However, having read the topics on this amp on AF before I get it, and have actually found that the HP original still sounds a little cheap, I opted for the change of HP. So I took a P8R Jensen (a dish that has cost me half the price of the amp, but hey I thought even if it be fun ...).
And then, radical change! It really is THE better to do on this amp. It really breathes! The sound does not change in saturated or very little, but opens its clear, that sung to death. It becomes a pleasure to play it clean.

A downside, however: pass 3 / 4 volume (which is still pretty huge), the clean sound a little saturated, and not very pretty.

I play almost constantly with a compressor (a modded Boss CS-3), and most of the time with a chorus (the boss-2). And the sound is magical:)

I put 8 / 10 because the original HP is pretty good but it could be better! Too bad also that we have not a distortion channel ...


I use it for 2 ½ years.
I have not tried many other amps (other amps lamps but good friends, away from the 150th ...). I looked at what was AF as a small all-tube amp (story ...), and the one who came out and that could well was hack it.
I found an opportunity 'not too expensive, so I bought it!

The characteristic I like most: the sound that rips really clean all:) Especially when the HP changed. It really is a killer! Another good point also to the headphone output! And, despite its 5w, it spits!
The characteristic I like least: first saturate the gain that is so disgusting ... Secondly the fact that it also saturates 3 / 4 volume, even after the bowl changed. And finally the original HP!

Quality / price ratio: rather not bad at all.

I would do if this choice? Probably, but before I would try other small lamps in the competition! Now he begins to have a lot!

Fuckaster's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" bluffing"

Peavey ValveKing Royal 8
blablabla like other opinions

I see this amp as an effective basis is of the lamp, which sounds like such.

if you want a distortion or EQ pedal it'll take very good

the aim is clearly to provide a good basis to work cheap and the objective is met


good sound, plug and play


Surprisingly low for a trick like the mini, it is entitled to expect a sound of shoe boxes, pulling the treble while a round was surprising and serious, not acidic at all. It's more quality in my opinion. the low-end stuff sounds often acidic and for the price you can ask.

The only limit is used with the gear, bad guitars sound more evil in this amp than the others I tried in my vie.Donc with the stew of sounds like crap

He's also a mini volume amp, it deposits.

The treble has tough rules on distos pronounced with pédale.Ils sound a little odd to do in the fineness of settings but it must come from HP According to previous reviews and the lack of equalizer adds to the problem.


Other opinions are good, I just wanted to make a few precisions

For the price it's a bomb, in absolute terms it's good stuff like amp or repeat work.

Buy without fear.

ludovicloco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing Royal 8
see below


I used this amp so far to play quietly in bars (two guitars / two songs without a sound system) so without pushing. It was now up to correct a small amp that made me good service. After modification (output jack on HP + 1 additional DI with 1 master), I plugged into a Marshall 4X12 with advice from the guy who made me the mods is a ......... fucking amp, the sound is huge, it feels light, full nose, he respects my game I connected this config ds above a strat U.S. deluxe les paul and a P 90, what a slap, a great sound by pushing the gain almost to max and master as for rock, blues and even the hard and heavy (not too well qd)
He tears


difficult to get a clear sound at high volume, or else have to play the guitar volume (the former). Great sound with a clone of TS added over 808 (all ds sent a 4X12 marshall 2x12 or homemade)
The dynamic is enormous, varied opportunities while we're part of good effects.
So, I bought a second Mini to make it into his head.


I use it for over a year. I tried many other amps (all types ...)
value for money used nickel, I steins well one more to make me a second head to play in stereo or plug it into a 4X10 next is in process.

kensuke's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing Royal 8
All Guitar Combo Lamp
[The rest is said in the further notice]
Watt power
with the essential connectors ^ ^
3potards very simple


Cot config, basic and effective, is simple, volume, gain, tone, with its possibilities are standard.
The good-sound? it was not too bad, lamps have much to do, both in clean plugging in your pedals, I let my tone all the time In the middle of a fawn that is a lamp to dlivrer maximum heat without too much focus on that bass or treble.
Manuel? why reading is 3 button O_O

[Fill extremely simple, grip and a Master IMMEDIATE complte were some hours of practice]


Styles: dpend then all your stuff, the lamp makes it possible to intgralit of style from blues to metal. For someone of a team pdalier or its equivalent sound divinely in all styles, the heat really brings a lot, but one that is limited to filled without priphrie, lempli dot is a gain that does not rise above the crunch (-1? not of course the distortion is filled with a shit most of the time so who cares ^ ^ note: buy pedals).
So yes just about filled it goes from clean to crunch, not higher, then blues, rock, funk, jazz.

I am with a Cort-210 change with two simple fender and dual US Di Marzio, gender mchant well as rock and blues, I'm really happy, the sound is perfect in both style I was looking for with a distortion pedals we get frankly a more aggressive mount without problem
So I thought a crystal clear sound pretty hot.
(Also test with a fender mexico, and a strat lespaul yamaha => notice gal!)

I like the sounds, the register is trrible mainly play funk with a good strat ^ ^ and also a good 70's rock is dlicieux ^ ^
Lowest O_O, bah metal, heavey, the black that's not too much for this amp even when tending vintage


Yep, then its going to make more than three months I use it mainly for use apart ', the only pusisance largely not grow higher than the 4 / 10 is already savor the lights. I already did a lot of beef with other guitarists or jle grows more (6 / 10> max), the nickel suporte max 6, but I find it small: /

^ ^ Particularity - its price! - Its a fantastic dflore all transistor! - The simplicity of rglage coupled with the possibility fantastic amp!

I try a packet filled before buying this gas pti!
so he surpass: all the micro cube transistor, the transistor marshall (even the 100 watt!) the fender lamp tube and some vox

I again with no exprience hsiter this choice!
EDIT: I change the HP, are obtained mdium much better now exploit their grsiilement when no more is a plus dla half the volume knob, you win really quality sound. What to do <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_biggrin.gif" alt="" />

benbao's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing Royal 8
Everything is in the advice dj saying previous ones.
it lacks a little be true with 3 knob EQ (bass, medium high).


I use it with a pocket pod to play with me without making too much noise, and without having to put a headphone.
the sound reproduction meets the lamp a little Global Warming simulation pod, that's what I tried.
use is simple enough but in my case


The sound of the amp alone (just the guitar into the amp) and correct.
with a Gibson Les Paul, forced to put on between low for a clear, if not a crunch.
with the gain at 3 / 4, we obtain (always with the lespaul) lgre disto a relatively surprising for the prtention bte. must not imagine a sound ill, remains a tiny amp.


I have this amp for 6 months, I used to play with me without pissing my world is great with the VK212 ERRF.
report quality price more than acceptable to me.
It plays its rle:
- Sounds good at low volumes
- The color of his pocket pod making them a little more crdible.

A remake, if finances follow I will not repeat this amp, but an amp like a Mesa 5:25, but the price is multiplied by 10!

syle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing Royal 8
- Amplification All Tube (12AX7 EL84 +)
- 5 watts RMS
- 2 instrument inputs, a headphone jack (which may act as a Line Out)
- Gain 1, 1 Master, 1 Tone


The configuration could not be simpler: it is that of any single channel amp.
For a clear, allowed the gain to a low value and it mounts the Master, and the opposite to saturate the sound.
This amp is extremely easy to use: it will spend his time playing and not to settle!
In the spirit "plug and play"


This amp will be reserved for clean sounds, because even gain in depth, you achieve nothing more than a crunch. It is not suitable for lovers of saturax, unless of course to plug a pedal properly.
The clean sounds are pretty slap, but desperately short of brilliance, even when the knob rises Tone (knob that acts more like a damper than an equalizer).
The dynamic is very disappointing, less than that offer a lot of amps 15 watt transistors.
The crunch sounds are surprisingly dirty. It sounds really dirty ... And even gain knob at the bottom, you get nothing more than dirty crunch. No frank saturation. For me, this amp is not usable beyond the third of the race of winning. So, to be reserved for clean sounds. Otherwise, still no dynamic, no harmonic ... No glop ...

For cons, the surprise is that fishing gives this little 5 watts. Of course, we can not play in a group with, but it's enough to take off the wallpaper in his room. Ca deposits! Nothing like a "mini-amp travel!"


I do not own this amp. I was considering buying it, but I changed my mind after a full trial.
I do not like ...
I can not find anywhere the benefits of the lamps on this amp. No gloss, no e dynamics, crunches unusable and no real saturation ... The sound is still very dull and seems to come from the depths of a tunnel ... I was extremely disappointed ...
If I had not known that there are lights inside, I thought I was playing on a 15 watt transistors amppli low-end ...
In short, I find some great little 15 watt amps like the Vox DA5 or Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 15R sounded downright better in all areas. And fills the paradox, they sound more "lights" that Royal 8 ...
In the register of small tube amp apartment, I find that the Epiphone Valve Junior is a better choice BIOEN. It certainly does not have a volume knob, but the tone of the Royal 8 is inefficient and crunch sounds that are too dirty to be used ...
Remains a positive doisde I recognize this amp: the potato. It sounds bad, but it sounds hard!

EDIT: I've heard repeatedly that the major weakness of this amp is its HP. Surprising, given that it is a Weber not really low-end.
I've had in the meantime the opportunity to play on a model which HP had been replaced by an Eminence, and I will not repeat my position. The sound of the lights, that's not it!
It does not sound.
There are small amplifiers cheaper transistors that sound much better for less.