Vox AC15CC1
Vox AC15CC1

AC15CC1, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Custom Classic series.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 21 reviews )
 14 reviews67 %
 6 reviews29 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money : Excellent

Pjones9's review"Versatile,excellent tone and punch!"

Vox AC15CC1
The Vox AC15 is a 15w, single channel all-tube (three 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL84 tubes to drive a single 12" Celestion G12M Greenback) amp. It has a external speaker input switchable between 8ohm and 16ohms, with the purpose of powering an external speaker cabinet, and another extension speaker jack, which can be used to run another 16ohm cabinet along with the internal speakers, to get a more powerful sound. It also features tremolo (with depth and speed controls) and reverb, both of which are also switchable but via a two button foot switch. This amp offers two channels: Normal and Top Boost. Each channel has its own volume control, and the Top Boost channel includes Treble and Bass tone controls. Even if it's only a 15w amp, it can get surprisingly loud, not enough to fill an arena but for small venues it's ideal. The Vox AC15 is perfect for genres like blues, rock, vintage music and indie because of its classic tube tone.


A great thing about this amp is that it's very easy to get a good sound without the use of pedals. The reverb and tremolo sound amazing and organic. I hardly use tremolo or reverb pedals when using this amp. It's important to learn how to use the Master Volume control along with the individual volume controls, especially with the Top Boost volume knob. To get a powerful tone I put the Top Boost volume to the top and then use the Master volume control to adjust the gain. This way I can make sure I get the best overdrive tone out of this amp, which, as I stated before, can get extremely loud for its 15w. In the studio we crank it up to the limit to record high gain guitars, and they sound amazing in the mix, powerful, warm, and aggressive.


One great thing about this amp is its versatility, You can have a clean, sweet sounding tone, but when you crank this amp up to the limit you can get an unbelievably loud and overdriven tone, thanks to the 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL84 tubes it offers. I use it with a Fender Telecaster and it sounds amazing, when you attack with a pick you can really feel the crunch and power of this amp. I used to own a Marshall amp (which exact model I can't recall) which costed me approximately as much as the Vox AC15, and it's really nothing like this one, in terms of tone quality, versatility and over-all sound. The Vox AC15 is my favorite amp for recording almost any guitar. Since I don't play heavy metal or anything like that I don't need that much gain, if you play anything heavy that requires more power perhaps this is not the amp you need. However with the help of pedals you can still get more punch.


What I like the most about this amp is the tone, versatility, and quality of sound. It also is perfect for the music I play.
I think the price is very reasonable ( I paid around $450) and it's so durable that if you buy it used it will probably sound awesome too. I tried some other amps before, like Marshall and Fender, and even though I liked the Fender sound too, the tube sound of this amp captivated me. I definitely would buy again if I needed to, and I highly recommend it. In conclusion:

-Great tone
-Easy to use


iamqman's review

Vox AC15CC1
Much like its older and more sophisticated brother the Vox Ac30 the Ac15 packs a nice punch as well. The Vox AC15 has a fantastic tone similar to the Ac30 but with only one speaker. You will have all the great features and tone, but it will come in a much smaller compact size.

I think of the Vox Ac15 as a little practice amp that can do all the same tricks the Vox AC30 can do. I don't find the AC30 to be very difficult to carry around so this wouldn't be a reason that I would ever buy an AC15. I wouldn't need to lighten my load, but I find that Ac15 is a more suitable backup amp or recording amp. Since many studio have limited room I think the Ac15 would accompany that type of situation quite well. This is just my personal opinion and doesn't reflect anything from Vox. I just think the Ac30 is the perfect pop and mild rock amp in the world and cutting the speaker and output in half is kind of pointless.


Vox AC15 Custom 15-watt Guitar Amplifier Features at a Glance:

* Output power: 15 watts RMS into 16 ohms
* Speaker: 1 x 12" 16 ohm Celestion G12M Greenback
* Inputs: Normal input jack, Top Boost input jack, Footswitch jack
* Outputs: External loudspeaker jack, Extension loudspeaker jack
* Options: VFS2A Footswitch
* 1 x 12" Celestion G12M Greenback
* Dimensions (W x D x H): 23.70" x 10.43" x 17.95"
* Weight: 48.5 lbs.


The Vox AC15 sounds just as good as the Ac30. The benefits you have is cranking the thing up to get distortion is a little easier since it is half the wattage. It is smaller and portable which fits nicely in small spaces.

So if you have ever heard the Ac30 then you will know what the Ac15 sounds like. Everything you would do with the Ac30 you would do with this amp. Same guitars, same effects and distortion pedals, and pretty much the same type of music. It accepts pedals very well and sounds great cranked up!


I'm more of an Ac30 guy so I would never buy an Ac15. The quality and features are all the same. You just get a smaller cabinet and one less speaker. Well you get two less power tubes as well

I would recommend this amp to anyone who needs a smaller version of the Vox Ac30. At new it comes in at around $600 which is a decent price for something like this. A nice tube amp that sounds very classic. The only bummer about this amp is...its made in China!

PurposeToMelody's review"Best Amp For clean and Medium gain tones in its pricerange. "

Vox AC15CC1
* All-tube design
* The warm tone of the original AC15
* 15W RMS power
* 12" Vox Custom speaker
* Master volume
* Treble and bass tone controls
* Global reverb and tremolo controls
* Jack for VF002 footswitch for reverb and tremolo on/off
* 2 extension speaker jacks
* 8/16 ohm impedance switch
* Manufactured in the Vox factory
* Vintage Vox styling

* Power Output: 15W RMS into an 8 or 16 ohm loudspeaker load.
* Internal speaker: 16 ohm, 12", 30W VOX/Wharfedale Custom
* Tube complement: 2 x EL84/6BQ5 and 2 x 12AX7/ECC83
* Rectifier: silicon rectifier with passive SAG circuit
* Mains input: preset 100V or 120V or 230V or 240 V ~ 50 or 60 Hz depending on country of sale


Super easy to work, not many buttons and switches. Plug in and GO. and you will not look back.


I used mainly a Les Paul with Seymour Duncans in it and a 90s MIA strat.
The Clean on this thing is seriously pretty much unbeatable. It sounds good pretty much anywhere. Running it with the strat was pretty much instant "Run To You" by Brian Adams tone, which was pretty sweet, and if you want the whole Hillsong Worship type tone this pretty much does it in spades with a gretstch style guitar.

OD: Once you get the volume up past about oh say, 10 o clock it starts breaking up, especially with humbuckers...and my gosh is it glorious. very lush warm sounds. You want the beatles? it does the beatles...you want Brian May? you got it (with a treble booster and maybe an OD). On the contrary though, this is the biggest downfall of the amp, it has a very small sweet spot on the gain and its either too muddy or not saturated enough (for my tastes). It can also definitely do with a tube change out of the box as the stock tubes are pretty gross sounding.

The tremolo is great, very warm and making it footswitchable was a great idea...the reverb was a bit much though, it gets to big too fast, pretty unusable.


Overall, I love this amp for anything low gain clean and up to medium gain, in its price range you can't beat it for 60s rock tones or modern worship band sounds, I highly recommend this amp to anyone looking for things like that. overall I'll give it an 8 .

moosers's review

Vox AC15CC1
The Vox AC15 CC1 (Custom Classic) is a tube and valve based combination amp, delivering 15 watts of power, as the name states. The speaker is a single 12" that is a custom made Vox speaker. The amp has a single 1/4" input and has both built in reverb and tremolo.


The make up of the Vox AC15 CC1 is very straight forward and easy to follow. The parameters are ones that are often seen on many other amps, so if you're familiar with other guitar amplifiers, you'll definitely recognize a lot of the controls going on here. There is an initial volume knob, as well as EQ/tone knobs for both bass and treble. For the effects, there are parameters for reverb level and tremolo depth and speed. There is also a master volume knob and a stand by button. I don't think that a manual is necessary as everything here is pretty straight forward, but I can't speaker about the make up of the manual as I haven't had a need to look at one.


The sound of the Vox AC15 CC1 will be very familar to you if you have experience with other Vox amps, like the classic AC 30. While the AC15 doesn't sound as full as the AC30 does in my opinion, it still has an overall very respectable sound quality, and can actually pack a lot of punch for its size and wattage. I've used the amp primarily with a Fender Stratocaster, and I definitely felt like the true nature of the Strat came through the amp. I think that it can be used under a variety of circumstances, including for recording and even live shows in perhaps a smaller venue...


The Vox AC15 CC1 is the perfect little amp for the player who isn't looking for something incredibly loud, but still wants a nice sounding amp with a good amount of control, and of course at least somewhat tube based. The price of the AC15 is perhaps a little bit much considering the wattage, which is really my only complaint about the amp and I would have definitely rated it higher if it was even the slightest bit less expensive. Even so, I'd definitely encourage those interested in Vox amps and/or smaller and medium sized quality guitar amplifiers.

aidan.04's review

Vox AC15CC1
The AC15CC 15-watt Class A tube combo is the next incarnation of the 1958 classic that guitarists have loved for years.

The AC15 Custom Classic (which is made in China) comes equipped with a few modern features and conveniences that its ancestor didn't have. Controls include Master volume, Treble and Bass controls and Tremolo with fully variable Speed and Depth, and features spring reverb. Tremolo and Reverb are footswitchable with the included footswitch.

It sports 2 EL84's and 2 12AX7's, and has a silicon rectifier. The speaker impedance can be switched between 8 or 16 Ohms so you can connect it to external cabinets oif your choice.. The AC15CC is available with either a Celestion AlNiCo Blue Speaker (AC15CC1X) if you fork out a couple hundred extra dollars, or is available with a VOX designed Custom speaker (AC15CC1). Its up to you.


This amp is fairly quiet. I've noticed slight hum in most or almost all of the lower end tube combos like Blues Junior, Epi Valve Junior. I was glad to not see that here with the Vox AC15.

The controls are self-explanatory. One thing I noticed is the eq section interacts a great deal with itself, and with the gain section. (most amps behaved like this back in the day anyway). It means you need to really explore the settings and protential to tweak, not just put everything at 12 o clock and settle for what you get. But getting a good sound from the start is easy.


The AC15 is all about earthy classic British tube tone. It behaves much like you'd expect from a small tube combo. It breaks up without having to shatter your windows and gives you a nice clean overdrive. This amp is very responsive to picking attack. It LOVES single-coil pickups, so break out the LP Junior with P-90's and Telecaster. Its like jangly classic rock heaven. Sadly, I don't play single-coils at all hardly. But it loves my Ibanez Ghostrider with Gibson P.A.F. humbuckers, it brought out a lot of brightness and gave me a nice raucous bark of a rhythm tone, and some stinging bluesy leads.

This amp has crazy, glassy high transients. It has brightness for days and can bring out the tinkly highs from even the darkest guitar (like an old Fernandes w/humbuckers that I have) with the treble dimed, without being harsh at all.

What this amp does not do is 5150 or bogner like high gain, which.... I would hope you weren't expecting. With a pedal thrown in front I'm sure you'd be happy with the high gain sounds you could coax this amp into, then maybe you'd get some versatility from this amp. In and of itself, its a pretty distictive sounding amp so you have to like that "vox sound" to really appreciate this amp.

A word here about the speaker: If you play it in the store and it sounds a bit "brittle" to your ears, you are not alone. But after a good amount of playing (a few weeks or so) you will significantly break in the vox speaker and it sweetens up for you. The more I played this amp, the better it sounded.


I play indie rock that leans toward classic rock tones sometimes, so I like the raw classic sound of this amp that leaves cheesy solid state amps in its dust. Sometimes I demand more gain at lower volumes than this is capable of producing but I'm quite used to relying on my Tube Screamer and DOD pedals, which interacted with this amp nicely.

I gotta say, 600 bucks sounded like a lot but now I'm quite convinced that tonally and features-wise this is quite an amp for the price. I own an Epiphone Valve Special which is great at 200 or so, but it doesn't have a 12" speaker, tremolo, or switchable dual channels, or footswitch. The only thing that concerns me is the reliability. Its the only thing that made me feel hesitant when I read reviews of it, and yes it does have plastic jacks and cheap feeling pots, and the fuse holder is quite sketchy looking. At least the tube sockets look like decent quality. Thats the only thing I can knock off points for. I havent had any problems yet but I'm crossing my fingers on this one.

franssoua's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent after mods"

Vox AC15CC1
Any 15w lamps but beefy watts it competes with other 30w

One very simple input plug and play

A master and a treble bass controls VOLUME (no medium)

Tremolo and reverb


Config minimalist I prefer the former. .

So easy to use


I play blues to rock acdc

So for me the original amp is too bright

I play a les paul and frankly it was really screaming

So I did the bright cap mod the known hard this amp

And that changes everything: we find precise adjustments and
Greater versatility and better reaction with the pedals

So I use a maxon overdrive to veil a little sound
And it rocks with the crunch of the amp and the les paul

The guitar is equipped with a p94 in neck and a humbucker in bridge
This is perfect!

The crunch of the vox is really special with a beautiful grain

The clean is very carillonant


Using the last two years I have long hacked before obtaining his
Which satisfied me especially because of acute too present on the amp
Originally. For me bright cap indispensable.

But now is the top sends wood for 15watts and I love
The look!

sigmunfred's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Vox Populi"

Vox AC15CC1
See below


The configuration is it simple?
Gets it easy to sound good?
The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Manual!? For what?


Will it fit your style of music?
With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold", ....)?
Vox sound
What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?
Favorites: all
Hated: none


How long have you use it?
2 years
How do you like the most?
the least?
Have you tried many other models before buying it?
yes: Laney Lionheart, fender, mesa boogie express (not at all the same price), Peavey Classic 30 .... Less powerful too, 4-5W, to hear ...
How would you rate the quality / price?
I do not judge Vox, I love, that's all.
With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes, of course
PS: an embittered got me: "Yeah, but now they are made in China" ... Dear friend ... I could just as well make myself starting to live in the UK to have one made in UK but I have neither the time nor the knowledge nor the means.
John Michael05/23/2011

John Michael's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Back to the Future"

Vox AC15CC1
Lamps, 15 watts (watts lamps hyper muscular version) - Power, Standby - A single entry, Master Gain, Reverb, Bass, Treble, Tremolo Speed, Tremolo Intensity - jack footswitch (reverb, tremolo) - HP Output extra.
Inside, a bowl of Vox 12 "which completely fills his office.

The only inconveniences? Everybody knows it's the WEIGHT!
But it is also the consideration required for this prehistoric monster sound and volume to none.


Hyper Single
Not read the manual (why?)


I play mainly electric blues-Starring: Strato, Telecaster, G & L Asat Classic (Tele), Gibson es330, SG61 Reissue Gibson, Cort Yorktown.
In clear or very clear, we finally got the sounds of 60's super crystalline (Shadows, Otis Redding ...) including the famous "quack!" Hyper metal mark the measurement in the old ballads deRythm & Blues (not the "Arreunbii "true" Rizeum Blouz en). The interaction of Bass and Treble controls are strong and can with this simple duo, used sparingly, combinations house not encountered on other amps, other than using a multiband equalizer steep. The sound is crunchy to perfection means the glass lamps, and severe saturated, we obtain a compression very original, a little dirty, with very nice natural sustain.
Beware, it is damn noise! The neighbors do not necessarily enjoy.
The tremolo is excellent. The poor mechanical reverb, but easy to tweak or replace it with something more convincing.


I have been a week with him, but I was expecting (unknowingly) a long time. I also use a small vox transistors 15W (relevant for transport and repetitions, and its tones) and a Studiotone Koch, who is excellent and very versatile, but that does not reproduce the sound of that damn Vox AC15 .

Some argue that the old AC15 original was better. Chepe, I have not had a chance to try it. And at a price where opportunities are available, it is not tomorrow the day before. In all cases, less good or not, it is a great amp, very typical, that respects incredibly sound guitars. Try it, especially if you have a very good guitar.

sotiug's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox AC15CC1
I just wanted to emphasize that this amp's reverb.
It has already been said but this reverb is not very nice shape.
Just turn the button, it pops, and when you mount the knob, it gets a little more ground.
It's not great this single adjustment knob.
on the other hand, it is endearing, it imposes its style. You can make beautiful desert guitars.

I do not think this amp is designed to perfectionist sound.

<span style="color: #ffffff; font-size: xx-large;"><strong><span class="style2">JMI 4 COMBO</span></strong></span>


You can easily have an incredible sound, plus it is very convenient for studio recording, you mugs a very good sound without necessarily raising the volume.
You can also have good sound, low-volume and play with acoustic instruments without too many problems!


if you really want to push a little further into this kind of sound, and you have money, I recommend going to the side of JMI: http://www.jmiamplification.com/

kourse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox AC15CC1
earlier, 15w tube amp very musical and dynamic
the simplest possible


you use it, he adds a 4 * 12 marshall jcm 800 (by dividing the impedance by two, 8 ohms)
it is superb!
not need manual, very simple


the sound is typical crystalline crunch I would say, very dependent on the guitar and volume knobs that can "finally" used ....
really interesting with another cabinet for further


I just there and although I am extremely satisfied (of course a blue alnico ...... but good in the fact that g12 65)
value for money is no more correct by the quality of manufacture "visible" to the sound catches up with it cons
I also have an AC30 is great to play with, they cashing perfectly overdrive effects
attention, however, a good power system of pedals if Bzzzz