Bogner Uberschall Head

Bogner Uberschall Head

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Uberschall Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Bogner.

8 user reviews
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Bogner Uberschall Head tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Bogner
  • Model: Uberschall Head
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 05/12/2007

 • Two channel all tube design

 • Fiber optic backlight channel display

 • Ultra high gain channel

 • Clean channel

 • Channels have independent Gain, Bass, Treble, Middle, Volume & Presence control

 • Global Master Volume control

 • Tube buffered series effects loop with level control

 • Line-Out jack

 • Foot switchable channels and effects loop


• 120W EL34, 100W KT88 or 100W 6L6 power amp

• Metal Grill

• Matching 412 straight front loaded cabinet, G75T&V30’s


Bogner Uberschall Head user reviews

Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 8 reviews )
 8 reviews100 %

James...'s review"chug chug"

Bogner Uberschall Head
This is a very simply *looking* amp. 2 channels. The ones on my model are identical. I believe there are a few different models of the Uber and mine is the one with the two lead channels. I think it's a limited run. I also have the newer Twin Jet Uber.

I should mention that this amp has one of my favorite Effects loops of all time. I think this might have something to do with Bogner's design of the amp and how simple the loop implementation is. But everything sounds great in it.


Bogner manuals are usually marginally to somewhat helpful, but that's about it. The Uber manual is suprisingly better than most. That said, you are better off just dialing it in yourself. Your ears are your best manual with this amp. Typically I run my first channel on a light crunch and use my guitar volume to clean it up. The 2nd channel I usually have on full on lead. A fair warning, this is not a lead amp. It's really meant for rhythm playing in a metal genre context. If you want a lead amp the XTC is more that style.


I use a Les Paul with EMG's through mine. I'm not a big fan of the Uberkab so I run it into an Orange 4x12 most of the time. It sounds better through a half stack I think. The Uber has a TON of bass on tap and it can get very thumpy before it gets muddy. It will rip your chest off like nothing else. Most of the tone controls respond fairly normally except the presence, which is the big secret of this amp. You can get a ton of voicings out of it by messing with this knob. At higher settings it sounds very Marshally, while at low settings it's like a sub boom bass machine. I can't see someone using this amp for anything other than heavy metal and the like. It's simply too mean sounding for anything else.


I have toured with mine and never had any issues. It gets pretty darn hot if you turn it up but still no issues there. It's heavy as all get out that's for sure. This head fits a very specific need, and I would highly recommend it for rhythm guitarists of heavy music styles. Everyone else should probably try it out and see how they like it first. It's limited in what it can do, but for what it does do it does it better than any other amp. The design is pretty unique too.

moosers's review

Bogner Uberschall Head
The Bogner Uberschall Head is a guitar amplifier that is extremely well made and sounds incredible. Bogner is known for making high quality amplifiers; in fact, it would be hard to say that any other company makes better amps than them, although many are certainly comparable. The Uberschall Head in particular is a special guitar amp, consisting of EL34 power tubes and 120 watts of pure power. It’s got two separate channels with a good amount of control, with a ¼” input in the front for your instrument. It’s also got ¼” connections in the back for sending this to a speaker cabinet, for a foot switch, and for a send and return loop, amongst a few other connections. It’s also got a unique backlight so you can see in the dark if you’re on stage.


The make up of the Bogner Uberschall Head isn’t too difficult to understand or to follow, especially if you know a thing or two about guitar amps. The two channels are identical, so you can dial in two completely different sounds and switch between them at your own will with a footswitch. Each channel has parameters for volume, presence, treble, middle, bass, and gain, as well as an master volume that applies for both of the channels. I haven’t had a need to check out a manual for this, so I don’t know anything about it.


The sound of the Bogner Uberschall Head is up there with the best guitar amplifiers that I’ve ever used. I’m really not exaggerating here, as the tone is absolutely outstanding. It’s one of the cleanest and fullest sounding amp heads I’ve ever heard let alone used. It’s got a great low end response which really gives it a whole tone of girth. It’s possible to get a good amount of different sounds on each of the channels, so it’s easy enough to get both a great sounding clean and dirty sound simultaneously if you wanted to. It’s hard to describe how awesome this sounds without actually hearing it, but this thing absolutely rips.


The Bogner Uberschall Head is definitely designed by and for professionals, as this amp doesn’t mess around at all. If you want one of the best amps that money can buy, this needs to be in the running. It’s really that good. Bogner makes top quality gear across the board for professionals, so while very expensive, you certainly get what you pay for here.

bambou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bogner Uberschall Head
6 12AX7, 4 EL34 2 channels (clear and distortion)

120 watts

Spartan, simple, effective: between instrument, effects loop (send and return), with the send level rglage, 2 hp outputs slecteur of Impedance, buttons Activation / d -energized 2 channel and effects loop, switchable remotely via crankset provided.
Bass, mdium, treble, presence, gain and volume on each channel. Master Volume.

In short, nothing superfluous, it pays the sound and not 8 options that are not on use.
About the award finally dmistifions: the price of 4000 euros is just ridiculous, it is really swell in France: it is worth $ 2,750 aus USA, and I pay 2535 euros new, with the Mtal grid option, Belgium, therefore, still expensive but more reasonable. If this amp is a myth because of the price, that's a shame ... I think bcp speaks without having tried!


Very easy and that's what I like, I returned too many channels and options you never uses, was trying to stage a sound bland and flat base, but it wastes time and never found rglage you want.

YES it is easy to get a good sound, sufficient that the grain forbid, the equalizer is very intuitive, except the presence, unconventional, which acts on the rendering modern / vintage rendering mdiums.
Little breath, much less than the diezel VH4 and all engl eg.
A imperative not to pass cot potential: push the lead 12 minimum volume and master 9am minimum, otherwise disappointment sure!

Spartan manual rglages next to the head, but very effective and up the basics.


Of course he should, otherwise I would not have bought it ... should everyone assurment no!
It is such strong bet that fans of VHT dtestent this amp that sounds really the opposite of this trademark.

I bough a prs custom 24 and esp eclipse, as required.

The clean suffers no reprohe my view: wide, balanced big potato without saturating, even with the very thrust gain. Hot and prcis time.
For levels are quilibrs with 2 channel, I put the clean background volume and the volume lead 14h, and it really is the amp that sends what is in the belly!

the lead is very thick, very grainy, rocky, not too smooth, the dynamic is correct, the compression too. Adopts the rglages are crucial to the character that you want: it can go very dark, greasy, more prcis.
Not possible to obtain a super sharp popping sound, there is always a good round in the sound.
In short, an open, wide, which can be prcis as rglages.

I chose it for this type of sonorits, so nothing I dteste!

For those who need a crunch channel, a OD9 maxon is sublime on the clean, and lower volume knob on the guitar gives a great crunch, the amp exceptionally yragit.


Anything goes on this amp is the result of long annnes of trial and error. I pass by the racks systems, search for album sounds before I realized that these sounds were unusable in a mix.
I have dtest this type there's a few years since not very flattering of the game, a very rclamant game goes into it ... I understand that bcp is due after a try, especially if they have not pushed and grain is very typ.
Moreover, and this is the purpose of this type of head, the sound in the mix is ​​really excellent, that's exactly what I expected, nothing is bouff by the other instruments, and n 'empite not others.
has confirmed my theory: sound too flattering one: unusable group; its robust and rocaileux: a marvel in the mix!

Tof54's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bogner Uberschall Head
UBERSCHALL 120w lamp


1/2 pr rglage and I forgot my MSA in the crowd


METAL (large and clean)


UBERSCHALL home Bogner c of the killer! Mesa Crate and all others can go get dressed!

OK you put the price but for the life aprsc t get the big sound!

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