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Jeremy R's current gear

Computer Music

Cakewalk Sonar X3 Producer
General Sequencers
Edirol UM-3EX
MIDI Interfaces
Focusrite Scarlett 6i6
USB audio interfaces

Studio & Home Studio

Behringer MINIMON MON800
Monitor Controllers
Roland DS-7
Active Monitors
Sennheiser e 835
Dynamic Microphones
Small diaphragm condenser microphones
Behringer B-2 Pro
Large diaphragm condenser microphones
RODE NT1 (2013)
Large diaphragm condenser microphones

Other musical instruments

Clavia Nord Electro 3 61
Digital Pianos
Roland RD-300NX
Digital Pianos

Misc music/audio gear

Stagg MRS-A12U
Stands & Racks


Sennheiser eH 350
Studio headphones
Shure SRH840
Studio headphones

Bass Guitars

Line 6 Bass Floor POD
Bass Amp Simulators
Peavey Cirrus 5 BXP
5+ string bass guitars


Boss GT-100
Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
Electro-Harmonix V256
Other Guitar Effects
TC-Helicon Harmony-M
Boss FV-50H Volume Pedal
Volume Pedals for Guitar/Bass
PRS SE Soapbar II
Other Shape Guitars
Takamine EG530SSC
Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitars
Yamaha NTX700
Acoustic-electric nylon string guitars

Electronic instrument

König & Meyer 18950
Keyboard Stands
Roland SR-JV80-15 Special EFX
Expansion Boards for Electronic Instruments
Roland KC-110
Keyboard Amplifiers
Casio VL-1
Keyboard Arrangers
Roland Fantom X6
Roland SRX-01 Dynamic Drums
Patch/Program Banks
Roland SRX-07 Ultimate Keys
Patch/Program Banks
Roland VP-330
Analog Synths
Roland XP-80
Digital Synths
Clavia Nord Lead 2X
Analog Modeling Synths
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