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Virtual Modular Synths user reviews

  • Applied Acoustics Systems Ultra Analog VA-1

    Applied Acoustics Systems Ultra Analog VA-1 - "A Virtual Analog workhorse!"


    Ultra Analog VA-1's installation and setup process uses a standard challenge and response registration system. Once you start to use it, the user interface is immediately familiar if you've ever used a Virtual Analog synthesizer. Everything is on o…

  • Korg DS-10

    Korg DS-10 - "Brilliant!"


    The Korg DS-10 software cartidge made for the Nintendo DS platform is an amazing tool for EDM composers. Obviously there will be no compatability issues since it's made for Nintendo DS and it's a DS cartidge. It's that simple, plug and play. The ma…

  • Native Instruments Absynth 5

    Native Instruments Absynth 5 - "A synth from another planet"


    The Native Instruments Absynth 5 is the newest, latest version of the legendary Absynth line. It is know for its organic, evolving sounds, that can be customized to be very complex. It contains over 2,100 preset sounds, so you don't have to design an…

  • Native Instruments Absynth 4

    Native Instruments Absynth 4 - "Another great Native Instruments synth"


    Setting up Native Instruments' Absynth in my DAW, similar to setting up Massive and FM8, was a breeze. However, like the others this semi-modular synthesizer is pretty intimidating at first sight. With a complicated, dynamic interface, the new user i…

  • Arturia Moog Modular V

    Arturia Moog Modular V - "Moog-Tacular"


    This is a Digital version of a Analog piece of gear that has been around for ages. If you are into analog sounds and synths and you love vintage gear then the Arturia Moog Modular V will be perfect for you. I really don’t use it that much and never r…

  • Native Instruments Absynth 3

    Native Instruments Absynth 3 - "will take some time to learn."


    Native Instruments Absynth 3 didn’t surprise me at first glance but after really digging in and using it for a while I got the hang of how it works and how to really change the sounds to the way that I want them to sound. Without needing any knowledg…

  • EMS Rehberg Synthi Avs

    EMS Rehberg Synthi Avs - "alot of different sounds"


    The EMS Rehberg is a virtual synth with a wide variety of sections and parameters.  Installing it was pretty easy as it didn't take too long and I didn't experience any compatibility issues or other problems like that.  The interface of the virtual …

  • Digidesign Hybrid

    Digidesign Hybrid - "its a beats"


    The Digidesign Hybrid is an in depth software synthesizer, modeling itself after the RSF PolyKobol analog synth. It's got an interface that matches this synth, as it looks just like a real synthesizer on screen, which is something that I love as it m…

  • XILS-lab PolyKB

    XILS-lab PolyKB - "good virtual synth"


    I use a Macbook with Logic 9 and Ableton 7, so far not a single compatibility issue.  Works Great!  I have not looked at the manual, actually, I'm not really sure if came with one, but,  like many of Arturia's instruments, it is a physical model of t…

  • Native Instruments Absynth 5

    Native Instruments Absynth 5 - "I love it!"


    Registering and all that is just as easy as any plugin. The real struggle comes when you open up the plugin and you see all these features. Now for an experienced synth user it's nothing special but it can be a little overwhelming for someone new to …