Applied Acoustics Systems Tassman 4.x

Tassman 4.x, Virtual Modular Synth from Applied Acoustics Systems.

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chupachups 03/26/2013

Applied Acoustics Systems Tassman 4.x : chupachups's user review

«  Very good software to make modular! »

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The software installs very easily. The only problem are the additions of additional banks (bank = modular patches) need if you wish to download a forum AAS ... which is not user-friendly.

The manual is in PDF format only.


On my mac book pro I5 not for performance, the tool is stable.


I used it for several months for projects specific music (dub and ambient).

I love the sound quality .. crystalline fat, punchy (!).

The graphical interface is quite simple without removing one side is pleasant vintage.
For cons, I have not been able to map the knobs software controller with my MIDI (I think it was my fault).

supplied patches are excellent, it goes through the lower pads hovering and finally on percussion. quality and punch sounds is to go.

Then we must know that this tool is to create your own synths :-)
if you intend to use it just for ls patches supplied with the original version, you might be disappointed because they are not numerous. on the other hand, if the goal is to create your own sounds .. then you are welcome!

Personally, there are plenty of other tools of this type (MAX / MSP, Reaktor, etc., etc.) .. AAS is distinguished by a graphic interface quite clear, readable, mode d "quite easy editing and especially the quality of the sound that comes out (it is dynamic). Caution, however, other similar software seem to be supplied with more examples of synth ... voila :-)