Applied Acoustics Systems Tassman 4.x

Tassman 4.x, Virtual Modular Synth from Applied Acoustics Systems.

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ortax-creations 04/11/2008

Applied Acoustics Systems Tassman 4.x : ortax-creations's user review


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No problem as all the products I test AAC dmo
Vista no soucy!


Laptop centrino duo 2.2, 2GB ram, ...
Software works flawless and consumes very little (13% sounds pretty sophisticated on 10 ratings)


I used no more than 1 hour (BMD)
TRS good patches are particulirement Submitted Varis (bass orients enough, slick and percussion sounds including marimba, glasses ...)
The layers are interesting but we can do better by working software
Systm on the tree "windows explorer" can be criticized but it can quickly browse through the presets (multi, simple and basic patches To create its own large patches)

But the quality is the most a lot of Prest that inspires and makes you want to work as the Beast on a real hardware synth.

I always regret that sound a bit "cold" of the reverbs utiliss by AAC (as in string guitar). But it is often the case in the VST of this kind, "shining" I got too.

My recommendation: turn the effects too typs and applied a good reverb lgre and its own EQ and rolls. And also a little compression as Tassman tends dlivrer of hard times dsagrable ears (especially when moving from one patch to another, the levels are irrguliers).

A 7 / 10 because the competition is great. I would put the Plugsound absynth or in direct competition for this product.