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Applied Acoustics Systems Tassman 4.x
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songboy songboy
Publié le 02/22/10 à 18:29
I run this on a Macbook with Leopard (10.5) and the Tassman 4 works perfectly. The manual is decent enough and is very useful when it comes to really learning this massive synth. The general configuration and setup is fairly simple in my opinion. Once you start using it more it becomes easier but this synth has a ton of options. One thing that is nice is the different units (effects, oscillators, etc...) are designed to resemble hardware rack units so the interface is familiar to those who use analog gear. Yes, the typical functions are all laid out in front of you (and there are a lot of them).


I run this synth in Logic 9 and Ableton 8 and so far it has performed very well. So far it has never crashed and I have made a bunch of sounds on this thing and all of them were saved and recalled without any issues. I give this thing a 10 out of 10 because it is huge, very tweakable and sounds AMAZING!! I have been using this for about a month and a half.


What I like most about the Tassman 4 is how many great sounds you can pull out of this thing. I started with a lot of presets first to develop sounds, but now I am getting used to starting from "scratch." Another really cool option is the "builder" mode. In this mode you can create synth setups physically by dragging modules into the Builder area and connecting them together in specific patterns. This aspect definitely takes a little more thought and it definitely helps if you have an understanding of general synthesizer concepts. So far, I don't dislike anything about this synth. It Rules!! My studio partner bought this (actually he updated from Tassman 3) so I looked up the price and it is $349 for the whole thing. In all honesty, that's a lot of money and its hard to spend that much on software. But, this is one of the best software synths I have ever used so I would say it is worth it. The sound it really great. They are very full and warm and in a recording can fool most people into believing its a real analog synth. I have used many software synths and this one ranks very very high on the charts. It might even be the best wide ranging synth I have used. Yes, I would definitely buy this if my partner hadn't already.
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