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Audio & music gear user reviews

  • Jext Telez Buzz Tone

    Jext Telez Buzz Tone - "From warm overdrive to full bore fuzz" has images


    SOUND: From a modest sizzle to thick and fat distortion that sounds like lava burping from a volcano, the Buzz Tone’s abilities are presented in the YouTube video below: Now, there a…

  • Roland Mobile Cube

    Roland Mobile Cube - "One Of Best Amps For Money/Purpose"


    There's a lot of battery powered portable amps out there, or at least enough to do some serious comparisons. I own a Lunchbox Jr. and have played several others. The Roland is loud for its size but I wasn't able to use it when traffic noise got too l…

  • Palmer Pocket Amp mk2

    Palmer Pocket Amp mk2 - "Three Amps with Clean, Crunch & Heavy + 3 Mic Settings"


    SOUND: It may be small, but Palmer’s Pocket Amp MK 2 produces some very decent tones, as demonstrated in the YouTube demo below: With dynamics of a tube amp (although it may not be 1…

  • J. Rockett Audio Designs Mr. Moto

    J. Rockett Audio Designs Mr. Moto - "Diverse Waves Make this Tremolo & Reverb a Complete Package" has images


    SOUND: Mr. Moto is one sweet ride if you want an easy-to-use tremolo and reverb combination, as demonstrated in the YouTube video below: There are a number of impressive aspects to R…

  • Denon DJ Engine Prime

    Denon DJ Engine Prime - "as DENON stands for Quality"


    ... difficult, because there is no Downloadlink. As i can see in your Forum, others have the same Problem. I think this is stupid and can't work, so what u do for that Problem ? ... 14 Words remaining, so i write and write and write and write and wri…

  • Elektron Monomachine SFX60+ MKII

    Elektron Monomachine SFX60+ MKII - "A surprising device"


    A good device. Honestly, it’s great! You could just pass it by if you were to just try it too quickly, but it has an incredible potential. I use it to make small loops, to write things I think of on the spur of the moment. It’s the very first “com…

  • Rejoice Rejoice v.1.6 [Freeware]

    Rejoice Rejoice v.1.6 [Freeware] - "random"


    The Media Delivery Index (MDI) is a set of measures that can be used to monitor both the quality of a delivered video stream as well as to show system margin for IPTV systems by providing an accurate measurement of jitter and delay at network level (…

  • Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2017 T

    Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2017 T - "A Real 50s Les Paul for only €1,500!"


    Which amplifier and/or effect(s) do you use with this guitar? What playing and musical style(s) do you play with this guitar? I use it with a Kemper , a Rockerverb and a jcm 80 to play genres ranging from Classic rock to metal What are your th…

  • Tonecarver tcStretch

    Tonecarver tcStretch - "Excelente plugin, nos ajuda muito!"


    Sou locutor, utilizo em chamadas de eventos! Estou aprendendo ainda a mixar! E este plugin é um amigo meu testando ele! Sei que vai ser de grande ajuda, porque geralmente o que eu utilizo do sound forge não faz o que o tcStretch faz.…

  • Amt Electronics Pangea CP-100

    Amt Electronics Pangea CP-100 - "Tiny, but mighty!"


    Context: I own a racked Two Notes Torpedo VM202. As I couldn’t find a used Torpedo C.A.B. for a bargain price (which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the product’s high quality), I opted for this AMT which is an IR player allowing to acce…