Boss GT-3
Boss GT-3

GT-3, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 22 reviews )
 11 reviews50 %
 4 reviews18 %
 6 reviews27 %
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Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

mooseherman's review"Not worth it's relatively low price"

Boss GT-3
This is a multi-effects pedal made by Boss. I don't know why I ever bought it, to be honest. I was young, I guess, is my only excuse. There are two 1/4" connections, a direct out, and a MIDI out. It is 100% digital. This pedal can be edited with MIDI though I don't really do that much at all, so I can't comment on how well it works compared to other pedals with this feature. It doesn't really need it so much as there are presets available on the pedal.


The one cool thing about this pedal is that it's pretty great to use if you put some time into programming it. There are 4 presets that are available by simply pressing the corresponding switch on the board. There are also two other switches that can be programmed to make other changes, like triggering specific effects. Last but not least, there is an expression pedal which can be used to adjust the effects settings in real time.


This pedal has very bad sound quality, in my honest opinion. I try to see the good in pedals, even if they aren't suitable for my taste, but I just find that this pedal doesn't really have any sounds that are good. The wah-wah effect is really weak, anemic, and boring. The chorus and flanger effects are really bad at coloring the tone badly, and the effects don't really cut through the mix. The distortions are god-awful, to be honest, as is to be expected of digital distortions. Only the delay is tolerable, and even then, it's digital, which will not be a good bet for fans of analog.


While the interface is great, and it's easy to switch between effects and to adjust them with the expression pedal, I really do not think that this pedal is worth it for anybody except maybe a beginner who has no effects. Some people just play for the fun of it, and aren't that worried about tone, but for anybody who takes tone remotely seriously, this pedal (along with many others like it) are not going to be appealing. I know that there are other guys who disagree, but being a studio musician as well as a recording engineer (and therefore seeing it from both angles), I happen to think that these multi-effects pedals are a perfect example of quantity far outweighing quantity. As someone who performs live, I can see that the tone simply doesn't do my playing justice, and I don't think that anybody should buy a pedal that makes them sound worse than they are.

MGR/3shiftgtr's review"Boss GT-3"

Boss GT-3
Why on God's green earth would I be reviewing a product released almost 15 years ago? Well, you'll see as the review rolls on. The GT-3 is a tank. Solid metal casing (blue)with indestructible switches and LED, and 3 green boards on the inside and tough, top of the line jacks that they don't use anymore. I have used this thing for almost 15 years, gig after gig. Probably close to 2,000 gigs if you include studio stuff. It has been used in almost every state in the union, Mexico and Canada. As a working player, I have used it for country, rock, metal, punk, rap and hip hop, randb, jazz, fusion, jam band, and everything else under the sun.

I purchased this unit when I was working at a now defunct music store in middle Tennessee. Saw it at a Namm show and was impressed. I was getting fed up with the squirrel-y nature of my pedal board at the time and since I was gigging all the time and getting some road work, I needed something that sounded great and was TOUGH. It turned out to be the most consistent and usable piece of gear I have ever purchased in 20 years of professional music making. I am not sure how much I paid for it, but it was 3% above wholesale. I think it was around $200-$250 dollars in the mid-late 90's.

ANALOG DISTORTION!!!! That's what makes this unit a gem. All of today's multi efx floor units use digital circuitry to create their distortion flavors. Today's floor boxes have TONS of amazing bells and whistles, while ignoring the fact that digital distortion is just not what pro players use. Ever heard a pro player in an interview say how much they love their modeled distortion? Me neither.

The distortions on the GT3 are created on a green boards inside the unit that copy the circuits of various Boss stomps. You want a DS-1? The circuit is there. You want a Metal Zone? The circuit is there. Not a modeled replication, but the real thing. And to me, that is worth the price of admission alone. And there is a BUNCH of usable distortions in this box. Everything from touch sensitive light overdrive, to blues crunch, to 70's rawk to metal to shred and everything in between.

Also, the first thing I did when I got the unit was to test the bypass and see if there was any change in tone. I did an a/b test with the guitar into the unit into the amp vs. the guitar into the amp. No change in tone. Just like using a single Boss stomp. No loss of dynamics either. Boss is known for how clean their bypass is on their individual stomps, and they did it with this unit. Can't say the same for many of the multi's I've tried over the years.

The other thing I like about the unit is that while there aren't as many crazy efx as you find in multi's today, there is plenty of usable stuff. The choruses, delays and reverbs are clean, clear and crisp. They use a separate green board inside the unit for the digital stuff. Digital time based efx and analog distortion. The way God intended.

I don't use the 'gimmick' efx such as the slicer and the vowel effect very often. But they are in there and work great. And programming patches is a breeze at this point.

Depending on what gig and rig I'm using, I use the unit on the 'front end', in the amp's efx loop, or the 3 cord system that goes like this: guitar>GT3>distortions>amp>amp loop out>GT3 loop in>time based efx>GT3 loop out>amp loop in.

The only nick on the unit is that the Wah kinda sucks. I put my own wah in front of the unit. The synth tracking is weak, but this problem is prevalent in all boxes that work with analog guitars. A uni-vibe is noticeably absent. But if you use the basics; distortion, chorus, flange, phase, delay, reverb, modulation, whammy, envelope, ring modulation, eq, this box is the best multi that has ever been made.

Almost 15 years and close to 2,000 gigs and not one problem. Not one. A look under the hood reveals a simple design and construction that is part of the GT3's toughness. Nuff said.

There are a ton of these things on Ebay and Craigslist. And they are cheap. And while they don't have all the crazy 'gimmick' efx that today's multi's have, the GT3's efx palate is full of top notch, usable stuff. And since it doesn't suck tone, you can use your own stomp favs with it. I believe that this box is the best multi ever built. I have tried all the Boss multi's, Digitech's GNX, and Vox's tone lab stuff, and the GT3 has the best FEEL and USABILITY of anything I've tried. I know a few pros who have put them in their pedal boards just for the distortions! This pedal is in my opinion, an underrated classic.

If you've ever looked at a multi and said 'I'll never use HALF of that!' and then said 'Jeez, what does all that stuff do to your signal?' then check the GT3. You'll be glad you did.

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myriam63660_en's review

Boss GT-3
- a great bunch of effects


- Présets configuration is really easy. There's is also an EZ edit for even more quickness.
- The LCD screen and the effect chain diagram are well designed: in one look you see the active effects


- classic effects are ok, but it seemed to me that they sounded différent than the boss pédals.
- you can also find some "exotic" effects like the feedbacker, accoustic simulator etc. Some of them are cheap and some are really interesting (like the accoustic simulator used with the pickup simulator)
- Hated the "tube heads distorsions simulators", sounded thin and lifeless to me (Probably my fault: at that time i connected the GT3 in front of a transistor amp but didn't set the 3 band EQ as the manual advice)


- been using it for 2 years
- clearly designed for live applications, built like a tank.
- a cool all-in-one multifx, cheap nowadays
MGR/jp ,guitars 12/30/2003

MGR/jp ,guitars 's review"Boss GT-3"

Boss GT-3
got it from and out of state friend ...

the diff. sounds i can be able to play .

no info with the unit ,,,no manual ....

oh its like new and cont. is to the fullest ...

i think it will really be a nice unit if i can rec. a manual for info on how to use the unit .

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MGR/'s review"Boss GT-3"

Boss GT-3
Bought this unit brand new at a local music store. Paid about $500 canadian, which is a very good price.
Reason for buying it: i needed something a bit better than my Boss ME-30, which was kinda cumbersome and limiting.

First, it's -versatile- as hell!!! Anything can be assigned to any control, the effects chain can be modified at will, plus there's a connector for adding some external pedals. You can get any kind of guitar sound possibly imaginable out of this thing - and the sound quality is outstanding. You can also use it with practically anything that has speakers on it, the stereo output can be "shaped" to fit a conventional guitar amp, a typical home stereo system, a mixer or headphones, ... it also has a memory of 140 presets that you can create.

You have to know what you're doing to get the most out of this unit. Also, not many of the factory presets sound really cool, but with a little tweaking.... Its only "big" problem is that you can't use several effects in the same 'block' simultaneously, like for ex. Flanger and Harmonist from the "Modulation" block.

Full metal chassis, very solid, and very good mechanical parts (exp pedal, footswitches, ...)

I've been using this console for about a year and a half, and i'm very happy with it. From acoustic or plain, clean sounds, to ripping heavy distortion, to more flashy synth kinds of sounds, this console delivers, and delivers well.

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MGR/MT's review"Boss GT-3"

Boss GT-3
$300 (I think - might have been $250) ebay

It does basically everything. I'm submitting a review because the other reviewer annoyed me so much by panning it just because it does too much for him to easily understand.

The effects are great overall - it's like having a whole bucketload of boss effects in one pedal. The amp sims are pretty good as well I think. I use it to play live and for direct recording.

The amp sims might not be quite as good as the POD in some instances, but the effect are a billion times better and more comprehensive, and there are 140 user presets (+ 200 unchangeable presets)

They are a little behind by not including any software with the unit to do editing of effects. There are shareware programs available (windows only, unfortunately), and you might be able to use sound diver, but they should join the 21st century on this.

It could be smaller/lighter (but the GT-6 is even bigger, so I guess I should be happy).

Some of the included presets are pretty cheesy (most use too much reverb, IMHO), but isn't that always the way... you've still got 140 of your own to do whatever you want with.

I think you could drive a car over it and it would be OK.

The GT-3 is a great piece of equipment. It does a whole lot for the money, and you should be able to find it even cheaper now that the GT-6 is out.

I have been very happy with it and I have only scratched the surface. There is a great user group at and they have developed all kinds of additional documentation and are active in discussing the product and helping people out who are interested in learning more or buying one.

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MGR/Jonathan Jones12/19/2001

MGR/Jonathan Jones's review"Boss GT-3"

Boss GT-3
I got this unit in Memphis TN at yarbrough's music.It retailed in at a wild 495.95 list and I just assummed to forget about it. Well about a week later I went back and played through it and talked the guy's into hooking me up for about 300.00, they said sure . And the rest is history.

There are so many great things with this pedal, I mean the preamp is so real on it,it just blows me away.It uses COSM technology which is if you don't know (one wicked model maker).It has very realistic sounds of some of the most popular amps,and the distortions/overdrives are great too.Also for all you effects freaks, it has awesome modulation and pitch shifting qualitites.But the real mind blower is the delay, it is so versitile that you can use it in any situation,studio or live.Dude it's just all that and more ,and for the price ,it just can't be beat.

Well after raving about all the good stuff ,it's time for the bad.
Other than that it's all good.

The construction of the pedal is brutal,to bust this you gotta be pretty sick in the head.It just ain't gonna happen.And the quality is just great,like I said before for the price it just can't be beat.

Well the bottom line,you need to go try one,you won't be disappointed at all.For all the stuff thats packed inside,it's like spending ten grand or more.So just go try one and then shell out a few hundred and have a blast when you get home.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Boss GT-3"

Boss GT-3
Paid $225 on ebay.

What's not to like? It's loaded with great features and it sounds fantastic.

I didn't care for the manual. It just didn't explain things clearly enough for me to start using it effectively right away. Big learning curve.

It's built very well with a strong metal casing not cheesy plastic like some other multi-effects manufacturers.

Overall, I should have waited a while and just got a POD. Most of my playing is done while recording and although you can get a decent signal from this, there's nothing like a POD.

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warlus1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Swiss Army Knife"

Boss GT-3
Everything has been said.

Note the presence of an "input distortion" foreign controlled from the pedals. This allows you to use your favorite distortion as if it were a distortion of availables in the GT3 and operate it with one of the buttons on the pedal.

PS: This is the second boss pedals GT (the first being the gt5)


Very easy to use.

Those who tell you they are not doing should not be computer savvy either!

on the other hand, get to the sound you're looking, that's difficult and it takes time because there are a multitude of parameters to be able to change the parameter and the information displayed on the screen are not transcendent (the name alone does not allow us always to know "Why this")

There are several version of the manual (simple 40 pages to 173 pages long)

Some changes have no effect on the sound (that one is a combo or a stack)


The sound is not as good as the separate pedals, it is clear that there will never be the same sound of pedals 32 for only 400 €! ! !

The modulations are sufficient, the distortion is not all useful (you will end up always using the same: the blues, and disto1 disto2

The reverb and delay ... blah blah, it makes his job but does not say "wouawwwwou, it's great."

The amp simulation: While there, many users did not understand what is the point: it is not a simulator but a preamp, so use the GT3 as a pre- amp (thus linking to live in the fx loop of your amp) to realize that it works well! ! ! on the other hand, as a simulator (to save on a PC or put it in a mixer) that either!

I bought it the day of its release, this is my first multi and I do not regret it.


Swiss Army knife a foot that will vout many services but not worth the separate pedals.

jessus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-3
Boss multi effect in the first of the GT range, non-editable pc, but few use it as a midi controller.


So it's really not simple at all, editing is as easy on the multis, but if you fancy creating your sound is another story.
the manual is too long and knock out, I drop it, it is far from the box stomb


The effects are good, it's the boss, like most many are decorative effect, but it remains


I've had 8 years, it was my first multi-and first effect, connect a 20watt Stagg raahh the time it dates me all that ... I was 12 years. I try the zoom of the time and it was from there that I wanted a multi purpose and for my birthday my mother bought me this one of OCCAZ, the guy to buy a Bradai any lamp.

it is a good multi, I keep it in a corner now, I do not want to part with it even though I no longer used.

If it now I'll not do it again, but for fun yes