Boss GT-3
Boss GT-3

GT-3, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

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All user reviews for the Boss GT-3

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 22 reviews )
 11 reviews50 %
 4 reviews18 %
 6 reviews27 %
 1 user review5 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

gtrnico's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-3
Multi-effects pedal very comprehensive.


We must seriously look for them out of interesting sounds. Sure for the impatient beginners, it is better to abstain. It is important to know the effect parameters in advance, or have a good ear sharpened.


The main effects (Chorus delay flanger phaser) are very good at distortion / OD, you need a light touch but is very acceptable. Effects such self riff humanizer psyches are funny ... but that's it! But the problem remains the same patience padawan ...


I have this pedalboard for 8 years I think, when it came out.
I appreciate are design, strength (not a problem).
His grip is still complicated, but the parameters are also very many ...
I have not tried other models at the time, I started and the seller was good!
Priced at 140 euros argus, I do not resell it for sure.
With experience at a bargain price, I would do without hesitation the same choice!

Chikilon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-3
Repeatedly described characteristics with ...


The setup is very good from the moment it was understood that this device is for: to be patient people ...

The number of parameters is quite large, we can really do precision work for the studio or stage. But you have to spend time. Afterwards, we had the joy of playing with sound on any sound you want. One branch, and it sounds.

Editing sounds is easy in principle. It will just repeat the same actions several times for different effects.


Effects (true: reverb, etc ...) are of good quality. C course, what is done today is better, but it may well record with this device made with a quite convincing.

The preamp simulations are generally well made, but it will look a little (lot) to find sounds better than sounding factory presets (some are very good, but other less straightforwardly;) . Ah yes, when I read some opinions on this machine, I wonder if the authors have indeed taken the trouble to settle the utility function of the machine ... The manual is well done ... enjoy it ... COSM technology works well, it happens to obtain saturations realistic and react well with changing settings on the guitar ...

The distortions are typically boss. We love you like it, but it is the same as distos sold separately.

The range of settings is enormous. Boss has scheduled a policy space of each effect to allow the effects wildest. That said, this machine can tell the difference in accuracy. Again (see my review Lag Roxane RS 1000 Cherry Master Shadow), do not necessarily put everything back ... and even less with the Boss.

The preamp sounds are too few, it is a regret, even if the twin is anyway well done and allows you to make good adjustments.


I possege this machine for about ten years.
It is robust, allows trimbalee be on stage, to take hits, because no lamp. Not fragile.

The quality is good, although at that time, ca 400euros hurts me anyway .. But that's another era.

In short this kind of machine is not for those who want to connect directly and have the direct sound. In this case, take a tube amp (or modeling).

If you are looking for something to make you a realistic sound bank in any circumstance, and you're ready ay take time, so it works for you.

The GT 3 begins to age, but it is still a surprise to me from time to time ...

ti_bear's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-3
Everything has already been said
a multitude of effect,
jack connector
possibility of using it as thanks to MIDI pedalboard


Configuration is very simple once we understand the fonctinnement machine (however, spend time, you can not necessarily say that it sounds as soon as we branch).


The quality is very different to the effects. The reverbs and delays are good, rather proper chorus, flanger and phaser the way but quite usable (if it spends the time) Harmonizer limit set but it does not answer (too), the wah is correct, the distortion enough cold, it is difficult to get a crunch sound warm (hard not to say impossible).
The possibilities of stereo sound very open horizons Simpati (tremolo and delay convincing stereo).
I do not use the amp simulation so I do not think about this.

As I said above, we must spend time to get sound. The factory sounds are really rough and sometimes limit full of breath.

The GT3 in my Peavey Classic 30 sounds great. This is not because the effects are of average quality that means it is bad (we've heard much worse). Taking his time trying the various possibilities of adjustment we arrive at something really clean. No problems on stage and in studio.
Bemol all the same, there is no true bypass, no matter what your sound is a colorful chouille.


Realistically, it is certainly not the TC or Lexicon (here we would play in the course sounds great) but for the price, there is no better on the market. Is found in everything we need, nothing is redeemed.
My rating therefore refers to Report Value for money is exceptional for a digital pedalboard.
For fans it's a very good compromise for beginners is just be a little difficult to understand but it may be a good tool for beginners.
In my opinion it exceeds any such race condition in this price range. The possibilities are royal shame that colors the sound a bit.
I use it for 5 years in the studio, in concert, in repeated, widely ac like the road.

This notice is valid for GT6 and GT8 I've tried and which are substantially the same, with small stuff setup in most, but basically it's the same thing.

arthur38's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-3
Everything has been said before ... There is virtually all types of effects that exist.
The connector is also complete. I used the stereo output, very nice!


So actually the GT-3 GT-3 then has the defects of these qualities: there bcp bcp parameters. What makes that one can almost any parameter, and thus get the sound you seek. on the other hand, well sometimes we spend a beating down on a sound to refine it.
After saying that the sounds are disappointing as some people say I'm not too much agreement. They simply need a good hacker.
The manual is cleir qd to him and complete, and explains the effects and parameters, which is not redundant!


Well as I said we can do almost everything. One point less for the special effects, besides the fact that they are useless is the latent period from tps qd rolls a little faster on the fretboard. But good honest, I do not see too how to use these effects.
I love the effects of modulation and delay, it is mainly why I took it.
Otherwise, you can edit sounds or by bank, is also its shape and its affect on each pedal effect, which I find very nice. Practice, because you can easily switch between the bank and have pieces for each pedal and different effects.


I for one year.
I think it is more aimed at people who recheche specific sounds and want to have on hand the main pedal for a cost far less important, all with quality COSM BOSS.
For the report with OCCAZ quélité price to 150 € is nothing wrong.
I hesitated between GT3 and Behringer bin I regret it because there were reliability which is an important parameter, if one wants to join the economies of the quality ...

Voili voilou!

myriam63660's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-3
All the usual boss effects pedals and broken down into the multi-effect together.
- Affordable, experience BOSS.


- Simple, visual effects we see active in the blink of an eye and the screen is nice
- Editing is easy
- Manual light


- The effects are the classic BOSS effects pedals ... effects already experienced.
- The classical effects are good ... As for cons effects "in experimentation" = often very uneven ... I found however that the simulator microphones coupled with the acoustic simulator could catch up so interresting sound punchy guitars too ...
- Some sound effects give too little, not flattering at all: in the case of distortions and almost all modelers.
- For clean sounds it's no problem


- Used 3 years
- I love the aesthetics of the device and its design-oriented live
- Good value for money.
Iron koala12/09/2006

Iron koala's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-3
This unit has the pressure da little overall effect on the market
s digital technology and it means but we'll see her in the
it has a MIDI input and output and thru dun noon if I don abuse
stereo output and can connect footswitch and pedal exp aditional


Very complex to settle
I guess the designers have not thought No this pedalboard was designed for amateur musicians


I put 2 for the reverb and delay are not yucky but it is expensive and cumbersome for 2 more effects that digital technology and the lack of true bypass eats the sound of the amp

for the rest, we play on the Bontempi
modulation effects are not pretty
the distortion and amp simulation are pitiful (and I weigh my words)
they have a grain numerical bastards and only see the cleans are decent nice
there are no effects that I've used that once, I even asked what they were a complete from the list of effects (simple simulation of micro or just double, acoustic simulation, automatic sentence of triad etc.;;)


C is not expensive, c is sound, there are plenty of purpose
s should not expect miracles from this pedalboard
c is a good pedalboard of initiation (or disgust) to multiple effects

- Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

le_kornichon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-3
All the effects that we might need, and more!
Each holds 10 preset effects:
- An SFX (from "Acoustic guitar simulator", "Slow Gear", "Anti-Feedback," "Feedback", "Pickup Simulator", or "Tremolo / Pan)
- A compressor / limiter
- A Wah (wah-wah pedal controlled by the expression or auto-wah, both being entierment parameterizable)
- An Overdrive / Distortion (many simulations Boss)
- Amp simulator + speaker (many simulations Marshall, Vox ...)
- EQ
- A modulator (Harmonizer, Flanger, Phaser, Auto-riff, sub-equal, 2x2 Chorus, Short Delay, Humanizer, Vibrato, Guitar Synth, Ring Modulator, Slicer)
- A Delay
- Chorus
- Reverb

The master section adjusts the volume, tempo (for effects that have become wedged in rhythm, as the delay, the slicer, or self-riff), to use a Noise Suppressor, and especially to define the EFFECTS OF ORDER!

The possibilities are simply endless!


EZ-Edit mode ("easy edit") can find its very simply by reducing all adverse to 6 parameters. We can then refine it by adjusting each effect separately.
Very easy to use even without instructions! But it takes time to explore everything, and the interface, while simple and clear, is not very practical. It takes some getting used to navigate menus (though they are facts) in golfing with the buttons and knob ... It's quite daunting when you're used to turning knobs on an amp. Hence the note.


I was disappointed by 90% of factory presets. In fact it is because the GT-3 sounds (and this is normal and inevitable) very differently depending on guitar used (in my case a Vantage 118T) and by amplification we call it a good hi -fi, it sounds a little too cold, but on a combo amp is pretty hot too! In fact we must work according to its preset that, and then we can draw wonders! I understand that we can have a very negative opinion on this machine if you just browse the factory presets and play with the EZ-Mode.


I've had a few weeks and I already can not live without it!
What I like are the endless possibilities (eg the expression pedal you can assign almost any parameter of any effect).
Before that, I had a Samick amp not bad but very limited, and a multi-purpose Yamaha FX-550 that I liked but now I find that really sucks!
I can not comment on the value price. Let's say I traded my Fender Telecoustic AC cons and I'm happy with my case!
When to make the election again, yes of course, but the GT-6 looks a bit more practical (and fun) to use with knobs ...

Z3r0's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-3
A-max classic effects, plus ring modulators, Slicers, feedback, guitar synth etc. ...
Technology-cosm for modeling amps, rather bad for aillor except for distortion effects of apoint
Connection-output stereo audio and MIDI. MIDI is very convenient as using a MIDI switcher, I drive the CHANNELS my amp with my GT3 ca opens me all possible combinations of sound


And pro-Complete Edition of all parameters and assignment of all possible parameters to the expression pedal (very practical and encouraging creativity)
-Many banks allow a bank to songs if desired.
We parameterize the synchronization bit of each time with the beat, simple setup and efficient thanks to the scroll wheel.
The manual is very well designed.


"It is a pretty nice pedal model. Aside from the latency of the harmonizer, it is very comprehensive and enjoyable with all these base effects and a lot of effects sympatic.
-I use it on an amp with a Charvel ENGL and it is fairly transparent sound level (no level loss, no noise).

I put 8 because the modeling is rather disappointing, but the effects are fairly good order.


I use it for 4 years on stage, not a worry and it is very robust.
"I loves its convenience and intuitive method of programming I do not like modeling and distortions too disappointing.
"I have tried many other multi-effects, it remains very much the level of ergonomics and remains a very good value because it helps make the scene while not being a huge pedal. It is an intermediary between pti crappy pedal cranks and big crazy!
"I would do this knowing that I just choose the switcher MIDI CHANNELS amp for good distortion as those provided by the multi was not matched by that of my ENGL (éhéhé!)

supernarvalot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-3
Multi-purpose digital modeling COSM
all classical effects are available (chorus, reverb, delay, ...) but others can make the most original sounds downright (the slicer coupled with self-riffeur and an auto-wah, all in the past "ring" will give you a perfect imitation of the seal that revels in the morning).
midi controllable
many presets, amp modeling and more memory to integrate its own preset


Usage is very simple
you can set all parameters possbile imaginable and even fly with the pedal.


Base effects are good (chorus, delay, reverb) and it has enough fun with all other effects.
on the other hand for fans of tube amps (which I am one), we can not use the saturation on pain of being seriously hurt the ears (transistorized all goes !!!!)!
Pay special attention to setting levels of effects if we do not want to spoil the sound "All Tube" because the multi-effect tendency to remove the low and mid-bass and you end up with a sound flat and frankly unpleasant.


To play a sound, it will be great for those who like but I recommend to those who play on all lamps.
The effects are very good and original but I do not use them at all, so for the same price, it is better to buy the good old analog pedals from the same brand (in the effects loop and wah wah live).

Kamakazuu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-3
All pedals boss, and COSM amp simulator pedal with a few more trinkets (slicer, preamp for acoustic ...).
20/24 bits, good everything.
MIDI in out for the pedals, hehe, it does not transform your stratovolcano in MIDI guitar ^ _ ^


We must delve into the manual a few hours, but is pulled quickly sounds very good.
Note EZ-edit mode, completely inutlie for my taste. There is no simpler than the "normal" mode, and it is rather difficult to settle.

The expression pedal is assignable to anything, and it's quite interresting. Crushing his intuitive.

So very easy, very convenient, but after 3 hours of use.


The effects are good, no nasty surprises for all that is conventional.
The amp simulators are not great, compared to a pod is a bit cold, but it helps out well

But the effects that work with the pitch (octave / whammy, guitar synth ...) are relous! The computing power of the beast does not exploit all of it effectively! The latency is huge, and you need a big signal, just hyper, so that it is recognized without problem. The best thing is to have its next whammy ...

I pass on the simulation of microphones that turn, supposedly a simple, hambucker is bogus, and it works poorly.
Feedback is fun, if you have no amp at hand.

6 pask alone on a console, a sound card or sound, the preamp not sound great, and some original effects are really bad.


It's a GT5 which has been removed quelqles fake things and a switch.
The color effects are very good, but they could do without harmonisers and self riff, if it was to swing such a thing.

GT3 + amp = great combination correct

Do not expect miracles in home studio, but it helps out anyway.

I add one last thing, the sax of the group I played with who uses maintenet without using the effects of distortion / saturation / simulations lamps etc, and it goes really well.