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  • Bug Brand’s CrossOver Filter is back

    Bug Brand’s CrossOver Filter is back

    07/03/15 in Bug Brand CrossOver Filter

    Bug Brand announces that new models of its CrossOver Filter module are back for sale on his webstore.

  • Moog discontinues 2 Moogerfoogers

    Moog discontinues 2 Moogerfoogers

    05/01/15 in Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf

    Moog announced that they are discontinuing the Moogerfooger MF-105M MIDI Murf and MF-107 Freq Box.

  • [NAMM] JoMoX T-Rackonizer Eurorack filter

    [NAMM] JoMoX T-Rackonizer Eurorack filter

    01/21/15 in JoMoX T-Rackonizer

    JoMoX will introduce at NAMM the successor of its T-Resonator filter module, the T-Rackonizer in Eurorack format.

  • Bereich03 adds a pad to its LowCut filter

    Bereich03 adds a pad to its LowCut filter

    06/30/14 in Bereich03 Audio LowCut-Pad

    German manufacturer Bereich03 Audio announces a limited edition of its LowCut filter with an added 3-way Pad section.

  • The Waldorf 2-Pole is available

    The Waldorf 2-Pole is available

    05/21/14 in Waldorf 2 Pole

    Waldorf officially launches the sale of its new 2-Pole analog filter module.

  • [NAMM][VIDEO] Waldorf 2-Pole demo
    Hot newsNAMM

    [NAMM][VIDEO] Waldorf 2-Pole demo

    01/24/14 in Waldorf 2 Pole

    2-Pole is the name of Waldorf’s new analog filter module that is introduced today to our team at the Winter NAMM Show 2014.

  • 2 new 500 Series modules at API
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    2 new 500 Series modules at API

    10/02/13 in API Audio 505-DI

    API is about to launch two new modules in 500 Series format, the 505-DI and 565-Filter.

  • Video JoMoX Moonwind  @Musikmesse

    Video JoMoX Moonwind @Musikmesse

    03/26/12 in JoMoX Moonwind

    Video JoMoX Moonwind @Musikmesse

  • [NAMM] Buchla Skylab & 267e

    [NAMM] Buchla Skylab & 267e

    01/22/12 in Buchla Skylab

    Buchla introduces the Buchla Skylab, a new portable analog setup made up of 13 modules.

  • [NAMM] JoMoX Moonwind

    [NAMM] JoMoX Moonwind

    01/21/12 in JoMoX Moonwind

    JoMoX introduces the MoonWind stereo analog filter tracker at Winter NAMM 2012.