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Zvex Distortions user reviews

  • Zvex '59 Sound Vertical

    Zvex '59 Sound Vertical - "'59 Sound Emulates 1959 Fender Bassman Perfectly!"


    SOUND: One of the most sought-after amps (combo in fact) is the 1959 Fender Bassman. Originally developed for the bass guitar, six-stringers began realizing how great it was for them – characteristics like responsiveness and that fat tube driven …

  • Zvex Distortron

    Zvex Distortron - iamqman's review


    Out of all the various effects and distortion boxes that Zvex makes, I have to say this is by far my favorite one. It is unique in that they recommend you putting this at the end of your signal chain. Intersting because most distortion boxes go at th…

  • Zvex Mastotron

    Zvex Mastotron - moosers's review


    The Zvex Mastotron is a unique distortion/fuzz pedal for electric guitar. It's an analog pedal consisting 1/4" connections for input and output and has options for both a nine volt battery and power supply - they actually give you tips on what is be…

Translated user reviews
  • Zvex Distortron

    Zvex Distortron - " Truly extra !!"


    The Distortron Z.Vex is, according to the brand, "the little sister boosted the Box of Rock." Having never tested I could not confirm it, but maybe is it the same basic components. In the case of Distortron, it is a pedal overdrive / distortion (se…

  • Zvex Mastotron

    Zvex Mastotron - " The Fuzz Bass"


    Jack connectors and standard 9v DC Settings Fuzz, Tone, Volume usual Bass, PW and specific impedance I did not open but given that there are patterns Mastrotron DIY, I would say it is analog. UTILIZATION - Fuzz increases the amount of disto…

  • Zvex Mastotron

    Zvex Mastotron - " Not obvious, but its excellent"


    Analog fuzz pedal, true bypass with 6 settings: - Volume - Switch between three levels of low - Setting of acute - Width of the pulses - Fuzz - Setting the input impedance Input and output jack mono 9V DC power supply - or the cente…

  • Zvex Mastotron

    Zvex Mastotron - " Exploitable and original!"


    It's a fuzz pedal analog very good. The metal case 11 x 6 cm exudes quality, its format allows it to integrate easily into a pédaboard. Power is supplied by 9 V battery or a power boss. For my part, I branch on a string but a priori it consumes only …

  • Zvex Distortron

    Zvex Distortron - " Superb pedal"


    Overdrive, distortion than close to the sound of a MTJ with all the knobs to 10, ideal to put in a chain with other overdrive, setting low possibility of very useful (depending on whether the amp is dark or clear), Zvex typed, the muse etc. ....... …

  • Zvex Distortron

    Zvex Distortron - Berzin's review


    The Zvex Distortron is a simplified version of the Box Of Rock, psych without painting made by hand by a vtran "cass face of Vietnam. This explains the price for an unusually Zvex democracies. This is an overdrive (with a lot of gain all of the same)…